Nikki Tells Audra She Won’t Fire Her as Long as She Dumps Kyle and Ashley and Jack Make Peace After Her Ironic Brush with Death

Thursday, August 31, Y&R day ahead recap: Billy and Adam commiserate, Summer tells Nikki about Audra and Kyle, and Nate informs Audra of the new situation at Newman.

Wednesday’s Y&R day ahead: Sharon walked away, vowing to fight for Kirsten, Nikki was named Newman Media’s CEO, and Adam declared war after being kicked out.

(Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for August 31, 2023 episode airs in the USA on September 1. Live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Nikki runs into Summer in Crimson Lights and asks how she and Kyle are.

She’s sorry to hear they are moving ahead with the divorce.

Summer says he’s already moved on.

nikki runs into summer at crimson lights

Nikki is appalled to hear he’s with Audra. Her granddaughter thought this was common knowledge.

Nikki tells her couples have rough patches but she and Victor are proof that love can overcome anything.

Summer would like to believe that but she doesn’t think it’s the case.

summer tells nikki that kyle is seeing audra

After cursing Audra, she tells her that she’s just given her the perfect opportunity to put “that woman” in her place.

Summer asks her not to. Her grandma claims she has no idea what she’s talking about.

Summer just wants things to stay peaceful for Harrison’s sake. She doesn’t want drama like her mom.

Nikki assures her that if she decides to stir things up, it will be about a lot more than Kyle.

That woman deserves a good dose of humility. Summer can’t say she would be upset about that.

nikki tells summer she'll put audra in place

In the GCAC dining room, Nate interrupts Audra and Kyle as they are flirting.

He announces they have something they need to discuss in private.

She thinks that Kyle should be part of the conversation if this is about business.

nate interrupts audra and kyle

Unbuttoning his jacket, Nate sits down and explains the Newman furniture is being re-arranged yet again.

Adam is out and Nick is in Nikki’s position.

Audra assumes she’s being pushed out but Nate says she will be Nikki’s second in command.

“Great!” groans Audra. Kyle wonders where it leaves him.

audra not thrilled she'll be working with nikki

Audra is reassuring and asks how Nikki feels about the divorce.

He warns her that things could get ugly after her new boss learns that they are involved.

She promises to have his back but he’s holding his breath and will be looking for a Plan B.

Audra claims she can be very persuasive.

Besides, it’s not like he needs to work.

kyle asks audra if he's out

After he takes off, Nate says Kyle likely won’t survive. “It will be what it will be,” she says.

They are just having fun. It’s nothing else.

Nate wonders if it’s that clear to Kyle. She leaves to see Nikki.

Audra arrives at the ranch to meet with Nikki.

She pours her some tea and asks her what the hell she’s doing with Kyle.

audra arrives at ranch for tea

Miss Charles tries to be coy and act like this is about his job performance but Nikki is talking about the fling she is having with her granddaughter’s husband.

She’s standing in the way of a possible reconciliation.

audra tries to be coy with nikki

Audra claims he’s a grown man who makes his own choices…and Summer was hardly blameless in their problems.

Nikki reminds her she also broke Noah’s heart.

Is it her family that brings out her viciousness or is it just her nature?

audra asks what's next for her

Audra says that things were complicated with Noah and adds she’s uncomfortable talking about her private life with her new boss.

Her boss assumes Nate tipped her off about that.

nikki rolls her eyes at audra

Bluntly, Audra asks if he is in or out. Mulling that over, Nikki says that’s an interesting question.

She has issues with the way she lives her life. That wouldn’t be an issue if she didn’t keep targeting people she loves.

However, her professional work is impressive and Victor thinks a lot of her.

“I have decided to give you a chance,” Nikki says, but on the condition that she let Kyle and Summer have a shot at getting back together.

She has to leave him alone or her future at Newman Media is over.

nikki demands audra make sacrifice

Kyle bumps into Summer in the park. That’s awkward.

They chat about Harrison and his emu obsession and then work at Marchetti.

summer talks about emus

He admits that there is a shake-up at Newman media.

She’s sure he’ll survive. He always does.

kyle not sure about future

She explains that she’s asked Heather to help with the divorce proceedings.

He’s sure it’s all for the best. Summer thinks they both need to move on.

She heads off to work. He sighs.

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Ashley is surprised when Jack shows up at her suite.

Diane told him about saving her life so he wanted to check on her.

She admits she finds this situation so ironic it’s almost cruel.

ashley surprised when jack stops by

He tells her how terrified Diane was and how she dropped all the acrimony to save her life.

He’s sure she would have done the same if Diane was gasping for air.

Beneath all her gladiator armor, there is a heart and soul as great as their father’s.

She appreciates that. Almost tearing up, Jack tells her how grateful he is.

He hopes this can be a wake up call so they can stop fighting.

jack tells his sister how much diane cares

She reminds him she ended the conflict. Her brother says that walking away is not a solution.

Ashley thinks he’s making too much of this but her brother tells her how deep his love for her.

The thought of losing her is more than he wants to think about. He begs her to come back to where she belongs.

She admits she’s hated their battle too. But she needs him to accept Tucker. Jack is willing to try.

ashley tells jack she's moved

His sister tells him she thought Diane would be the death of him, at least metaphorically.

He tells her that he’s convinced they can meet in the middle and be the way they used to be.

With difficulty, she agrees to try and give Diane a chance.

They recall that they have often disliked each other’s choice of partners.

She warns that she will get her sword out if Diane proves to be untrustworthy again.

Jack misses his sister and their fights over cinnamon rolls. She misses him. They hold hands.

jack tells ashley he wants his sister back

He asks if she is still planning to start a competing company. She has to talk to her husband about that.

Jack is just happy that they are brother and sister again rather than enemies.

Billy sits at the bar in the jazz lounge remembering his fight with Jack over their trust issues.

billy thinks about fight with jack

Adam strolls in and Billy tells him, “For the first time in maybe forever, I can see the world through your eyes and it ain’t pretty.”

Billy explains he can empathize with him and how his family never thinks he measures up.

Adam asks what Jack has done now. Billy won’t explain.

billy tells adam he empathizes with him

The Newman thinks it’s interesting that he finally sees there is some similarity in their family situations.

Adam knows Billy is just a screw-up while he is a “cold, manipulative, narcissist.”

Billy admits that his brother always expects him to mess up and that’s getting old.

Adam tells him Jack is a much fairer man than Victor and if he does right by him, he will not cut him loose. Is Jack waiting for him to screw up, or is he?

adam and billy talk about being disappointments

Billy reminds him of his offer to swap for dirt on Tucker.

Adam thinks he may need to keep that information for now.

billy asks adam about tucker dirt

The Abbott finishes his drink and takes off.

Nate walks in and Adam sarcastically welcomes “Golden Boy.” Nate claims that he’s still only status quo.

Adam urges him not to get too comfortable and walks off.

Billy runs into Jack at Crimson Lights but tries to avoid him.

Jack is eager to talk about their misunderstanding and has already left him messages apologizing.

jack apologizes to billy again

He wants to stop the conflict and tells him that he and Ashley have gone a long way to reconciling.

Billy doubts that’s real.

billy doubts the reconciliation

Back in her suite, Ashley remembers John getting her to stop feuding with Jack.

She sends Tucker a text, asking if he wants to fly to Paris for their honeymoon.

She’s heading to the airport now and needs time to think.

ashley sends tucker text

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