Y&R Spoilers August 28 – Sept 1: Nikki Makes Demands of Audra, and Adam’s Out For Revenge

Full list of spoilers for Monday, August 28 to Friday, September 1.

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What’s coming up on Y&R the week of August 28?

“What if we back out of the whole deal?” Sharon suggests to Nick, going out on their own without Adam or Newman.

nick talks going rogue

“Is it treatable?” Mariah asks the doctor. The doctor says it is, but there is no cure.

Mattilyn Rochester Kravitz as Dr. George

At Society, shocked Ashley asks Diane if she just saved her life.

ashley thinks diane saved her life

Monday, August 28

Monday’s Y&R day ahead: Sally wants money from Nick

Nick and Sharon consider going rogue and getting Adam and Victor out of the mix.

Adam warns Sally about Nick.

Tessa gets Devon to help Mariah.

Nick agrees to Sally’s request to back her venture.

Sally sets boundaries.

sharaon and nick want to go rogue

Tuesday, August 29

Tuesday’s Y&R day ahead: Diane is shocked to save Ashley’s life

Ashley dines out and argues with Diane.

Diane saves Ashley from choking.

Tucker causes tension between Jack and Billy.

Jack tries to smooth things over but Billy’s done.

Maria and Tessa receive news about Aria.

Aria’s going to get hearing aids.

Dominic and Abby meet Devon.

Devon talks to Abby about Aria.

tessa and mariah learn aria is deaf

Wednesday, August 30

Wednesday’s Y&R day ahead: Nikki begs Nick not to leave the family

Sharon makes a tough decision.

Sharon tells Nick she wants to pull out of the Newman merger.

Adam’s not happy when Sharon refuses to tell him her decision.

Nate fights for his place at Newman.

Audra learns she’s not being let go.

Audra ditches Kyle for Nate.

Victoria’s out of town a few more days.

Sharon comforts Tessa and Mariah.

nate runs into adam crimson lights

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Thursday, August 31

Thursday’s Y&R day ahead: Adam’s out at Newman Media

Thoughts from Sharon, Nick and Adam are the focus of some of the discussion surrounding today’s episode.

Sharon imagines Adam giving in to her demands.

Nick imagines punching Adam in the face.

Adam is upset when Victor gives 

Adam prepares for revenge.

adam says he's the logical leader


Friday, September 1

Friday’s Y&R day ahead: Nikki gives Audra an ultimatum 

Audra worries for her job now that Nikki’s her superior.

Nikki wants Audra to dump Kyle.

Summer and Kyle run into each other.

Nate doesn’t think Audra needs to worry.

Nikki asks what Audra’s doing with her grandson.

Nikki gives Audra a risky Assignment.

Jack’s so happy Ashley is alive.

Jack and Ashley call a truce.

Billy pushes Adam’s buttons.

audra asks if she's out

Coming up the week of September 5!

Nikki takes on a new role.

Phyllis plays matchmaker.

Victor sets limits with Victoria.

Lily reconnects with Billy.

nikki and audra talk merger

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