Days Fanfiction: Xander’s New Venture Includes Resurrecting a Dead Popular Salemite

Resurrection, Inc.

Wayne-Daniel Berard

Since the Ciara and Ben fan fiction took off, Wayne-Daniel Berard is at it again with his fan fiction newest story, this time about popular Salemite, Xander Kiriakis. While in this story, Xander has quit Titan and is branching out on his own, Xander enlists Brady and Chad in his new venture resurrecting the dead with a surprising backer, and one shocking murder gets their company started on its way! Meanwhile, in the actual story, Xander is overcome with loving Sarah Horton and prepares for a romantic surprise today on Days of our Lives.

Scene: Living room of the Kiriakis mansion. Victor is seated in his usual chair.

“You wanted to see me, Uncle?” Xander enters the room.

“Yes, sit down,” Victor grumbles characteristically.

“I hope you’re going to tell me you’ve finally severed Philip from this family and its business?” Xander asks.

“Not quite,” Victor replies. “I’ve just returned from Philadelphia. I cleared accounts with the Vitali’s. Philip is safe — until he makes some other bonehead mistake!”

“Which is only a matter of time!” Xander retorts. “So, where does that leave him? And me?”

“I’ve told my son that if he wants to stay a part of this family, some changes are going to need to be made,” Victor continues. “He’s going to have to enroll in Gamblers Anonymous; Maggie says she’ll oversee all that.”

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“All well and good,” Xander replies, suspiciously. “But what about the company? Surely you can’t let Phillip . . .?”

“He’s my son, dammit!” Victor spits back. “I just can’t leave him with nothing to do! The shame — and the inactivity — it would push him right back into his addiction!”

“So, what ARE you going to do with him?” Xander asks.

“For now, I want to put him in charge of constructing that new hospital wing Titan is funding. Let him do some good in the world for a change.”

“You’re going to trust him with actual money?” Xander is aghast. “After what he’s just done?”

“Who said anything about trust?” Victor says impatiently. “The hospital will have an administrator watching over the whole thing. That’s why I called you here. I want Sarah to be that administrator.”

“Sarah? My Sarah?” Xander can’t believe what he’s hearing. “Working with that slime, Philip? Babysitting him for you?”

“She’s perfect for the job,” Victor insists. “Everyone at the hospital respects her, and she’s already proven she can handle Philip. Remember, she was the one who found the information that stopped the money laundering.”

“And me, Uncle? What about me?”

Victor hesitates. “I can’t reinstate you as CEO. It would kill Philip, send him over the edge. I’ve decided to run Titan myself for a while. But you could be a Vice-President of Something Or Other. I’d find you something to do.”

“Something or other?!” Xander stands up, incensed. “Something to do?! After everything I’ve done for you, old man! This is the thanks I get?”

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“Xander, try to understand,” Victor begins.

“Oh, I understand alright! I’m not a son to you, and I never will be! I can save Maggie, save Titan — well, you know what? Time I saved myself! You can forget about Sarah hand-holding your precious son, and the next time your old, pathetic arse needs saving, don’t come to me. I’m done with you. I resign from Titan and from this family. I’ll make my own way, as I always had. And all things Kiriakis can go to hell! Xander Cook is back!” He strides out of the house.

Scene change; Brady’s rooms at the Salem Inn. Later that day.

Brady gets up from lying on top of the bed to answer a knock at the door. Xander enters.

“Thanks for seeing me, mate,” he says.

“Well, we’re not exactly ‘mates,’ but you said it was important,” Brady answers. “I do appreciate you coming here. I’m still recovering, and besides, the mansion and Victor are NOT good for my health!”

“I hear you!” Xander answers. “Mine, neither. I’ve moved out, cut all ties with the old man. I’m completely my own person now.”

“O—K,” Brady drags out the syllables. “What does any of this have to do with me?”

“That’s just the point, see?” Xander goes on. “I’m starting my own company. And seeing as you’re as fed up with Victor as I am, I thought you might like in on it with me?”

“Company?” Brady is suspicious, to say the least.” What kind of company?”

“The kind that Victor can only dream of,” Xander grins. “The kind that can remake our fortunes pretty much overnight. The kind” —and he takes a flash drive from his pocket — “that comes when some enterprising bloke takes pictures of Dr. Rolf’s notebook before turning it over?

“What do you say, cousin? Are you ready for Resurrection Inc.?”

“Wait,” Brady is entirely non-plussed by what Xander has just told him. “YOU took pictures of Rolf’s diary?! You have his formula for bringing people back from the dead?”

“That, and a number of others that were in those pages,” Xander smiles wryly. “Seems there’s no limit to what the good doctor was into — and how we might benefit!”

“So, you’ve had this information all this time, and never offered it to Victor or Titan?” Brady asks.

“Ah, see — that’s where I’m a better poker player than you!” Xander laughs a little. “Always keep an ace in the hole! I wanted to make sure that my position in the family and the company was secure before I sprung this on anyone.” He looks away sadly. “Glad I did, now!”

“But why come to me with this?” Brady seems skeptical. “We can hardly stand each other.”

“True enough!” Xander snaps the flash drive back into his pocket. “But I need capital — I have some resources stashed away, but not enough for a venture of this magnitude. I know you have your own means, plus Titan stock you can sell. I figured you wouldn’t mind sticking it to Victor — financially, of course! Your fair lady already tried that literally!”

Brady takes a step toward Xander with a clenched fist.

“And” — Xander raises both his hands in a gesture of surrender — “if you put in with me, I’ll get your precious Kristen out of prison, free and clear.”

Brady hesitates. “And exactly how are you going to do that?” he asks, skeptical but intrigued.

“The same way I’ll get Rolf out — his diary isn’t much good without his expertise, now is it?” Xander takes out his phone. “So, do we have a deal? I need to know before I make the one simple call that will reunite little Rachel with her own dear mum?”

Brady nods, reluctantly. Xander presses a button.

“Hello, Governor? Yes, Xander Cook here. Yes, my uncle’s fine. How are you enjoying your last few weeks on the job? Well, we all have to retire sometime. I’m calling to request a pardon before you leave office — well, two, actually. Kristen Dimera and Dr. Wilhelm Rolf. Why would you ever? Oh, I can tell you why — your daughter, of course.”

Xander puts his hand over the phone and says to Brady, “Poor girl died yesterday — overdose. Was all over the internet.”

“Look, I get it,” Xander returns to his call, “But what if I could bring her back to you, safe and sound? Well, not me literally, but Dr. Rolf — wouldn’t that be worth a pardon? Who cares about how it looks! It’s not like you’re going to run for anything again, anyway. But Kristen Dimera’s pardon has to be part of the deal, for sure. Okay, Governor, you’ve got yourself a resurrection!”

Xander clicks off and beams triumphantly at Brady.

“I have a feeling I’m going to regret this,” Brady moans.

“Nah! Whatcha talkin’ about, mate?!” Xander is positively mirthful. “You’re a hero! Reuniting your family and all!”

“Speaking of family, I won’t do anything to directly harm Victor,” Brady hurries to add. “I mean, business is business, and competition is fine. But destroying Titan would destroy my grandfather; I’m pissed with him, but I don’t want that!”

“Relax,” Xander tries to be reassuring. “neither does the woman I hope to make my wife, quite soon! Her mom is married to that foul old piece of feta, after all. We all love Maggie — plus I’m hoping to talk Sarah into being our company’s Medical Director.”

“Okay,” Brady sighs resignedly. “For Rachel and Kristen’s sake, I’ll do it. But I do need to give Basic Black and Dimera some notice?”

“I’m with you,” Xander agrees. “As a matter of fact, let’s go over to the Dimera mansion right now, shall we? People there I need to talk with, too!”

And Xander exits the room, leaving Brady scratching his head, but following.

Scene: Cafe in Horton Square. Kate is sipping a coffee, looking over some files when her phone beeps. She picks it up and looks.

“Shin,” she says to herself. Then reads the text.

“No way in hell!” she shouts at the screen.

Scene change: Ava’s room in Salem University Hospital.

“Looks like you’re being released today,” a young nurse smiles at her.

Ava smiles back; then the phone in her room rings. Puzzled, Ava picks it up. As she listens, her face hardens.

“Just go ahead and try!” she hisses into the receiver, then smashes it down onto its cradle.

Scene change: The Dimera mansion. Brady and Xander stand in the living room with Chad.

“Thanks, but no thanks,” he says. “I already had a stint working for Kiriakises, remember? It didn’t end well.”

“But you wouldn’t be working for us,” Xander is explaining. “You’d be working with us! Equal partners!”

“I can’t believe you’re going with this,” Chad addresses Brady.

“He’s springing your sister from prison,” Brady replies. “And Rolf. Governor’s pardon.”

“Wouldn’t you like to be the one to bring resurrection to so many hurting people?” Xander goes on. “Remember how thrilled you were when Will Horton turned up alive? And then there was your father-in-law, Jack. Why don’t you ask your wife her opinion on your joining our efforts to bring that same joy to others?”

“What joy?” Abigail asks as she enters the room.

“Kids all set?” Chad asks hurriedly.

“Yeah,” Abby replies, wiping her hands against each other. “Cook’s making them lunch. I’ll be back later to pick them up — but what is this joy that I’ll supposedly be thrilled to see you bring?”

“You two still aren’t together?” Xander asks unceremoniously.

“That’s none of your business,” Abby asserts as she takes a step forward.

“Xander is starting a new company, and he wants Chad to be in on the ground floor.” Brady tries to calm things.

“Wasn’t your goal to clean up Dimera Enterprises?” Xander says. “To leave your children a legacy to be proud of? And to get away from all that constant drama!? Tell, me how’s that working?!”

“Lousy, as if you don’t know,” Chad answers darkly. “But why would I want to join forces with you? What’s in it for me?”

“How about an end to Abigail’s DID, with no question of recurrence?” Xander grins slyly at Chad.

“Wait? What are you saying?” Abigail asks. “What kind of company are you two forming?”

“One that produces and administers Dr. Rolf’s formulas,” Brady interjects.

“Including the one that restores memory,” Xander interrupts. “Imagine being always crystal clear on who you are? Remembering your one, original self, not a bunch of alters?”

“Rolf’s formula does that?” Abigail is intrigued.

“His notebook said so,” Xander continues, like a spider to a fly. “It frees and reinforces your memory of who you truly are, and acts as an immune system for any, shall we say, altering selves you may have floating around in there. Just gobbles them up like a vacuum cleaner and — poof! — no more alters!”

“And you’d give us this formula?” Abby looks hard at Xander.

“As a co-founder of Resurrection Inc., it would be Chad’s by right,” Xander says slyly.

“You’d want me to do this?” Chad turns toward his wife. “Brady’s one thing, but going into business with Xander?!”

“Hey, I’m right here, mate!” Xander feigns offense.

“Well, you’ve always had this love/hate thing with Dimera,” Abby begins. “And now with Jake as CEO — well, Shin’s pretty much spit in your face — pardon the image!”

She takes a step toward her husband.

“To live without the fear of my illness — I mean, wasn’t it what caused you to believe Gwen’s lies about me and Jake? No more DID, no more suspicions. We could start over.”

“I did swear I’d do anything to make all that up to you, to get you back, to be a family again.” Chad turns toward the two Kiriakises. “Okay, I’m in. But you’ll need more than capital. None of Rolf’s drugs or procedures are approved by the FDA, nor are they likely to be.”

“I’ve got that covered, don’t you worry!” Xander looks exceedingly pleased with himself. Just then, his cell rings. “This should be that coverage now.”

He answers. “Hello? Yes, I’ll accept the charges. Hold on, I’ll put you on speaker.”

“Well, howdy,” a voice drawls through the speaker. “Pleasure to be doin’ business with y’all.”

“Clyde?!” Chad rolls his eyes. “Nobody said anything about Clyde!!”

“Not to me, either,” Brady puts his hands on his hips. “What the hell are you pulling, Xander?”

“Now, you wouldn’t be reneging on our deal, would you, Cook?” Clyde snarls over the phone. “That would make you an Indian giver.” His voice changes into an oily laugh — he’s obviously quite proud of his humor.

“Something’s funny?” Brady asks.

“Sort of an inside joke,” Xander explains. “You see, right outside of Clyde’s charming hometown of Poplar Bluff is a Native American reservation.”

“Wait, those reservations are considered sovereign territory. The laws and enforcement of the United States don’t apply there,” Abby says.

“Bingo, little lady!” Clyde’s voice cackles across the room. “You can bring all the dead folk to life that you like down there, and Johnny Law cain’t do nuthin’ about it!”

“And Clyde has lots of, shall we say ‘influence’ with the tribal council,” Xander adds. “Plus they’re dirt poor. They’ll appreciate the income. It’s perfect, really. We can have our offices and do all the prep work here in Salem — that’s perfectly legal — then ship the lucky subjects down to the reservation for the actual treatment.”

“And what’s in it for Clyde?” Abby asks suspiciously.

“Oh nothin’, darlin’ — nothin’ for myself, anyway,” Clyde answers. “But my son, Ben, he needs a job real bad. And ask Chad; my boy makes a good Head of Corporate Security.”

“That’s true enough,” Chad says, “he did a good job for Dimera. Still, considering your . . . history, the two of you, could you stand to have him around?”

“To be completely well again? Hell, yeah!” Abigail exclaims. “Besides, Ben’s a different man now, by all accounts.”

“Good then, it’s settled!” Xander is beaming. “You’ll be hearing from me,” he says into his phone and clicks off. “This calls for a toast! Champagne!” He approaches the wet bar. “Or sparkling soda, as appropriate.”

He begins to pour, but says, “I was hoping Sarah would join us. I’d asked her to. That post of Medical Director won’t fill itself.”

As if on cue, Xander’s cell rings. His face lights up.

“Darling! We were just talking about you. When can you join us? What? Who?! Of course, you’re needed at the hospital, I understand. Later. I love you.”

He hangs up. “God!” he exclaims. “Life really is a rum joke, isn’t it? Looks like Resurrection, Inc. has found its first client.”

He looks across the room at the three of them.
“They found her dead — stretched out in Horton Square, using Tom and Alice’s stone as a pillow.” His eyes focus on Brady.

“Oh, no!” his face falls. “Not Chloe!”

“No, mate,” Xander says. “It’s your sister. Sami Brady’s back in Salem. And she’s been murdered.”

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— Once again, thank you to my wonderful mother-in-law and ardent Days of our Lives fan, Judy Cassidy, for listening to this as I read it aloud for editing! 💚🙏😊