Steffy Tells Finn She’s Taking the Kids and Leaving While Liam Admits he Can’t Stop Thinking of Kissing Steffy

Thursday, August 3 recap of B&B: Deacon tells Sheila she can’t stay with him, Steffy and Finn are still deep in confrontation and Wyatt and Liam discuss what to do about Sheila.

Wednesday’s B&B recap: Steffy doesn’t think she can trust Finn again after confronting him and Sheila thinks Steffy will be grateful.

At the Cliff House, Finn admits he hugged Sheila but after what happened today… Steffy interrupts to tell him she can’t believe he hugged Sheila when he promised to keep her away from their family. How could he? Why?

steffy can't believe finn hugged his mother

He didn’t intend on it, he says. In the moment, she wasn’t the monster, she was his mother.

Steffy’s eyes widen. He isn’t making excuses. She asks if he’s fine with crossing a line.

He didn’t think he was going to have to explain it. He’s not even sure he could. He asks how she knew and she reluctantly tells him Liam squealed on him.

steffy yells that liam is looking out for them

“Liam followed you. He saw you and Sheila together.” Finn shakes his head on repeat.

She recaps what Liam did and Finn thinks the man has a vendetta against him. Steffy says he’s worried about them.

Finn doesn’t think he needs to be. When Steffy admits Liam recorded Finn, Finn yells that it’s obvious that the man wants her back.

finn admits he didn't think when he hugged sheila

He’s trying to destroy their marriage. Steffy defends Liam, who is keeping Kelly and her safe. “From me,” Finn says. “You think you need to be protected from me.” 

Steffy feels she can’t let her guard down and hates that Kelly almost drowned and that Sheila’s Finn’s mother. “She’s a part of me,” he defends. “She loves me. She gave birth to me.”

Steffy doesn’t think she knows how to love and she can’t have faith in him anymore. He says that she can and calls Liam manipulative. In fact, he doesn’t want Liam in their house anymore.

Steffy loves him but she can’t have the children here when he’s so vulnerable to Sheila. Her first priority is to protect the kids. She’s taking them and leaving. She’ll stay at her grandfather’s. Finn asks her not to. He apologizes for today and hugging Sheila.

Steffy can’t trust he won’t give in to her again. He vows she can trust him but she can’t live like this. He thinks she’s overreacting. They go back and forth about this being Liam’s fault. She denies it and Finn calls her his whole world. He begs her not to go.

finn learns steffy leaving him



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B&B comings and goings

At Deacon’s, Sheila flashes back to Finn hugging her, Kelly almost drowning and her son thanking her.

Deacon has to get back to work. He’s not sure she should stay there and suggests she leave town today. Doesn’t she think Finn and his family would be better off?

She denies it. She’s meant to be there. Today proves it. Everyone deserves a chance, including her.

She says when they embraced, she felt the emotion. She saw in his face when she saved Kelly from drowning. “He called me mom.” Deacon nods. She should be proud of herself but not press her luck. She’s not going anywhere.

sheila doesn't want to leave town

Deacon cares for her. “I should have my head examined,” he says but he’s got a good relationship with Hope and Brooke.

If he associates with her, he could lose all that and his restaurant. She understands. It’s complicated. She asks if he’s sure, and drops her dressing gown to show him a sexy negligee underneath.

“Do you really think this is going to work?” He asks. “Oh yeah, it’s going to work, Daddy,” she says with a seductive grin. They make out and things get hot. “Mama wants her big Daddy,” Sheila says and shoves him to the sofa.

sheila calls deacon daddy


At Spencer Publishing, Wyatt and Liam talk about what to do about Sheila. Liam shakes his head. There’s nothing they can do. Wyatt again asks how much of this stuff with Finn is about him wanting to get Steffy back.

Liam once again doesn’t answer but says Sheila’s a danger. Wyatt knows. He begs his brother. “Just admit it!” He’s not trying to make Liam feel uncomfortable and he doesn’t think his brother did anything wrong.

Liam can barely get the words out and then says he’s been with Hope this whole time and Steffy’s been with Dr. Do No Wrong Finnegan.

wyatt begs liam to admit he wants steffy back

They share a kid. Wyatt knows there’s more going on and bets he felt it the moment his lips touched Steffy’s. Liam flashes back to finding Hope kissing Thomas and then finding Steffy, as beautiful as ever. Mother of his child.

He’s loved her more than he ever thought possible and in the moment, he felt like losing Steffy was the biggest mistake of his life. “Problem is, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that kiss ever since.” But the most important thing is their well-being. 

liam kisses steffy


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