Brady and Marlena Share a Loving Reunion, Megan Lies that Thomas Banks Kidnapped Kayla, and Steve Threatens Megan Before Learning Where Kayla is

Days of our Lives recap for Monday, April 3, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Steve and Hope face off with Megan, Harris shares his worry with Andrew, and Stephanie get a call. 

In the last Days recap, Marlena had an emotional reunion with Eric and Belle, and Hope confronted Megan.

John and Marlena are alone at the townhouse, happy that Eric and Belle are finally getting along.

John thought it’d take a miracle to get them reconnected again.

He calls Marlena the miracle. Marlena wanted more time with them.

marlena and john's reunion on days of our lives

She’s a little emotional. He assures her that she won’t have a minute to herself anymore.

“I’m never letting you go, honey,” he says in a whisper after they kiss. He gets some tea and she opens a book she’d been reading before she got sick.

They’re happy she can finally finish it. He admits he couldn’t put it back in the bookcase.

He wants to set up a spa day at home for her. She likes that but feels guilty since Kayla’s still missing. John knows Steve won’t rest until he finds her.

jarlena kissing at home days of our lives recaps

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Brady says she’s the glue in their family and he’s glad she’s back. Marlena asks to see Rachel so he goes to pick her up from school. They hug and he tells her he loves her and is thankful she returned to them.

Later on, Brady arrives home and Marlena walks into the living room. He thinks she’s Hattie Adams and tells her to get out.

Marlena tries to tell him she’s not Hattie but Brady’s too upset. John rushes into the room and tells him it’s Doc.

brady reunion marlena

Brady is shocked and hugs Marlena. Their reunion is sweet and Brady calls her the love of his dad’s life. He touches her again, wanting to ensure she’s real.

They talk about her being held captive with Kate and Kayla.

He asks after them and she tells him Kay’s missing Steve’s searching for her and that Megan made it clear there would be consequences for anyone who didn’t follow her instructions. Kate didn’t. 

At the ISA headquarters, Harris and Andrew discuss Harris’ release. Harris worries he’s still under Megan’s influence.

Andrew reassures the man that they won’t release him if they think he’s a sleeper.

They’ll run the proper tests. Harris is more worried about the things he’s already done. He killed two men in Greece while he was tracking down the prisms.

He looks devastated and thinks he ought to answer for being a killer. Andrew understands. As an ISA Agent, he’s had to do uncomfortable things.

He can relate to some extent. He calls them Megan’s victims too. Harris admits he’s also not sure he can measure up to Andrew’s Uncle Bo. Andrew says he’s dead and thinks whenever you have a chance at love, you should take it.

harris guilty feelings about murder days recap

In her cell, Megan insults Hope’s interrogation methods and Hope demands to know who took Kayla.

Megan beats around the bush saying they know him and that he used to be one of her most skilled henchmen. “Thomas Banks.”

Megan taunts Hope that he almost killed her once.

She laughs and says it would have happened if it wasn’t for his pesky sister, Mary Moira, Harris wouldn’t have taken the bullet for Hope and survived.

hope and steve interrogate Megan

She says Thomas went rogue and doesn’t know why. She says “that man” owes her everything, his life.

He was going to give him a perfect future and sacrificed years for him and yet, he does what he wants, when he wants, and doesn’t care who he hurts.

She’s close to tears when Hope asks why it upsets her so. She expects loyalty, which is in short supply.

Steve and Hope say they need to talk to Banks. Steve threatens her. If anything happens to Kayla, he’s holding her responsible.

Hope assures Steve that they’ll find Kayla and bring her home. They hug and kiss each other on the cheek before she goes. 

megan upset she lost bo brady days recap

In the square in Salem, Stephanie’s shocked when Kayla calls her from the Greek Island.

Steph clues Kayla in about what’s been going on and Kayla reveals her Uncle Bo is the one who kidnapped her.

Stephanie can’t hear her and she starts yelling, “Bo, your Uncle Bo is alive.”

She tells Steph she’s in Greece at Vicitor’s childhood home.

The static is pretty bad and she can barely hear a thing when Bo comes up behind her and grabs the phone.

The connection goes dead and Stephanie tells Chad what happened.

stephanie on call with mother kayla days of our lives


Back in Greece, Bo learns Kayla spoke with Stephanie. Kayla reminds him that her kids loved him but he doesn’t seem to care.

He asks what she told her daughter and Kayla says she told her they were in Greece, but she couldn’t hear who she was with. 

Bo says they don’t need anyone tracking them down. Kayla says they’re on a goat farm that Victor couldn’t wait to run away from. “In the ass end of no place.”

He assures her she won’t be making more calls. He takes the phone away and he puts dinner out and tells her to eat up since she’ll need her strength for tomorrow’s busy day.

Meanwhile, in Salem Steph tries to call her mom back to no avail. Maybe someone caught her with the phone and is hurting her. She calls Steve to tell him where her mom is.

She explains the call.

bo takes the phone from kayla days recaps

Back in the townhouse, Marlena’s in the bath, reading her book when Johhn tells her that Thomas Banks took Kayla and the ISA is after her.

marlena reads in the tub days of our lives

Back in her cell, Megan laughs about who really took Kayla. she refused to give Hope the satisfaction of knowing her beloved Bo is alive again. She laughs. 

Hope finds Harris with Andrew in the clinic area. Harris is uncuffed.

They got their test results back and learned that Harris isn’t under Megan’s control. 

hope and andrew donovan

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