Young and Restless Spoilers May 1 – 5: Devon’s Surprised to see Yolanda, and Nick is Angry About Victor’s Interference

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for the CBS soap opera, Y&R, from Monday, May 1 to Friday, May 5.

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Sneak peeks for the week of May 1!

Victor isn’t finished with Sally yet.

Victor asks Sally to give her baby to Adam, take some money and leave Genoa City permanently.

Nick’s disgusted when he learns what his father did to Sally but she asks him not to confront his father.

He gives Sally the third degree.

Ashley starts to conspire against Diane.

Nate goes on a guilt trip after his cheating ways.

Elena strikes back. She calls J.T. under the guise of doing a podcast just to find out where he stands with Victoria.

Elena doesn’t correct J.T. when he wrongly assumes Victoria has approved the interview.

Yolanda returns and is doing well, has a career and has used her past to help other people.

Yolanda’s return will ruffle some feathers.

elena asks if nates' going to LA alone.

This week on Y&R!

Jack’s stunned to find Tucker at home in the morning, with a tray of tea.

“Morning,” Tucker says.

tucker with morning tea

Audra says to Elena, “Did Nate tell you he was going alone to LA?”

Elena says he did.

Audra reveals he’s there with Victoria. 

audra tells elena nate went la with vicky

Chance goes up to Summer. “If you know something or if you’ve learned something new you can tell me.”

chance wants summer to open up

Monday, May 1

Ashley and Billy do damage control against Diane.

Michael crosses the line to help a client.

Nate has a change of heart.

ashley wants tucker move in with her

Tuesday, May 2

Summer struggles with keeping secrets from Kyle.

Thad Luckinbill appears as JT Hellstrom.

summer rushed memorial

Wednesday, May 3

May 3 Y&R day ahead: Summer tells Daniel their mom is alive

Jack shares shocking news with Diane.

Diane’s rocked that Stark’s dead and thinks it’s bad for her.

Devon and Lily take on a new endeavor.

Devon wants to hold a party for Neil.

Summer reveals how she knows Stark was killed with scissors.

Summer comes clean with Daniel.

Kyle visits Diane.

daniel learns mom is alive

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Thursday, May 4

Y&R day ahead for May 4: Elena dumps Nate

Michael gets bail for Diane.

Victoria and Nate receive a reality check.

Elena confronts Nate and Vicky in person.

Nate denies trying to hurt Elena.

Diane receives a second chance. She gets bailed out.

Tucker works to regain Devon’s trust.

Tucker and Ashley decide to go on a date to Neil’s party.

Daniel threatens to go to Chance with what he knows about Phyllis being alive.

vicky feels bad

Friday, May 5

Friday’s Y&R day ahead recap – Yolanda’s back

Abby questions Ashley about Tucker.

Devon receives a surprise visitor. Yolanda.

Chene Lawson reprises the role of Devon’s biological mother Harmony ‘Yolanda’ Hamilton.

Connor doesn’t seem to care when he hears he’s going to be a big brother.

Neil’s tribute has everyone spouting platitudes about the man.

Sally tells Nick what his father did and he’s so angry. 

devon and lily talk boundaries

Coming up the week of May 8!

Victor stands his ground.

Ashley makes a confession.

Elena makes a bold move.

Chelsea confides in Adam.

chelsea learns phyllis died Y&R recaps

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