Y&R Spoilers July 17 – 21: Summer Confronts Audra and Victor has an Ultimatum For His Sons

Full list of spoilers for Monday, July 17 to Friday, July 21.

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What’s coming up on Y&R the week of July 17?

Victor takes control.

Chelsea celebrates a win.

Billy’s loyalty is tested.

Sharon leaves her comfort zone.

Sharon and Chance chit chat at Crimson Lights about Phyllis’ arrest and Sharon in turn tells him about the company Kirsten gave her and that she’s turning it into a positive. He gets caught up in Sharon’s enthusiasm and they share a passionate kiss that leads to sex in the back room at Crimson Lights.

chance and sharon before they kiss

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“I love seeing you this way,” Chance tells Sharon.

They kiss.

sharon kissing chance


“All I ask is that you keep an open mind. Don’t let your hatred of Phyllis keep you from doing the right thing,” Heather says to Christine.

christine talks to heather about the arrest

“Yes or no, just say it! Tell me the truth!”

Summer demands as she confronts Kyle about sleeping with Audra. 

Kyle tells Summer he’s not doing that here.

summer screams did you sleep with audra


Monday, July 17

Monday’s Y&R day ahead: Adam’s done with his father

Audra and Kyle get pretty hot and sexy.

Summer goes to see Kyle but Diane says he’s not home.

Tucker gives Audra unsolicited advice.

Tucker realizes Audra’s doing Kyle.

Victor calls a family meeting.

Victor lays down the law and everyone complies except Adam.

Victor threatens that if Adam doesn’t come back to the family fold, he’s done with him.

Heather and Christine discuss the case.

Christine asks Heather how Paul is doing and learns he’s searching for something.

christine and heather talk case


Tuesday, July 18

Tuesday’s Y&R day ahead recap: Summer smells perfume on Kyle

Daniel goes on a guilt trip.

Summer busts Kyle.

Kyle doesn’t tell Summer a thing about the perfume.

Christine targets Phyllis.

Heather asks Christine to keep an open mind.

Audra and Nate are high on thinking they’re getting what they want.

Diane and Summer have a nice chat.

summer smells audra

Wednesday, July 19

Wednesday’s Y&R day ahead: Summer slaps Kyle

Nick comes to an agreement with Adam.

Sharon tells Adam she doesn’t like how he goes guns blazing when he doesn’t like what Victor has to say.

Phyllis stands her ground with Tucker.

Tucker tells Phyllis to get to work on getting Jack to trust her again.

Phyllis goes out in public after getting bail and sees her kids.

phyllis not confident she will be free

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Thursday, July 20

Thursday’s Y&R day ahead: Ashley’s falling for Tucker

Billy covers for Jack.

Ashley and Tucker are ready to plot their next move.

Ashley makes an admission.

Tucker goads Dianae.

Phyllis refuses to use Summer in her feud.

Ashley admits she doesn’t want to use her wedding as a weapon.

Tucker is annoyed by Phyllis and Christine.

Christine spars with Phyllis.

christine and phyllis argue about the evidence

Friday, July 21

Friday’s Y&R day ahead recap: Summer confronts Audra

Summer confronts Audra.

Audra tells Summer she has her own money and isn’t after Kyle’s.

Audra  has no ill feelings about sleeping with Kyle though Summer reminds her they’re still married.

Nick, Sharon and Adam meet to discuss their venture.

Victor has an ultimatum for both Nick and Adam.

Billy buys Chelsea a bauble. 

billy tells chelsea about bees

Coming up on Y&R the week of July 24!

 Victor strikes a deal with Jill.

Sally receives an unexpected opportunity.

Lauren loses her cool.

Audra sees a new side to Kyle.

kyle coners audra at gcac

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