Yolanda Surprises Devon at the Memorial for Neil, Abby Confronts Ashley About Living with Tucker, and Connor Learns He’s Getting a Sister

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Sally tells Nick about Victor’s offer, Chelsea and Adam tell Connor he’s getting a sister, and people gather to honor Neil. In the previous episode, Elena confronted Nate, accused him of gaslighting her and dumped him while Daniel was disgusted with Summer, and Diane got bail.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for May 4, 2023 episode airs in the USA May 5. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Lily arrives at the jazz lounge and looks at the photos of Neil on the wall.

She walks over to look at the family photos collected beneath it.

lily at memorial

Smiling, she flashes back to hanging out with him.

neil flashback

Daniel shows up. She tells him he shouldn’t be there. It’s where his mom collapsed.

He assures her he can deal with it. Plus, it’s the coolest place in town.

He also wants to honor Neil since he missed his funeral.

daniel wants to honor neil

At the penthouse, Abby tells Devon the party will be phenomenal.

She’s made sure it will be extra special.

devon surprised mccall staying

She wonders if he’s ready to commemorate his father’s passing. He is.

He adds that Tucker came by with an idea for a tribute jazz festival named after Neil.

She’s surprised to hear he invited Tucker to the event.

abby and devon discuss neil

They chat about McCall deciding to stick around for his sake.

She assumes he’s sincere. Devon thinks only time will tell.

He says she’s not the only one who thinks Tucker is redeemable and breaks the news that he’s moved in with her mom.

abby learns that tucker has moved in with mom

Abby is going to have a conversation with her.

At Society, Tucker tells Ashley his big surprise for the evening is set.

She hopes it works out the way he wants and Devon will see how serious he is about reconnecting.

tucker is committed to his plan

McCall thinks it’s worth the chance.

She’s proud of him for trying to make this happen.

That’s why she bought his dead.

She’s eager to hear from her daughter.

Abby sends a text, requesting a meet.

ashley admires tucker trying to fix things

They assume she’s learned of the news.

Ashley arrives at the penthouse and her daughter asks her what she could “possibly” be thinking by moving Tucker in.

abby quizzes mom about tucker

Her mom explains he was serious about leaving town and she wasn’t ready to see him go.

Abby thinks this is ridiculous and pathetic.

Ashley tells her to watch her mouth. Tucker wants to do the right thing but keeps messing it up.

She wanted to give him another shot.

ashley visits penthouse

Abby assumes this is about getting back at Jack.

Her mom says that wasn’t the primary reason.

Her daughter is sure she will regret this in so many ways… but it’s her life and she won’t let this come between them.

abby thinks her mom made bad choice

After Ashley exits, her daughter shakes her head.

Devon joins his sister at the lounge. They talk about how their lives have changed.

He says there is so much he didn’t get to say to their father.

devon at lounge

She’s sure he’s looking down at them and proud.

Mariah arrives as other guests start filing in.

She asks Daniel if it’s weird to see her and be reminded of Cassie.

mariah asks daniel if weird to see her

He doesn’t find it that weird. It just takes some getting used to. He walks off to get Lily some wine.

Sharon comes over to explain Moses and Faith can’t make it because of finals.

sharon says moses not coming

Victor and Nikki look at all the photos of Neil.

Devon thanks them for coming and making the lounge special.

devon welcomes nikki victor

Abby joins Devon and he fills her in on Jack not being able to make it.

They chat about how things went with her mother.

abby checks on devon

Seeing Daniel reminds her she doesn’t want to complain about a disagreement with one of her parents.

Mariah comes over to chat with Devon and they discuss her new baby. Every day is a new experience. They’re sure their kids will be best friends, just like them.

Daniel chats with Abby, who hopes being there isn’t too difficult.

He’s getting used to hearing that.

abby chats with daniel

They talk about the decor and all that Devon and Lily have been through.

The guests discuss Neil and Dru and how they left too soon.

Sharon tells Lily it’s no wonder that she and Devon ended up being people everyone could look up to.

victor recalls neil

Lily and Devon kick the event off as Tucker and Ashley arrive.

The siblings talk about how important it is to recognize all their father did.

lily devon speech

Their jaws drop when Harmony “Yolanda” (played by Chene Lawson) walks in.

yolanda arrives

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Adam meets with Chelsea at Crimson Lights.

After venting about his father, he brings up the baby.

He fills her in that he’s having a little girl. She’s happy for him.

adam and chelsea talk strategy

Adam thinks it’s time they tell Connor about the baby. She agrees…at some point.

He points out that Sally is going to start showing so she agrees they need to broach it soon. It will be a shock to Connor, so how should they do it?

Adam suggests they explain what a great big brother he can be.

She adds they need to make him know they won’t love him less.

chelsea adam talk connor

Since the kid is on his way back from soccer, they might as well tell him now.

Connor arrives and asks if they are doing family stuff. He hopes it’s not about school.

His parents explain they are adding a new member. Connor stares. He’s confused.

His father explains that he is the father of Sally’s baby. That means he will have a baby sister.

connor hears getting sister

“Oh, okay,” says the kid. They remind him that families come in all shapes and they’ll work it out.

Connor asks his mom if she’s okay with it. She is. He just wants to go upstairs.

They’re surprised he has no questions. He has homework.

Adam tells him no one will ever change how much he loves him.

Chelsea seconds that. The kid thinks that’s cool and takes off.

adam chelsea tell unimpressed connor

The parents don’t know if that was good or bad. He can’t help picturing Connor meeting his sister. They are all in this together, the whole extended family.

In her suite at the GCAC, Sally is startled when her baby kicks her. She remembers Victor’s offer to pay for her to create a company somewhere else as long as she leaves the child behind.

Nick shows up and asks how things went with his father. It wasn’t what she expected.

nick asks sally about victor

She assumes Adam told her about the little heart-to-heart.

He admits it. They are both concerned.

She’s surprised he didn’t storm into Society and is relieved they didn’t try to rescue her.

But his father does have a real power of intimidation.

sally fills nick in

He started out friendly but eventually gave her his agenda: Victor will do whatever it takes to keep her out of the family.

Sensing the tension, she makes him promise to be cool and then explains that his father was ingratiating and then started digging into her past. He made it clear the baby will never feel alone like she did.

nick listens to sally

After he apologizes for tanking her deal with Jill, he offered to finance her if she left the baby behind with the Newmans.

He thinks this is vintage Victor.

She thinks his father is refusing to get to know the real her.

He clearly doesn’t think she deserves to be in the family circle.

sally tells nick about victor's offer

Nick says she doesn’t deserve to be disrespected like this.

He and Adam have her back.

nick suppresses rage

She doesn’t want to talk about this. He suggests she stay there and relax. She won’t let him leave because she assumes he wants to run off and confront his father.

She’d rather he didn’t escalate things and threatens to use her “feminine wiles” to prevent it. She asks him to spoon so she can drowse.

When they climb into bed, she says everything is better with him around. He feels the same.

sally nick spoon

Next week on Y&R:

Tucker offers Diane a way out.

tucker offers diane way out

Daniel lectures Summer, asking her how she can keep looking Kyle in the eye and lie to him when she has the power to take his pain away.

daniel lectures summer

Adam offers Sally a job.

adam offers sally a job

Devon and Lily are thrilled when Malcolm arrives at the lounge for the celebration.

malcolm arrives

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