Bo Locks Kayla in a Wine Cellar and Later, Impersonates Shane and Runs Into an Astonished Steve

Days of our Lives recap for Friday, April 7, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Andrew transfers custody of Megan to Shawn and sparks fly between Harris and Hope in Greece.

In the last Days recap, Tripp made his move with Wendy and they kissed and discussed dating, EJ got the ammunition he needed to take down Gabi and Stefan while they had sex in the secret room.

Alex arrives at Titan and shows Maggie that his black eye is gone. He plans on closing a huge deal for her but won’t say what it is.

He leaves the room and calls a cop in Greece. He asks if he has his items. All three prisms.

alex tells maggie he has a lead on something big

The cop does and tells Alex to wire the money and the prisms are his.

Later, Maggie’s at the board meeting while Alex gets ready to send the wire transfer.

When she’s back, he brings up Rolf having the three prisms.

alex almost buys prisms

She’s heard of them. He tells her they’re supposed to turn back the clock on aging.

He’s secured a deal to buy them. He chews his eyeglasses and thinks he’s amazing.

maggie rails on alex

She calls the deal stupid. Paying off or bribing a police officer isn’t right.

Alex brushes her worries off. She can trust him. She starts bellowing that he’s screwed up again.

Alex didn’t send the payment yet so Mags tells him to call the cop and stop the deal. He reluctantly agrees to and she takes off.

Tripp lumbers into his apartment and stretches out on the sofa, exhausted.

Steph arrives.

tripp exhausted from work

She blurts that Dad found Megan Hathaway and that Kayla is alive. She details what she knows. They embrace.

She wishes she heard more of the call and worries she doesn’t recall details so they consider asking Marlena to hypnotize her.

They get breakfast and he tells her about going on a date with Wendy. Stephanie is encouraging with him.

She gets a call and hopes it’s from Mom.

steph tells tripp kayla alive

Hope and Harris arrive at her hotel room in Greece. She thanks him for coming with her.

She calls Kayla’s family. She was married to her brother. He says once they find Kayla, maybe they can stick around together.

She likes that. They move toward a kiss that’s interrupted by Steve who has a lead on the SOB who took Kayla. Not Thomas Banks but Dr. Rolf.

harris and hope talk about vacationing in greece

He was spotted getting takeout but gave the cops the slip.

They think he left the island but Harris reminds Hope of the time he was ordered to kill her and says Banks took a shot from a hotel room above them.

Steve asks if Megan had a connection to the room. That’s what Harris wants to find out.

steve in greece

Hope and Harris arrive at the restaurant that Rolf got takeout in and get a lay of the land.

She orders some Baklava and Harris stares at her beauty. He remembers seeing her photo for the first time.

They kiss and he calls this part of their cover.

They gaze into each other’s eyes and kiss again and head to the bar to ask questions about Thomas.

hope kisses harris in greece



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Andrew arrives at SPD and meets Shawn. They talk about his mom being in Greece, trying to find Kayla.

They go into the interrogation room where Megan flirts with Shawn, who reminds her of Bo.

She’s entranced with him. It’s like she succeeded in turning back the clock and made his father. Shawn’s baffled by her chatter.

shawn with cousin andrew

She tells him she had a love affair with Bo until he left her for Hope. Megan disrespects Hope which pisses off Shawn.

She apologizes and tells him that Hope is with Harris Michaels now. Shawn gets wound up and tells her to shut up.

Andrew calms him down and Shawn tells her to cooperate. She says she has and asks for her lawyer.

They give her a phone and leave the room and she calls Thomas and tells him to find Bo and shoot anyone who gets in his way.

megan at spd

Kayla tries to leave the house but Bo stops her. He calls the path treacherous and hopes she’s not trying to leave.

He asks if she’s made progress on the orchid for the new youth serum. She has.

He talks of building his own empire. Kayla says there’s no way she’s going to make the serum for him.

It’s complicated and there’s no lab. The notes are incomplete.

kayla tries to leave greece

Rolf was taking instructions from the three prisms. She can’t decipher the shorthand. “No prisms, no serum,” Bo swears.

He thinks he knows where they are. Bo brings her to the wine cellar and gets bossy with her.

She’ll stay there until he returns. She reminds him of when they were kids in order to get him to remind him of who he once was but he sees through her.

Bo says he’s going to the prison to get the prisms. Then she can do what he wants.

He locks her in and goes. She finds a locked box behind the wine and opens it.  

bo tells kayla he's getting the prisms


Bo goes to the police station in a suit and glasses and shows ID to the cop Alex just spoke with.

He uses a British accent as he calls himself Shane Donovan from the ISA.

The cop asks if he has documentation. Bo gets in his face.

bo pretends to be shane

From Titan, Alex calls the Greek cop and learns there’s a man asking for the prisms.

Alex tells him to hand them over. They disconnect and the cop tells “Shane” he’ll retrieve the prisms. Bo leaves the room and in walks Steve.

He asks to see the prisms and the man tells him Director Donovan already made the request.

He tells Steve to join him and he’ll see what’s taking so long to get the prisms. Steve walks into the other room. “Shane?” He asks.

Bo turns around and Steve’s mouth drops open in shock.

steve shocked to see bo


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