B&B Recap: Ridge Defends Steffy and Shocked Finn Tells His Wife That Sheila’s Blood is On Their Hands

Thursday, Feb 29, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Carter tells Brooke and Hope that Sheila is dead, Ridge tells Finn what happened is a miracle, and Finn wishes he’d been there to help.

Wednesday’s Early B&B recap: Steffy explained she had no choice in killing Sheila and Finn lashed out when Ridge called Sheila an animal.

At the cliff house, Finn stares at the blood stain Sheila left on the floor as Thomas tells him he can’t blame any of them for feeling relieved she’s dead.

finn staring at stain

Steffy says she had no choice.

Ridge and Thomas stand up with her to say they would have done the same.

Ridge reminds him of all she did.

He’s sorry he called her an animal but she put this on herself.

ridge says they all would have done the same

“That animal was my mother,” Finn says. Steffy is looking distressed.

Finn says they are being callous.

Ridge says it could have been worse.

His wife or kids could be dead.

Finn keeps saying it’s not okay and Ridge says what’s done is done and tell him he’s in shock.

finn says it was his mother

“It was my mother. It was my mother!” Finn repeats.

Stepping to him, his wife says she knows this is hard for him but they’re all freaked out right now.

Finn tells his wife he never wants anything bad to happen to her and he’s beyond grateful she’s okay.

But he says they don’t understand that Sheila gave him life. Ridge knows but she also tried to take it away.

The doctor wishes he’d left work earlier so he could have been there and done something.

Ridge says his daughter isn’t a killer and she did what she needed to do. This is a miracle.

ridge says what's done is done

As Finn weeps, Ridge orders him to look after his wife after the trauma she went through.

Finn points out that was killing his mom.

Steffy decides it’s time for her dad and brother to go.

Ridge tells her she did the right thing and will make sure everyone knows.

He glares at Finn and leaves with his son.

ridge glaring at finn

Steffy tells her husband he feels far away.

Maybe if they talk to each other, they can get through this.

steffy tells finn they can get through this Bold & Beautiful

He keeps staring at the blood stain.

She can see he’s upset and tells him it was horrific.

Steffy explains what she did again.

She wasn’t going to let Sheila take him away from him and the kids.

finn and steffy separated by oranges

She did what she had to do.

“You killed my mother,” he gasps.

She says she was terrified and acting on instinct.

finn moping in shock B&B

Steffy tells him she was just defending herself and never wanted this. She’s sorry.

“You’re sorry for killing my mom?” he asks as he stares at the blood stain and Sheila’s music plays.

Dropping to his knees, he sobs as he touches the blood.

Once his hand is covered, he gets up and stares at it.

finn soaking up blood

When Steffy steps toward him, he jerks back and says, “My mom’s blood is on my hand… and yours.”

steffy finn bloody hand

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In the Forrester Creations office, Carter confirms for Hope and Brooke that Sheila is really dead this time.

carter fills in brooke and hope

Brooke is sure something horrible must have happened if her body was found at Steffy’s.

Carter explains that Ridge and Thomas have already rushed off to check on Steffy.

He checks his phone for updates but there aren’t any.

Hope can’t find anything on social media.

carter checks phone

Carter adds his friend on the force said Sheila was killed. This is unreal to Hope.

He notes that if Steffy or the kids were hurt they’d be at the hospital now.

Waving her hands, Hope goes over how strange this is after all Sheila has done to them.

Her mom says it’s a great relief.

hope says this is unreal

Carter is sure it is real this time.

Brooke gets a text from Ridge saying he and his son are on their way.

They talk about how obsessed Sheila was with Finn and the ladies fill Carter in about the confrontation with Steffy earlier.

brooke hope speculate on killing

Ridge and his son rush in and tell them everyone is alright.

After having a drink, he announces that “the witch is dead.”

ridge drinking

They start asking him questions but he doesn’t say much other than that even dead, Sheila is causing problems.

Brooke needs an explanation.

The men explain that it was all justified and Sheila had it coming.

Sheila threatened and attacked Steffy, who killed her.

Brooke is shocked. Hope’s mouth is open. She asks if Finn knows his wife killed his birth mom.

hope hears about sheila dying

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