Marlena and John Get Frisky, Leo Gets a Big Scoop for His Column, and Brady’s Shocked When Chloe Tells Rachel She Hates Her

Days of our Lives recap for Tuesday, April 4, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Paulina confronts Sloan about the threatening note she found in her office, Chloe makes a big mistake that she regrets, and Leo gets a big scoop for his column as Marlena and John get frisky.

In the last Days recap, Steve and Hope faced off with Megan, who lied about who kidnapped Kayla, Harris shared his worry about being under Megan’s influence with Andrew, and Stephanie talked to Kayla.

At the pub, Rachel wants dessert but Brady’s not too sure he should be rewarding her bad behavior, what with stealing his phone, calling for an Uber and taking it to Statesville.

Rachel invites him to celebrate that she’s okay. He is happy about that but she worried him. He tells her he has good news.

When he told her Grandma Marlena didn’t go to heaven. Chloe walks in and interrupts, shocked Marlena’s alive.

They hug and she sits. Brady decides they do need dessert and asks Rachel how it sounds. “Over my dead body,” Rachel says.

She doesn’t want to share with Chloe. She knows Brady forced her mama to write that letter.

rachel and brady pub

Brady leans in and says, “You know about that?” She says she does now.

Chloe reminds her of all of the people who love her, including her parents and she says she loves her.

Rachel harumphs at that so Chloe whips out a present she got her as a peace offer.

The kid rips the present open to find stickers but she no longer collects them.

chloe hates rachel

She crumples them and throws them at her father and tells Chloe she hates her and knows Chloe hates her, too.

Chloe yells, “Fine. I do hate you!”

Brady’s beside himself. Chloe apologizes and Brady decides to take Rachel home.

On the way out, Rachel smiles a devilish smile at Chloe.

rachel evil smile

At Sloan’s, she asks Eric, “Your mother’s alive? Eric, have you been drinking?” Eric says he saw her with his own two eyes.

She’s fine but just needs rest.

Paulina bangs on Sloan’s apartment door with the threatening note she received.

Sloan answers and sees the note.

She reads it and Paulina accuses her of making the threat.

Sloan says usually when people deliver this, they slip it under the door.

paulina shows sloan the threatening note


Paulina says she’s the one who gave it to her. If she continues this vendetta, “I will ruin you!” Sloan lets Paulina in and says there’s a comma missing between over and bitch.

“I would never make that kind of a punctuation travesty.”

Eric believes Sloan which Paulina thinks would make Marlena roll over in her grave. Eric says she’s actually alive.

Paulina’s shocked. Sloan’s had enough and kicks her out. Paulina says fine. “And to quote my least favorite person, ‘this isn’t over yet comma bitch!'”

She leaves and Sloan says she’d never get back at them with passive aggressiveness. When she goes after them, they’ll know it.

In fact, she decides to file a restraining order against them. As she gets on her laptop, Eric’s gaze drifts to the magazines and scissors on her desk.

magazines and scissors sloans desk days recaps

At the townhouse, John asks how her Margaret Attwood book is. She loves it.

She sets it down and when he leans in to kiss her, he falls in.

john and marlena bathtub

They scream and laugh and he checks to ensure everything is working.

He remarks that his head is fine. “And all the other parts are working just fine,” he says, smoothly.

They’re not sorry it happened and start making out and moaning into each other’s mouths.

jarlena kissing bath tub

Later, Jarlena gets into bed and Marlena calls Carrie.

They talk about Kate and Marlena asks her daughter to tell Austin how sorry they are. She’s emotional and disconnects.

She starts thinking of Kayla. Marlena asks why Eric and Belle are at each other’s throats.

He fills her in and hopes they’ll move on since the lawsuit is dead.

John reaches for a strawberry on his bedside table and tries to dip it into whipped cream but the dish falls on the floor. “Drats,” he says.

Marlena tells him about the old saying. “There’s no use in crying over spilled whipped cream.” He tells her that’s weak. She’s over the strawberries and whipped cream.

She’s not over him. She gets on top and kisses him.

marlena talks to carrie with john

Leo arrives home at Salem Inn and walks right in on Gwen and Alex having sex. They all yell and Leo turns around. “Sorry!”

They forgot to put a Do Not Disturb sign on the door. He quickly recovers from what he saw as they pull the sheets up and he tells them about Xander.

They dress and when Alex catches Leo staring at his rock-hard body, he tells him to take a picture. “It might last longer.”

leo walks in on gwen alex sex

Leo does so and vows it’ll stay in his private collection. He’ll fast-track the photo “right to the top of the heap.”

Gwen will make sure the photo doesn’t go into his column.

Alex leaves and Leo says he thinks Xander’s hooking up with Chloe Lane.

He shows her the photo of the embrace and thinks her relationship with Brady is doomed since she hates his offspring and Rachel hates her.

Gwen won’t print the Chloe and Xander story. Leo calls her bitter but she says Xander will fire him if he prints it.

She tells him to print something else. It’s Salem. People come back from the dead and get possessed all the time.

She leaves for work and he sighs. 

alex hot bod with leo

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In the square, Xander eavesdrops on Chanel’s phone call with Dr. Greenberg. He knows she’s a cardiologist and asks if she’s okay.

Chanel says it’s for her mom who had a panic attack. She’s been stressing out because of “that horrible woman Sloan Peterson who worked Mama into a frenzy.”

Chanel wants to be cautious. They talk about the ransacking of Paulina’s office and that Sloan denied it but Chanel believes it was her since she’s sworn revenge on them.

They talk about their short marriage and he’s sorry for what he put her through.

She’s sorry about what happened with Sarah and he feels bad about her and Johnny. He admits he was rooting for her and Allie, “Salem’s favorite bisexuals.”

xander with chanel

They seemed so in love. Chanel reveals Allie slept with Alex. Xander’s pissed and calls him a “narcissistic manwhore.”

She admits she slept with him and he lives up to the hype. Alex strolls by, tucking his shirt into his pants.

The men have words once again over Gwen and Alex taunts Xander by telling him he “made love to Gwen three times today.”

Xander almost hits him but Chanel holds him back. Alex tells Xandy to stay out of her life and let her be happy with someone else.

alex and xander yell

It’s 2023 and Gwen will decide who Gwen wants to be with! Paulina intervenes and tells Xander to get away from her daughter.

Both men leave and Paulina shows her kid the threatening note.

Chanel assumes it’s from Sloan but says she needs to focus on herself.

She has an appointment with the cardiologist today. Chanel will handle the letter.

paulina doesn't want to go to a cardiologist

At home, Rachel wants to see her grandma but Brady tells her to go to her room. Rachel demands to know why he’s not angry with Chloe.

Brady insists Chloe didn’t mean to tell her she hated her.

Xander finds Chloe at the pub and he asks why she’s so upset.

She admits she told Rachel she hated her in front of Brady. She feels awful.

Xander’s sorry. He admits he’s having a bad day too with Alex screwing his ex and rubbing his nose in it.

Chloe invites him for a drink. Xandy encourages her not to let “this little terror come between them.”

He comforts her in his arms as Gwen walks in.

gwen catches chloe in xander's arms

Back at Salem Inn, Leo jumps on a call and repeats.

“Foil-wrapped teens dropping from the sky? No, that’s too far-fetched, even for Salem.”

Chanel arrives with a scoop for him. She shows him the letter.

chanel gives note to leo

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