Y&R Spoilers July 10 – 14: Tucker Gets Phyllis to Accept a Deal and Christine Watches Phyllis’ Arrest

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What’s coming up on Y&R the week of July 10?

Phyllis meets with Carson, the EMT guy and Tucker thinks the man can clear her name. 

Phyllis and Tucker make a deal to take Jabot and Diane down.

Devon honors his legacy.

Victor comes to Sharon’s aid.

Ashley gets the upper hand.

Phyllis suffers a setback.

Jack blames Tucker for Ashley’s coup and has a family meeting without her to discuss kicking her off the Jabot board with his siblings. His family doesn’t want to rush into anything.

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At GCAC, Tucker puts a little blue box on the table with a bow for Ashley.

He says it’s their secret weapon and that she can think of it as her wedding gift.

ashley gets gift from tucker

At Crimson Lights Adam tells Sharon, “Why do you think it’s a good idea to partner up?”

partnering with adam

Daniel and Summer sit with Michael at GCAC.

They ask if he has word on their mother.

Michael says, “Brace yourselves, I think she’s ready for a comeback.”

michael says phyllis ready to come home


Monday, July 10

Y&R day ahead recap: Phyllis makes a decision

Michael has a secret rendezvous with Phyllis.

Phyllis tells Michael she is almost ready to return.

Daniel opens up to Lily.

Daniel has a present for Lily’s birthday.

Michael tells Daniel and Summer about their mom almost ready to return.

Tucker stumbles on to a secret. He’s overheard Michael.

Phyllis fantasizes about Diane catching her.

Summer lashes out at Billy and Daniel.

summer makes an accusation

Tuesday, July 11

Tuesday’s Y&R day ahead recap: Summer catches Kyle with Audra

Sharon seeks counsel from Victor.

Michael meets with Phyllis.

Summer meets with Phyllis.

Summer catches Kyle and Audra flirting.

Kyle tells Summer about the job offer Audra gave him.

Summer cautions Kyle not to trust Audra.

Phyllis puts Summer in a tough position.

Nick asks Sally to let him vent.

summer upset that audra was with kyle

Wednesday, July 12

Wednesday’s Y&R day ahead: Sally considers her feelings

Abby and Devon make a power move.

Sally examines her feelings for Adam.

Chelsea starts a new chapter in her life.

sally doesn't want to be coddled

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Thursday, July 13

Thursday’s Y&R day ahead: Kyle wants Mariah to quit her job

Nikki digs for dirt with Jack.

Mariah receives a surprising offer.

Kyle thinks Mariah should quit and work for Newman Media.

Ashley sets boundaries with Tucker.

abby knows summer is separating

Friday, July 14

Friday’s Y&R day ahead: Phyllis smirks as she’s arrested

Tucker gains leverage.

Phyllis agrees to Tucker’s terms.

Christine celebrates a win.

When Chance arrests Phyllis, Christine gloats.

Diane argues with Kyle about Summer.

Heather (Vail Bloom) returns to Genoa City.

Lily can’t forget what Nate did to her.

Heather is Phyllis’ new lawyer since Gloria’s in a bit of trouble and Michael needs her.

diane and kyle learn Phyllis was arrested

Coming up on Y&R the week of July 17!

Victor takes control.

Chelsea celebrates a win.

Billy’s loyalty is tested.

Sharon leaves her comfort zone.

billy worries to jack about their sister

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