Y&R Spoilers August 21 – 25: Nikki Turns up her Nose at Audra and Victor Reveals a New Game Plan

Full list of spoilers for Monday, August 21 to Friday, August 25.

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What’s coming up on Y&R the week of August 21?

Tessa and Mariah worry Aria is deaf. They get her hearing tested.

Heather sees Daniel and Lily share a kiss and feels uncomfortable. She may not be ready to move on.  

Daniel thinks Heather is keeping something from him.

heather asks daniel if she should stay in genoa city.

“This feels like kind of a test. Your questions are not so much about me as Audra,” Kyle says to Victoria.

kyle asks why victoria is asking about audra

Sharon asks Esther over to Crimson Lights and tells her that her plate is full with her new business so she needs her help.

esther gets a job offer

Lily is startled when she spots Daniel taking Heather’s hand after she informs him that she’s thinking of sticking around town.

lily caught by surprise seeing daniel with heather.

Coming up the week of August 21!

Chance takes on a new role.

Lily takes a big risk.

Chloe encourages Esther.

Victor challenges Nick.

lily spots heather touching daniel


Monday, August 21

Monday’s Y&R day ahead recap: Heather still wants Daniel

Daniel and Heather have a nice chat.

Lily sees something between the exes.

Chelsea and Adam and Billy talk to Connor about his issues.

Chelsea and Adam make a tough decision.

Chelsea and Connor agree to move out of GC.

Chance considers a career change. Police commissioner.

Sharon likes the idea of Chance’s new job.

chance new job commissioner

Tuesday, August 22

Tuesday’s Y&R day ahead: Victoria figures out Victor’s plan

Victor gives Nick and Adam one of his usual ultimatums. 

Nick and Adam are on the same side, which Victor wanted.

Victoria forgives Nate.

Audra compares notes with Kyle.

Kyle realizes what the rest of Audra’s cover up was about.

Victoria tests Nate.

Esther gives Chloe advice.

nick tells sally he needs to break from newman

Wednesday, August 23

Wednesday’s Y&R day ahead: Summer and Kyle agree to divorce

Nick and Sally discuss their future as a couple.

Sally and Nick talk having kids.

Nick tells Kyle he’s sorry for what Summer did to him.

Summer wants a divorce.

Summer and Kyle come to a decision about their marriage.

Esther agrees to run Crimson Lights for Sharon.

sharon tells mariah about esther taking over

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Thursday, August 24

Y&R day ahead August 24!  Victor merges SNA and Newman Media.

Nate asks Victor what his plans are.

Nate does not think Adam will let go of Newman Media.

Victor reveals a new game plan.

Victoria gives Ashley the third degree.

Nate crosses the line.

Billy and Tucker discuss the war with Jack.

Adam doesn’t think Victor is on the up and up.

Ashley and Tucker have words.

victor smiling at sally

Friday, August 25

Friday’s Y&R day ahead! Sharon and Nick are angry with Adam

Victor and Nikki strategize against their opponents.

Audra visits Victor to ask if she still has a job.

Elena talks to Mariah and Tessa about Aria’s hearing.

Elena moves on from Nate.

Esther yells and it wakes up the baby, making Mariah wonder if she can hear.

Sharon and Nick find it a struggle to work with Adam.

Sally reveals to Nick and Sharon that she’s interested in Adam’s job offer.

Adam lectures Nate who lectures him in turn.

nikki and audra talk merger

Coming up the week of August 28!

Victor keeps Adam in line.

Victoria pushes Ashley’s buttons.

Elena gets disturbing news.

elena tells nate off

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