Summer Cracks, and is Caught Revealing Information About Stark’s Murder That Isn’t Public, While Diane Gets a Surprise Visitor

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Mariah opens up to Sharon about how she feels when she’s asked how many kids she has, Summer and Chance discuss Stark’s murder, and Daniel goes to Lily for help. In the previous episode, JT video chatted with Elena, as Nate and Victoria had sex, and Kyle tried to patch things up with Summer while Victor gave Sally an outrageous offer.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for May 2, 2023 episode airs in the USA May 3. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At Crimson Lights, Mariah and Sharon swoon looking at baby Aria.

Sharon wants to hold her but Mariah says she needs to rest or she’ll start wailing.

sharon swoons over aria

Sharon gets Mariah coffee and hopes she’s not pushing herself too hard with work and motherhood.

Mariah says she’s in the office twice a week and Tessa has her back. “Who needs sleep?” she says.

Sharon senses something else is going on.

sharon talks to mariah

Mariah’s vague so Sharon pushes her until she admits that someone asked if Aria was her first child.

She didn’t want to say yes, that she was pregnant with Dom before but Aria was her first child.

Sharon calls it complicated. She’s had to do it before, too because of Cassie.

She likes talking about Cassie so Mariah says if she wants to talk about her she can.

Mariah wonders if they would have been similar or opposites. Sharon says opposites, with a laugh. The baby awakens.

mariah talks about how many kids she had

Daniel brings Lily coffee at Chancellor-Williams and asks if he can unload on her.

He reluctantly tells her about Summer being a mess and how he worries she’s hanging on to the fantasy that their mom is alive.

Summer has serious rage, he insists which isn’t helping her with the loss.

Lily knows there’s no right way to grieve. The mind is a powerful thing.

daniel unloads on lily again

Losing someone is soul-crushing. While we grieve, we do and say things we may forget. 

In a roundabout way, he asks if she regrets their “night together.”

She doesn’t. They both wanted and needed it and “we didn’t talk about it again.” 

lily says losing someone is soul crushing

“Okay, yeah, no, great.” Daniel says, awkwardly.

He’s sorry he forced the issue but she’s glad he touched base.

He doesn’t think they’re in a place to start anything new and doesn’t want labels. She agrees.

daniel loved sex with lily

She thinks “it” was lovely and he says it was more than that!

They giggle and he says hello to Devon on his way out. Devon asks how things are in the Omegasphere.

He admits he picked up a vibe between them.

devon and lily talk omegasphere

She laughs but says they should have a soft rollout platform by late May, or early June.

They’re happy he can just pop into her office like this again.

He wants to christen the Athletic Club lounge by throwing a party for their dad there tonight.

Lily loves the idea. It’s been four years. They believe he can see them and is rooting for them.

devon wants to throw a party

At Chancellor Park, Summer thinks back to Phyllis telling her that she’s the only one who can know what she did. Chance appears and she’s teary-eyed.

He hopes he didn’t interrupt but she doesn’t mind the company.

She asks why he’s not looking for Stark’s killer. Chance assures her that the sheriff’s department is on this.

He didn’t realize everyone knew. His body was found outside his jurisdiction, Chance tells the blonde.

He jokes that the search isn’t about whipping out a magnifying glass like Sherlock Holmes. He came to the park to think.

Summer asks for details. Did he drown? Were there witnesses? Physical evidence?

Chance asks her if there’s something she’s not saying and Summer freaks out. What else could there be other than her mom is gone?

Chance says if she knows anything, she can tell him. 

summer saddened

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She asks how she could know something that he doesn’t. Chance doesn’t want to push her.

She’s sorry for snapping at him. Daniel appears and asks why Summer’s there again. She just needed air and seeing Chance was a coincidence.

chance asks if summer knows anything

He asks how Daniel is. Daniel’s alright and Summer says they’re getting through it.

Chance leaves them to talk and Summer tells Daniel to forget everything she said about their mom being alive. She lies that she guessed that he was murdered.

Daniel looks skeptical but she says she doesn’t know how to be in a world where Mom isn’t alive. Daniel’s worried about her.

She took off from Kyle and he doesn’t get why she’s there again, in the same spot she said she saw Mom. Summer lies that she hasn’t seen her.

She just wanted to get information about the stabbing or scissors. Daniel looks confused. Chance never said anything about any of that. How did she know? Summer grimaces.

daniel asks why summer is with chance

Daniel implores her to tell him where the information came from and Summer lies that she must have read it somewhere. He demands to know where. If she doesn’t tell him, he’ll go to Chance.

Summer sighs, exasperated. “Fine!” She can’t handle this all by herself and tells her brother he has to keep it secret.

daniel learns mom is alive

She confesses that everything she told him last night was true. She’s not crazy.

She knows what happened to Stark because their mother told her she stabbed him to death. “She’s alive.”

summer reveals phyllis is alive

Jack visits Diane at the prison. She turns to go but when he says her name, she stays.

She asks why he keeps coming.

diane won't marry jack

He’s there to find out if she wants to marry him. She says this isn’t romance. It’s denial and it breaks her heart. Jack calls it commitment.

She thinks he’s impossible and tears up as he asks her to let him visit her daily.

If she needs to shut down, she can do it in front of him.

jack still wants diane marry him

She groans. “Damn you.” She can’t. As good as this feels, nothing has changed and she won’t drag him down alongside her. Or the rest of the family.

She tells him to go so he blurts that Jeremy Stark’s dead.

diane learns stark is dead

She’s shocked and asks how and who…Jack assumes one of his old enemies did him in. Diane doesn’t think this works in her favor, either.

Diane says she knows that Jeremy killed Phyllis and thinks the only person who can clear her name is dead. She paces and Jack asks her to slow down.

They’ll investigate this and hopefully will find proof that he was behind Phyllis’ death.

diane shocked stark dead

Kyle arrives and Diane grins wildly at her son.

As they talk, she tells him she doesn’t want to ruin his life. Again.  He admits she’s capable of doing that on his own.

It’d hurt more onto seeing her. He knows she’s innocent.

Diane also knows this is taking a toll on his marriage. Kyle tells stories about how his son has been playing and building skyscrapers after he learned that his DeeDee was an architect.

That tickles Diane, but also is upsetting since she’s stuck there. 

kyle thinks diane innocent

At Crimson Lights, Chance meets Christine to ask for new information about Stark.

She reminds him this isn’t their case but Chance says he needs to look into this.

Christine says to let it go. The case against Diane is still airtight.

She goes and Jack appears and bothers him for having a coffee instead of working on the case.

christine intends on throwing book at diane

Chance says he had a meeting with the DA.

Jack thinks it’s up to Chance to dig up Stark’s secrets and tell them what happened. It’s on him to exonerate Diane.

jack yells at chance

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