B&B Recap: Sheila Breaks Into the Beach House to Kill Steffy and Steffy Stabs Her with a Butcher Knife

Monday, February 26, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Finn tells Hope his concerns about Sheila and Steffy, Deacon fills Liam in on the fight, and Sheila goes to the beach house to kill Steffy.

Friday’s Early B&B recap: Sheila stalked Steffy ready to kill her, while Hope was hurt Deacon chose Sheila over her.

At Il Giradino, Deacon asks the staff if they’ve seen Sheila. They haven’t. He worries and checks his texts.

deacon checking messages B&B

Liam arrives for takeout. It will take a while so Deacon offers him a drink and assures him there are no hard feelings about Hope.

liam at il giardino with deacon

Deacon assures him that Sheila is off tonight and isn’t sure where she is. He fills him in on the fight.

Sharpe tells him that Sheila has been focusing on bettering herself and staying away from everyone.

deacon liam talk sheila worries

Liam still doesn’t buy the better Sheila narrative and thinks he’s sacrificing his relationship with Hope over this.

He can see that Deacon is worried that Sheila could be reverting to her evil ways.

liam confused by deacon

Deacon admits that she’s been slipping away a lot lately and she’s been mysterious about it.

He claims she’s sworn she’s not stalking Finn and his family. She claims she’s just meeting someone from her past.

Neither of them think many people would be clambering for that.

Liam is sure that Sheila is still obsessed with getting rid of Steffy. He reminds him that Sheila would kick him to the curb to have a relationship with Finn. Steffy is the person standing in the way of that.

deacon and liam talk sheila slipping away

Finn is typing in his office but distracted by the fight be broke up between his wife and birth mother.

finn typing

Hope interrupts and comments on the expression on his face. She senses something is weighing on him.

“My wife,” he says. She was just picking allergy meds and saw him looking intense.

hope asks why finn so intense

He explains that Steffy and Sheila had a punch up. He doesn’t like Steffy confronting his mom. Getting in her face can’t end well.

He’s not defending Sheila, but she has been living a quiet life and behaving. “Why poke the bear?” he wonders.

finn tells hope about wife issues

They both think that Sheila should still be in prison for all that she’s done. He’s sure Steffy ahs PTSD from all Sheila did to her.

But he’s struggling to understand why she would say the only way she will ever feel free of Sheila is if she’s dead.

He says human life is valuable, even Sheila’s. Maybe if she had time to repent…

But he can see why Steffy feels otherwise.

Hope says he’s a good husband and can see he’s disturbed by all this. It must hurt to hear his wife wants his mom dead.

hope finn talk steffy ptsd

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Steffy paces the beach house as the wind howls outside and the trees creak. She looks out the windows as Sheila hides in the bushes.

beach house at night

“Tonight you die Steffy,” Sheila says.

sheila in bushes

Steffy hears a noise and her eyes dart around. She stares out the window again.

As Steffy grabs a blade and starts preparing a salad, the lights suddenly go out.

Putting the knife down, she asks, “Sheila? is that you>?”

steffy asks if sheila there

Sheila’s shadow is cast on the window.

Finn calls and hopes she’s having a relaxing night.

She tells him it’s anything but. It’s really creepy and they power is out. He promises to be home soon.

steffy on phone with finn

Once she gets off the phone, she looks for a candle and Sheila sneaks in. As Steffy looks up, she spots her shadow.

Turning, she tells her to get out, leaps across the room and grabs a knife.

steffy with knife

She threatens to do it but Sheila lunges at her.

Steffy plunges the blade in.

steffy stabs sheila

Sheila drops and starts coughing up blood.

sehila bleeding

Sheila Carter is killed off and Kimberlin Brown speaks out. 

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