Y&R Spoilers July 31 – August 4: Abby Vows to Bring Peace to the Family and Tucker Goes Straight to Adam

Full list of spoilers for Monday, July 31 to Friday, August 4.

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What’s coming up on Y&R the week of July 31?

Since Victoria’s still out of town on business, Nate tries to get an in with Nikki. His compliments fall on deaf ears so he tells her that one day he wants to run Newman Enterprises alongside Victoria. He admits he’s not happy that the family mistrusts him. Nikki vows she’s watching the man.

Nikki asks if Nate’s in love with Victoria.

Sharon asks Mariah if she’d ever consider leaving Jabot to come work with her mother.

sharon wants mariah to work with her

Lily takes off her robe and says, “Since my bowl of fruit wasn’t inspiring for you, you can draw me, instead.” Daniel eats an apple.

lily wants daniel to draw her nude

Billy tells Jack and Diane, “Our sister asked me to join her version of our plan. She wants to be a trojan horse here in Jabot.”

billy tells j ack their plan worked

Adam says, “So what is the real reason you’re here?”

Phyllis says she needs Adam to find something to take Tucker McCall down.

phyllis wants adam's help


Monday, July 24

 Monday’s day ahead recap: Nick is angry with Adam

Phyllis works to rebuild her image.

Daniel and Summer are behind Phyllis.

Phyllis needs a favour from Adam.

Sharon asks Mariah to come work for her.

Mariah ponders an important decision.

Phyllis has a bad dream about Nick.

Nick takes control.

phyllis rebuilds image

Tuesday, July 25

Tuesday’s day ahead Y&R recap: Abby lashes out at Ashley

Adam makes a deal with Phyllis.

Abby refuses to help Ashley.

Abby won’t be a part of Ashley’s revenge wedding.

Tucker wants  Devon as his best man.

Lily pulls out all the stops to impress Daniel.

Lily and Daniel sketch each other before sex.

Summer gets advice from Chance, her new friend.

Phyllis wants Adam’s help but he’s not sure he wants to go down that path anymore. 

chance tries reassuring summer


Wednesday, July 26

Wednesday’s Y&R day ahead recap: Ashley takes the bait

Jack and Diane worry about Kyle.

Kyle and Audra go away together.

Summer’s hurt.

Summer leans on Chance.

Sharon interrupts a moment between Summer and Chance.

Billy tells Diane and Jack what Ashley’s up to.

summer talks closure

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Thursday, July 27

Thursday’s Y&R day ahead: Tucker is blackmailed

Sally struggles with her feelings.

Sally and Adam talk about their loss.

Sally is missing Nick.

Nikki threatens Nate.

Elena eavesdrops on Nate.

Phyllis makes a promise to Christine.

Christine wants to make a deal with Phyllis.

Chloe walks out on Sally.

sally texts nick she misses him

Friday, July 28

Friday’s Y&R day ahead: Sharon gives Adam tough love

Ashley can’t make peace with Jack, she tells Abby.

Ashley reveals a new game plan.

Sharon tells Adam off for manipulating her.

Tucker goes to Adam with Phyllis’ blackmail. 

Adam agrees to play nice.

Daniel stands his ground with Phyllis.

Lily and Devon get together.

Daniel doesn’t like what Phyllis is doing with his sister’s freedom. 

Daniel unloads on Lily about his mom.

Tucker keeps a secret from Ashley.

lily listens to wedding plan

Next week on Y&R!

Coming up on Y&R the week of August 7!

 Billy picks a side between his siblings.

Phyllis takes a big risk

Abby tries to keep peace in the family.

Audra’s backed into a corner.

kyle and audra at gcac

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