EJ Catches Gabi and Stefan in Bed and Sends Li a Photo as Paulina Receives a Cryptic Text

Days of our Lives recap for Thursday, April 6, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Tripp made his move with Wendy and EJ got the ammunition he needs to take down Gabi and Stefan. 

In the last Days recap, Melinda pretended she and Stefan were having sex while EJ and Nicole eavesdropped as Tripp revealed his feelings for Wendy, and Li searched high and low for Gabi.

At Wendy’s, she tells Tripp she thought he was over her. He thought so too but spoke with Paulina Price about her.

Wendy becomes angered that he discussed her with Paulina.

Wendy’s is a private person. Tripp explains that she’s also a friend of the family.

wendy upset that tripp talked to paulina about her

He’s sorry. He has to get back to work. Wendy stops him.

She isn’t Johnny’s girlfriend but doesn’t know what to say so he stops her from talking by kissing her.

They agree they feel there’s something between them but she has to consider Johnny. She cares for him.

tripp kisses wendy days recaps

At the square, Abe worries about Paulina’s health when she tells him she had a panic attack and went to the hospital to ensure her heart was fine.

It is, she says and goes on to explain the threatening note. 

abe worried paulina health days recaps

At Sloan’s, she finishes a request for a restraining order.

Eric asks if it’s necessary and she says it is, reminding him of that threatening note.

eric doesn't trust sloan

Eric looks at her stack of magazines which has been moved to the coffee table. Sloan says she won’t be able to come within 1500 feet of her.

She leaves him in her place to take the papers to the judge while Eric leafs through the magazines to see if there are any letters cut out.

Johnny finds Li at the Bistro searching for Gabi.

He assumes he’s checking up on his wife. Johnny wants to bury the hatchet with Li who finally agrees to it.

He tells Johnny there’s nothing between his sister and Tripp. They have a drink and Johnny goes.

johnny and li bury the hatchet

In the secret room, Gabi and Stefan kiss.

She calls him quite the decorator, taking in the flowers on the bed and the candles.

She sees the dinner on the table.

stefan gabi kiss

He professes his love and she says she’s dreamed of this for a while.

They make out more and he pours champagne and tells him that EJ and Nicole think that he’s upstairs, having dinner in his room with Melinda Trask.

He reveals what happened. “You made out with that bitch?” She asks.

gabi stefan dine secret room

He tries to make her relax and she worries that the woman will ask for something in return.

He says he’s making a donation in her daughter’s memory.

Gabi can’t lose him again. He vows she never will.

She’s upset and remembers him saying something similar the night he was shot.

She isn’t sure this room is the most romantic but he reminds her that it’s the first time they shared feelings for each other. They flash back and kiss. 

gabi and stefan snuggle

Upstairs, EJ yells that there’s no way Gabi would believe Stefan would have sex with “an ice sculpture” like Melinda.

Nicole calms him down by rubbing his chest and wants him to turn his attention to their love life.

He grins and gets her a drink while he runs her feet and apologizes for neglecting her.

She’s the one he wants to be with and goes to get champagne. 

ej and nicole talk about stefan

Sloan and Paulina run into each other in the square and Sloan loudly asks if she’s stalking her.

They exchange more heated words and Sloan reveals she just filed a restraining order against her.

By tomorrow, she won’t be able to come within 1500 feet of her, like the criminal you are.”

sloan vs paulina

Paulina’s aghast. They go after each other again, rehashing ancient history.

Sloan reminds Paulina that Chanel killed her mom and her other daughter is doing time.

Paulina can’t breathe and tells Sloan she’s having a panic attack.

Sloan rolls her eyes and leaves her huffing and puffing.

paulina another panic attack

Back in the wine cellar, Gabi and Stefan dance before finally ripping off each other’s clothing.

gabi and stefan

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They have sex and he wonders how he’ll stop thinking about her for the next few months.

stefan and gabi sex

She tells him they need to make it worth their while.

They go at it again as EJ appears, grateful that finally, they’ve hooked up.

li learns gabi cheated

He takes a photo of them and goes upstairs where Nicole’s in a sexy pink number.

She wants sex. He tells her to go upstairs and he’ll be right there.

nicole in pink dress

They kiss and once she’s gone, he sends the photo to Li and follows Nicole upstairs. 

Back downstairs, Gabi and Stefan snuggle.

ej thankful gabi and stefan sex

Abe arrives at Sloan’s, ready to bust the door down. He finds Eric alone and rants about Sloan breaking into his wife’s office and leaving a cryptic note behind.

Eric says there’s no proof. Abe barks that their relationship should mean he sides with him.

How could he be with Sloan? What does Marlena say about his relationship with the lawyer?

Eric says he doesn’t discuss his relationships with his mama.

Eric empathizes with Sloan because he remembers when Orpheus took his mother from him.

Abe reminds Eric that Sloan’s mother attacked Chanel.

Eric says that’s what Chanel says. Abe doesn’t think he should be taken in by Sloan.

abe and eric talk about sloan

Johnny drops by Wendy’s place to tell her he made a reservation at the Bistro for them. It’s awkward.

Tripp looks high on his horse as she says she wishes he checked with her first.

She’s busy. Going out with Tripp, who arches an eyebrow at the DiMera.

johnny asks wendy out

Sloan returns home and after Eric tells her Abe came to see her, she is angered and wonders if she needs a restraining order against him, too.

She contacts someone she knows who can fast-track her restraining order against Paulina. 


Paulina arrives home to a worried Abe.

He’s relieved to see her but she says she ran into Sloan.

He fills her in on his visit with Eric and thinks he talked sense into the man. Paulina gets a text. “Your husband can’t save you.”

paulina gets cryptic text

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