After Gabi Gives Li the Slip, She Rendezvous With Stefan in the Secret Room as Melinda Acts as a Decoy

Days of our Lives recap for Wednesday, April 5, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Melinda pretends she and Stefan are having sex while EJ and Nicole eavesdrop, Tripp reveals his feelings for Wendy, and Li can’t find Gabi.

In the last Days recap, Paulina confronted Sloan about the threatening note she found in her office, Chloe made a big mistake that she regretted, and Leo got a big scoop for his column as Marlena and John became frisky in her bubble bath.

Stefan is having a drink at the DiMera manse when Nicole wanders in to ask how it went at Salem Inn.

He tells her it went great until Li stormed in.

Nicole feigns being upset on his behalf. EJ will be furious. Stefan agrees.

ej and li in the woods

EJ meets Li in the dark, foggy heavily treed area. EJ asks if he got rid of Gabi since she slept with Stefan and Li explains that she didn’t.

EJ asks if he found Stefan during “A solo act?” Li says no, “He was in bed with Melinda Trask.”

EJ says, “The iron fist and the iron glove. You’re joking.”

EJ’s confused. EJ realizes Stefan pulled a fast one. He wonders why Trask would go through with it.

Li doesn’t care, he’s only concerned that Stefan and Gabi have the upper hand.

EJ’s not sure how long they can keep the charade up. Li feels EJ made him look like an idiot.

He tells him to stay away from his marriage. “You make one move, I swear, you’ll regret it.”

li tells ej he saw stefan with da trask days recaps

Wendy arrives home to see Gabi working on her new collection for Saxtons.

Wendy tells her that Stefan’s sleeping with DA Trask. Gabi laughs.

Wendy saw an item about it in Lady Whistleblower’s column.

wendy pretty in pink

Gabi snarks that you can’t believe in that rag.

Talk turns to her romantic life and Wendy shrugs that all she and Johnny ever do is watch movies.

Gabi thinks that Wendy should go after Tripp instead. “He’s a doctor!” She exclaims.

gabi wants wendy to date tripp

Trask finds Rafe in his office at SPD.

She questions if he figured out who broke into Paulina’s office.

Rafe vows to find evidence if it’s out there.

Trask says it’s on him if Sloan decides to prosecute.

With that, she takes off and Rafe rolls his eyes.

trask barks at rafe days recap

From the hospital, Paulina calls Abe and lies that she’s stuck at the office, cleaning up the mess “Sloan” made.

Tripp appears. She puts Abe off and disconnects.

She feels bad for lying to Abe but he worries about her. Tripp tells her she doesn’t need to explain anything.

paulina and tripp hospital

Since Greenburg got called into surgery, Intern Tripp’s taking over his case.

She tells him about the panic attack that Talia diagnosed. Tripp is surprised to learn she’s a doctor.

They talk about his living arrangements and she wants him to ask Chanel out.

He likes her but as a friend. She pushes him to tell her who he likes.

He shares that it’s Wendy, but she’s seeing Johnny. Paulina urges him to go after her.

In turn, Tripp asks her to tell Abe that she’s having attacks. If it’s anxiety, her keeping a secret will bring on more stress.

How would she feel if he kept something from her? She sighs. It’s irritating getting a lecture “from a twelve-year-old.” She gets it.

tripp considers paulina

Back at the DiMera mansion, Nicole thinks Gabi must be a wreck but Stefan says their deal is still on.

Li found him in bed with someone other than Gabi.

She’s confused and gets it when Melinda Trask wanders in.

nicole and stefan talk gabi

They make out, causing Nicole to grimace. They sit on the sofa, all over each other and Nicole’s grossed out.

She asks how long it’s been going on and he says it’s been a while. “Like a percolator?” She asks.

Stefan sets her straight. “Like a geyser.”

Nicole doesn’t need the imaging but he does tell her that Gabi values her shares more than him.

Melinda whispers a dream she had about Stefan and he laughs and says he promised he’d show her his stamp collection in his room.

nicole grossing out

They run upstairs giggling. EJ returns and they fill each other in on what they’ve learned about Li and Trask.

She tells him they’re upstairs now after making out on the sofa. 

Upstairs, Stefan tells Melinda he appreciates what she’s doing for him.

He asks her to be his decoy. She smirks.

trask to be stefan's decoy

EJ and Nicole appear outside the door later, and eavesdrop as Melinda moans and calls Stefan’s name as if they’re having sex.

ej and nicole eavesdrop on melinda

Inside, she’s actually playing cards alone.

melinda plays cards alone

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Abe runs into Jada outside Salem Inn. They make small talk about Rafe treating her right at work and when he goes, she sees Talia.

Jada hates that her sister is wasting her medical degree but Talia tells her about performing a “medical miracle,” earlier with Paulina.

Talk turns to Jada talking about finding something to put Sloan behind bars.

Talia asks what she’s doing tonight and learns she’s doing nothing so Talia asks why she’s not dating Rafe. Jada purses her lips.

Neither of them is ready to date. Jada tells her all about how terrible things went with Eric and how Nicole fit in.

She wants to drop it “and get some damned dinner.”

abe and jada in square

Abe goes to Rafe at SPD and they talk about how well Jada’s doing at the job.

He asks if something is going on between the two of them. Rafae knows that it’d violate his new policy of subordinates and superiors getting involved.

Abe still hasn’t heard a denial. Is he romantically interested in Jada or not?

Rafe says he isn’t, but questions why he can’t date coworkers. Abe says he can’t date his subordinates. Just equals.

abe and rafe talk about dating at work

Rafe walks into the pub as Talia’s busy pressuring Jada to date him. She brings up the antediluvian fraternization rules at work.

There are three of them and she asks what could happen with the three of them there.

He laughs and thanks her for the invite. He’ll be back. He comments to Jada that this is the shy sister and when he’s gone, Talia wonders if he’s a Sagittarius.

Rafe returns with a burger and Talia gushes about how they both like burgers.

Jada rolls her eyes. They both like water, too. Talia goes to make a call she says and leaves the alone with a wink.

rafe eats with talia and jada

Li gets home and Gabi has a meeting at the Bistro.

He offers to go but she says sometimes a little one-on-one is best.

She goes and he’s pissed. He races after her.

li gabi and wendy

Tripp arrives and gets up the courage before telling Wendy he has feelings for her.

Paulina finds Abe at the square and admits she lied. She wasn’t at the office — that she was in the hospital.

abe worried about paulina

Li arrives at the Bistro searching for Gabi but she’s not there.

li can't find gabi

Stefan has made his way through the tunnel door down to the wine cellar (secret room), where he has a bed set up, littered with rose petals. Gabi arrives and they start making out.

gabi and stefan kissing secret room

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