Hope Can Hardly Contain Her Pounding Desires As Thomas Adjusts Her Dress, and RJ Worries About Disappointing Ridge

In the Thursday, May 4, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Deacon gives Count Bouce a test, Charlie interrupts Ridge’s moment with RJ, and Thomas tells Hope what fuels him.

We also have Wednesday’s B&B recap where Thomas assured Hope RJ’s not competition, while Ridge told RJ he believed he could be the family’s greatest designer.

At Forrester Creations, Ridge gives RJ a blank page and a pencil. He tells him this is a door to endless possibilities. He urges him to use his gift.

rj reluctant to draw

All the men in the family have a gift and he needs to know where that landed with him.

Prompting him to take up the pencil, he suggests that working there with his family could be his true calling.

ridge urges rj take his pencil

Charlie interrupts to say he’s scaled back the security since Sheila is now behind bars. Ridge reminds him he could have said that in an email.

charlie interrupts ridge

He returns to urging his son to pick up the pencil and recalls what a euphoric, life-changing experience it was for him.

Charlie knows exactly what he means. That’s how he feels when he goes skinny-dipping. It even made his neighbor build a higher fence.

charlie telling stupid jokes about skinny dipping

After taking a moment, Ridge repeats his urging to his son.

RJ sits down with the pencil. As he gets drawing, Ridge reminds Charlie he’s trying to have a moment with his son.

rj drawing

Eventually Charlie realizes he’s interrupting and Ridge ushers him out.

RJ finishes his sketch and shows it to his father. It’s a caricature of Ridge.

rj draws ridge

His father thinks that’s cute and shakes his head, handing it back. He’s impressed by his sense of humor.

RJ repeats that he doesn’t want to design dresses. He wants to do his own thing as an influencer.

Ridge doesn’t think that’s a real career. His son tells him how inspiring he is. Tearing up, he says he doesn’t want to disappoint him.

Ridge isn’t disappointed and gives him a hug.

In Thomas’ office, Hope watches him sketch and admires his creative energy. His passion is lighting up the office.

hope impressed by thomas' passion

“I’m happy it’s with me, uh, Hope for the Future,” she says. He tells her how much her faith means to him and how happy he is to be there.

Thomas admits that he was worried that the new him would be able to do what he used to. All the therapy changed him and he wasn’t sure he could work without the rage he had to fuel it.

thomas used to be fill of rage

She says his designs are on a different level.

He explains she’s inspired that. His love for her has filled him with inspiration.

hope works with thomas

She thinks the peace he’s found has made him a better designer, father, and man.

He fetches a dress from the sewing room. She’s thrilled when he pulls down the zipper.

He’d love to see it moving but there are no models until later. She offers to try it on and slips behind the screen to change.

She thinks of her mom reminding her that she doesn’t like “the bad boy” and gets that delirious look on her face.

hope repeating her fantasies

After she’s changed, she comes out and he checks the dress. She gasps as he fondles the hem.

hope with thomas

He tells her how remarkable it is that they can work together and she can trust him. Her heart starts beating fast as he adjusts her fringe.

thomas and hope in his new design

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Count Bouche is at Il Giardino with his grandson telling Deacon that he can transform the restaurant into the IT place he wants it to be.

deacon listens to pitch from the count

Explaining he was named after Count Basey, he says he may not be the kind of sommeliers but he’s definitely the count.

Deacon is intrigued and asks about his experience. The count isn’t about to kiss and tell about the royalty and celebrities he’s worked for.

deacon talks to count bouche

The grandson is hungry so Deacon offers to give him whatever he wants. He wants corn.

the corn kid from tiktok

“I’ve got fields of corn,” Deacon says.

A plate of corn, pizza, and fries are brought out. As the kid eats, Deacon asks the count to submit to a wine taste test.

deacon gives the tiktok kid corn

After having three glasses from different regions poured, he calls in the count to try them.

As the count sips, he stares at his grandson.

count bouche drinks

The kid holds up a French fry to indicate the first wine is French, the pizza to indicate Italy, and the corn for California.

Deacon is impressed that he got them right and tells him he will be in touch.

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