Elena Confronts Nate, Accuses Him of Gaslighting Her and Dumps Him While Daniel’s Disgusted With Summer and Diane Gets Bail

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Daniel blows up when he hears the full story about Phyllis’ disappearance, Tucker goes to Devon with an opportunity, and Elena yells at Nate for cheating. In the previous episode, Summer confessed the truth, and Daniel was flummoxed as Sharon dispensed advice and Summer and Chance discussed Stark’s case. 

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for May 2, 2023 episode airs in the USA May 3. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At Chancellor Park, Daniel asks Summer to repeat herself. Mom’s really alive?

Summer explains that Phyllis told her that Stark tried to kill her and she had to defend herself by using scissors to kill him.

She tells him their mom faked her own death to get revenge on Diane.

“She explained everything to me,” Sumer says. Daniel can’t wrap his brain around it.

daniel asks where phyllis is

He asks where she is now. Summer hasn’t a clue.

Daniel’s angry, unable to believe she just let them mourn like this. Summer’s just trying to focus on her being alive.

She says Stark forced her to go along with his plan but Daniel doubts that.

daniel angry phyllis lied

Summer says in a moment of weakness, she gave in and it all went wrong.

She regrets it and worries there’s no way out. She’s not innocent.

She wanted revenge against Diane and was fighting with them.

Daniel doesn’t get how she’ll survive but Summer assumes Stark probably took care of that.

Daniel yells, “And you’re okay with all of this?”

summer worries about their mom

Summer pouts. She couldn’t keep this from him. They agree if she can’t prove killing Stark was in self-defense, she’ll go to prison. They need to protect her.

Daniel worries they can’t. Then Summer thinks they need to let her disappear and start fresh. Without them, though it’d kill her.

She’d do anything to keep her safe.

Daniel asks, “What about Diane?” She can live with her taking the fall for being innocent?

Summer asks if it’s so wrong that they take a little break from Diane until they can figure out how to help their mother and Daniel blows up.

summer says they can let phyllis go on without them

He’s disgusted by that and doesn’t think it’s right. Daniel wants to go to Chance, who will help them. Summer says there has to be another way.

Daniel’s worried for both women but is going to the police. Summer snaps. “No!” He walks away, making her think he’s off to tell the cops.

Daniel goes to tell the cops

Michael visits Diane in prison. He’s in good spirits as they discuss Jack and Kyle’s caring concern getting her through all of this.

Michael hopes he can help too, by letting her know she’s being released, hopefully by the end of the day.

They were granted a second arraignment and Judge Bets presiding, he’s sure things will go their way.

He even brought Diane clothing, courtesy of Jack. Bail won’t come cheap, he warns. Diane realizes she could go home today.

diane gets bail

Jack calls his bank to get a cashier’s check and Ashley questions him, he barks that it’s none of her business, especially after her latest stunt in inviting Tucker there to live.

jack gets diane's bail money.

Ashley reminds him it’s not just their house and wonders how him living there affects Jack.

Jack says he gets under his skin and he’s a stranger to the rest of the household.

What’s Harrison supposed to call him? She says, “Aunt Ashley’s friend?”

Jack tells her Diane could be home later.

Ash realizes that’s why he was ordering a cashier’s check. She snarks that Diane’s a flight risk and calls this her home, not Diane’s and storms off.

ashley tells jack tucker can live with them

Tucker visits Devon at Chancellor-Winters.

He wants to take him to coffee to work through some things.

Devon doesn’t want to so Tucker tells his son he sold his company to Victor.

Devon’s glad. Is he leaving town?

tucker wants to bond with devon.

Tucker’s staying because of him and Dom.

He’d like to create a new bond and wants to announce the new International Neil Winters Jazz Festival that he’d produce.

Devon takes issue with his father doing this and presenting it himself. The timing is off.

Tucker’s sorry. He backs off and then reveals he moved in with Ashley. Devon’s surprised and asks if Abby knows. His father’s not sure.

Devon invites his dad to the party tonight. Tucker would be honored. 

tucker tells son he's moved in with ashley

In L.A., Nate and Victoria talk about whatever they’re working on.

She says he impressed her with his presentation and on every front.

He’s feeling positive too and thinks they make a good team but there’s something he needs to say.

elena spots vicky with nate in LA

Elena walks up and spots the duo.

She watches while they discuss how Nate wants to focus on work and Victoria slips her hand into his.

Elena approaches their table and says, “So, this is what a business trip looks like?”

elena confronts nate

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Victoria starts rambling and Nate tells her to give them space.

Once she’s gone, Elena asks Nate to look her in the eye and tell her what’s going on between them.

Nate sighs. “Victoria and I slept together.”

Elena’s jaw drops open and she grabs the nearest glass of water and throws it in Nate’s face. He gasps for air as she calls him pathetic.

elena throws water at nate

He tells her it’s still business and he didn’t intend on having sex with Vicky.

Elena reminds him he told her he was going on the trip alone.

In fact, she suspected this from the beginning. 

“You got this all wrong,” he tries to deny.

She asks if he thinks so little of her. Maybe he should. She feels like she’s a fool. He never meant to hurt her.

elena accuses nate gaslighting

She accuses him of gaslighting her but he denies that, too. She asks if he was trying to woo her was done to compensate for his guilt.

He says no. He loves her.

She says when his relationship with Devon blew up, his family accused him of changing, becoming ruthless and selfish.

She defended him.

nate defends self

He insists he’s a good man but Elena disagrees.

She tells him to go to hell or to his hotel room with his boss. “It’s over,” she says, taking off.

Vicky returns and Nate says nothing good happened.

He admits he didn’t tell Elena about them both coming. “I avoided it,” he lies.

He claims he would never purposefully lie to Elena.

Victoria thinks subconsciously, this is what he wanted. Nate thinks that makes him sound like an ass.

nate sheepish

Victoria wonders if he’s not as happy in his relationship as he tries to tell everyone.

She tells him she certainly didn’t mean to hurt Elena.

Maybe he needs time to think? He agrees and takes off, looking morose.

vicky feels bad

Michael shows up at the Abbott house alone.

Jack worries Dee Dee didn’t get bail but then she appears and rushes into his arms with a bear hug. They laugh.

Jack and Diane call Michael brilliant. Diane calls his argument fantastic. They reveal she’s on house arrest through the trial.

She also handed over her passport and thanks Jack for the bail. Jack’s relieved. Michael smiles as they kiss.

Once he’s gone, they talk about marriage again and how Jack never wants to lose her.

diane home from jail

At Society, Ashley bitches to Tucker about her fight with Jack and that Diane may get bail.

Tucker thinks it’d be fun to bump into Diane over morning coffee.

He admits he told Devon he moved in with her.

Ashley’s a little perturbed since Abby doesn’t know yet.

He calls them gloriously complicated and she agrees. When Tucker asks if she needs a date to Neil’s party, she shrugs. “Yeah.” 

ashley tells tucker about diane maybe getting bail

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