B&B Recap: Steffy Explains She Had No Choice in Killing Sheila and Finn Lashes Out When Ridge Calls Sheila an Animal

Wednesday, Feb 28, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Carter tells Thomas and Ridge that Sheila is dead, Brooke and Hope discuss Finn’s tough situation, and Steffy explains how she killed Sheila.

Tuesday’s Early B&B recap: Steffy went into shock when the paramedics pronounced Sheila dead.

In the main office of Forrester Creations, Thomas shows his dad his new design and then goes on about how happy he is being with Hope.

ridge thomas look at designs B&B

If he’s happy, his father is happy. “And it’s all about me,” adds Ridge.

Carter rushes in. His contact at the police department sent him a text about Sheila.

carter explains call from lapd

He announces she’s dead. “Stop it! We just went through this with the bear,” Ridge complains.

Carter adds the coroner just took her body from Steffy and Finn’s house.

carter repeats sheila dead

Thomas grabs his phone and tries to call he sister/. The landline is down. Carter points out there was a power outage.

He explains that Sheila was killed but knows no more. Ridge and his son jog off.

carter ridge thomas talk killing

In design office, Hope and Brooke talk about how crazy the weather has been that night. Hope tells her Finn mentioned the power went out at his house.

brooke and hope talk weather

It was nice to catch up with him but he seems worried about Steffy. It has something to do with a confrontation she had with Sheila.

Brooke thinks she better be careful and stay away from her.

Hope thinks that will be hard when Sheila is Finn’s birth mother.

hope tells mom about finn's concerns

They have some mugs of tea and mull that over. Hope has no sympathy for Sheila but does feel for Finn.

Brooke can’t blame Steffy for trying to set Sheila straight. Her daughter explains Finn was rattled when his wife declared she wouldn’t be safe until Sheila was dead.

hope can understand finn's position

Brooke says Steffy isn’t violent so she must have been provoked. She would have done anything to protect her daughter when she was little and still would.

Hope would fight to the death for her daughter too.

They talk about how Sheila is Finn’s mom in blood only and the best thing she ever did was let him go as a baby.

brooke and hope talk steffy

Hope isn’t sure she ever let him go. Is Steffy really taking that into consideration?

Hope is sure Finn feels some sort of connection to Sheila.

hope talks birth mom sheila

They go over how Sheila has terrorized everyone for years but Hope is still worried about Finn. She’s not sure it helps him if his wife is antagonizing Sheila.

Hope thinks the wound has been opened and she feels for Finn. He can’t help that his mom is Sheila.

Brooke says they will have to live with that for a long time.

Carter walks in and announces the shocking news that Sheila is dead.

carter tells brooke and hope sheila dead

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At the cliff house, Finn notices that Steffy is seriously off and asks what happened with the cops who just left. She flashes back to stabbing Sheila.

finn asks steffy what happened

He asks if she got away. “No,” says Steffy.

He asks where she is. “She’s gone…Sheila’s dead,” his wife tells him.

The doctor needs an explanation. She confirms Sheila is dead.

steffy says sheila gone

When he asks how it happened, she says it all happened fast and she had no choice. He’s stunned.

His wife admits she was the one who killed her.

“This is unreal,” he says. “You’re saying Sheila is dead and you’re responsible?”

finn digesting sheila death

She confirms it. He needs to know all the details.

Steffy recaps Sheila breaking in and lunging at her. She grabbed a knife and had no choice but to kill her. It was the only way to survive.

Finn looks over at the massive bloodstain on the carpet and walks over to look at it as tears well up in Steffy’s eyes.

sheila blood

He gets her to confirm the stabbing and she says she had to defend herself.

Finn walks across the room to the driftwood sculpture and tries to breathe as Ridge and Thomas rush in.

finn driftood

Steffy tells them what happened. She did it in self-defense.

steffy tells ridge thomas killed sheila

Finn keeps staring at the blood.

Ridge and Thomas sit Steffy down and tell her how glad they are she’s safe. Ridge says everything will be fine.

Steffy is still in shock and recounts what happened again. Her brother tells her she had no choice and he’s sorry she’s going through this.

Finn looks at the kitchen knives and remembers Sheila telling him she will always love him. He flashes back to her telling him that she was just trying to live her life when Sheila came after her.

finn getting upset

Ridge is glad his daughter is okay.

Steffy told the police everything but they will bring detectives over to question her.

Ridge says the cops will understand it was self-defense and that animal got what she deserved.

steffy tells thomas ridge about killing

“Animal? That animal was my mother,” Finn points out.

Steffy stares and furrows her brow.

steffy staring at finn

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