Ashley and Tucker Marry, Jack’s Gift Makes Ashley Wary, and Kyle Finds a Way to Save Audra’s Reputation

Friday, August 11, Y&R day ahead recap: Kyle figures out a way to save Audra’s skin, while Ashley and Tucker get married and Jack’s gift makes Ashley wonder what the catch is.

Friday’s Y&R day ahead: Audra’s Doomed After She and Nate Stir Up Nikki’s Suspicions, and Phyllis Kids Tell Her They Are Done with Her

(Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for August 11, 2023 episode airs in the USA on August 12. Live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Audra finds Devon sitting with Tucker at the GCAC bar. Devon goes to take a call from Abby and Audra learns Tucker’s getting married today. She congratulates him and he hopes she has a special gift for him.

audra will be late with tucker's surprise

She admits there’s a delay but it’s on the way. She vows not to let him down. She goes and he texts Ashley that he can’t wait to marry her.

tucker can't wait to marry ashley

Victor drops by and Devon appears. Victor says he’s gotten his “greedy hands on Ashley again.” He’s not fooling anyone, either and calls the man a third rate con artist. He thinks Ashley’s taking him for a ride, going through the sham wadding to get back at Jack and Diane.

victor tells tucker to be concerned about ashley

Devon goes to take a work call and Tucker says he’s wrong this time. They’re in love. Victor knows they bought a company in Europe.

She won’t sever ties with Jabot. She just wants control from Jack and Tucker’s along for the ride. Tucker drinks and looks around before saying Victor might be right but then again, he may be wrong.

He’s got a wedding. Victor tells him to be careful before Tucker goes.

victor taunts tucker

Audra finds Kyle in Neil’s lounge. He’s not going to his aunt Ashleyy’s wedding. He doesn’t like a circus. She joins him, which makes him feel better already.

kyle not going to his aunts wedding

He notices she’s nervous and asks her to spill. She hems and haws and admits there are certain things about her she’d rather he didn’t know.

He reminds her he has a sketchy past, too. He’s not judging. She isn’t sure she wants him to have power over her. She suggests they ‘go upstairs.’

Upstairs in her room, Audra and Kyle have sex. She tells him she covered up a little problem for Tucker that’s come back to bite her and that she’s being blackmailed into forcing a merger.

audra talks blackmail

She admits she likes drama in her life to keep things interesting but even for her, this is a big mess. She admits Adam’s the blackmailer.

She tells him everything but the part about covering up the statutory rape. She rants and Kyle comes up with another way to play this.

After he’s told her his idea, she wishes she thought of it on her own. They kiss. audra rants

CBSAt the Abbott house, Diane and Jack are getting ready for the wedding. She’s in pink — not black and helps him with his cuff links.

She wonders how Ashley will feel with them being there. Jack feels sick that she’s marrying Tucker but they need to pretend everything is fine.

Diane thinks they should call off Billy. It’s a lot to ask him to play his sister.

Jack wants to wait until they know more about what Tucker and Ashley are up to. Jack vows this will be over soon. He’s got one more card up his sleeve.  

diane in pink for ashley's wedding

At the Chancellor manse, Traci fiddles with the flowers and tells Abby she loves a good love story.

It has to be perfect. Abby has her doubts.

traci beautiful haricut

In walks Ashley and Traci says she needs to go home and get ready. She thinks her sister seems nervous. Ashley admits to having butterflies.

When Traci leaves, Ashley says she thinks it’s silly to be nervous since it’s not her first wedding. They agree they’ll kill Tucker if he hurts her.

ashley shrugs off worries on her wedding day

At Crimson Lights, Billy meets with Chelsea. They’re dressed for the wedding and he says his mind is on Jabot and playing Ashley.

He thinks the joke is on him. He wants to do what’s right for Jabot but the crookedness inside him wants to take the opportunity and beat the house.

chelsea ready for ashley wedding

It scares him. He’s fighting not to be a greedy bastard.

She suggests he ditch the wedding so he’s not caught between both sides but he loves his sister and has to support her.

With Chelsea there, he won’t do anything stupid. He kisses her hand.

billy wants to do something crooked

Traci arrives home to Jack and Diane. Jack makes jokes about Ashley’s nervousness and Traci urges him to stop. 

Upstairs at Chancellor mansion, Ashley powders her face when Abby appears.

Dom’s sad he can’t be the ring bearer since he has sniffles.

ashley prepares for her wedding

She worries more about her mama who says she’s fine and there’s nothing conventional about her and Tucker and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

ashley and abby get ready for the wedding

She lends her mom the bracelet that she gave her in Paris, and gives her her baby book.

They laugh.

Ashley can almost hear her mother’s voice reading that.

They wish Dina was there. Her dress is new and blue.

ashley gets a gift for her wedding

Abby goes downstairs as Tucker, Devon, Billy and Chelsea arrive.

Tucker’s giddy about marrying Ashley, he tells Devon.

Ashley takes Abby aside privately and asks her Jack is.

Since they’re not there, Ashley wants to start the wedding. Jack and Diane and Traci turn up just in the nick of time.

tucker on his wedding day

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“Did we miss anything?” He asks. They begin the wedding.

The Wedding March plays and Tucker beams. Ashley grins back at him, happily and they say impromptu vows as Jack grits his teeth.

ashley and tucker marry

They talk about how she married him when he was fresh from a coma and that she thinks they’ll share a lot of laughs and love.

devon and abby at ashley wedding to tucker

She loves him. He stares at his feet and then her. He says he’s spent time trying to pretend she didn’t matter to him but you can’t escape yourself.

“It was always you,” he says, the one that got away.

traci cut hair at wedding

He calls this a miracle. He gets to try again and do it right. Traci smiles and he says he never stopped loving Ashley.

“Okay,” She says. It’s all he’s got. The minister pronounces them husband and wife.

diane and jack at ashley's wedding

They kiss. Everyone claps and laughs and there’s some welcoming to the family. Devon thinks he killed it with his vows.

Ashley thanks Billy and Chelsea for coming and asks Jack to wish them happiness and to welcome Tucker into the family.

tucker and ashley married

He leaves it to Diane. “I um wish you all the best.” The women embrace lightly.

“Thank you,” the bride says before Devon hands out champagne along with congratulations.

ashley and diane hug

At the ranch, Nikki and Victor discuss the “sham” wedding. Nikki says she’s still smitten. She brushes that off. Nate and Audra are bigger problems. She fills him in on Nate’s merger idea and Audra pushing it. It benefits Adam the most.

nikki lets victor know they've an issue

Audra arrives and Nikki’s still miffed with her. “I didn’t expect to see you here,” Audra says. “I live here,” Nikki responds.

She says nothing has changed. Victor asks why she’s there. She admits Adam’s blackmailing her.

nikki and victor talk about adam

Back at the Chancellor estate, Kyle turns up and Jack gives Ashley her company’s assets back to let her know the war is over and he wishes her success.

“What’s the catch? She asks.

ashley gets her company back

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