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Soaps Spoilers is back with all-new Days of our Lives for the week of June 14 – June 18.

Spoilers for Days of our Lives two weeks ahead!

First up, last week’s refresher!

Spoilers from June 7 to June 11! Xander learned what Gwen was up to and tried to get in on it. Paulina tried to hide her ulterior motives from Abe about the square, Chanel and Eli had another awkward encounter, and Allie sought counseling from Marlena. Meanwhile, EJ DiMera (Dan Feuerriegel) returned just as Lucas asked Sami to reunite. It was a short week since June 10 and 11 were pre-empted due to tennis.

Coming up on Days from Monday, June 14 to Friday, June 18.

Monday, June 14

Philip and Brady lock horns over Chloe.
Xander pressures Nicole to give in to his demands.
Kate plays mind games with Jake.
Sami is surprised to learn why EJ has returned to Salem.
Tony’s back in Salem.

Tuesday, June 15

EJ is tempted by Tony’s proposal.
Marlena catches Lucas and Sami in a close moment.
Gabi and Jake fight over Kate.
Someone stumbles onto Kate’s lies.

Wednesday, June 16

Justin and Bonnie’s double date with Steve and Kayla goes horribly wrong.
Abe confides in Roman about Paulina.
Things turn awkward when Chanel introduces Paulina to Allie.
Belle puts Jan to the test.

Thursday, June 17

Rafe gives Ben advice about Ciara.
Bonnie lays into Steve.
Paulina is stunned to learn about Chanel’s kiss with Allie.
Claire makes a surprising admission to Belle and Shawn.

Friday, June 18

Sami is caught between EJ and Lucas.
Gabi fumes when Jake brings Kate home from the hospital.
Lucas asks Roman for a favor.
EJ suggests he and Chad team up against Jake.
Anna DiMera returns.

More spoilers ahead!

Spoilers for Days of our Lives from June 21-25!

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