With Adam’s Evidence, Phyllis Blackmails Tucker For Covering up Statutory Rape, Nikki Threatens Nate & Christine Makes Phyllis an Offer

Monday, August 2, Y&R day ahead recap: Nikki grills Nate on how he feels about his future with Victoria and Newman, and Adam learns Tucker and Audra covered up statutory rape, and Adam and Sally discuss their loss.

Friday’s Y&R day ahead: Summer learns Kyle’s on a trip with Audra, Chance asks Sharon on a picnic and Ashley has a proposal for Billy

(Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for August 2, 2023 episode airs in the USA on August 3. Live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At Crimson Lights, Sally and Chloe are in the midst of a debate about whether to take the job Victor offered. Sally doesn’t get why Chloe is not excited.

Chloe doesn’t trust Victor and says, “Because I have actual brain cells that are connected.”

Sally argues that this is a once-in-a-lifetime offer while Chloe knows strings must be attached.

chloe rude to sally

She knows Victoria will want to see her friend go down in flames. Sally calls their current work freelance and Chloe calls it above board.

Sally loves the terms of Victor’s offer. Chloe thinks this is about impressing Victor for Nick’s sake. Sally says that’s a part of it.

Chloe sees Victor having his son’s girlfriend under his thumb. Chloe wants no part of this and walks out on Sally.

sally wants to take victors job

In Victoria’s office, Nate reads something Nikki gives him and calls him brilliant.

He likes that the men thought they could bully her and Victoria but they had them eating out of the palm of their hands.

Nikki sneers at the flattery which only makes her suspicious.

nikki sees through nate

Nate apologizes. She’s protective of the family business as her husband is. She’s given Nate the benefit of the doubt and she doesn’t doubt him but Nicholas does and she trusts his instincts that claim Nate has a hidden agenda.

Nikki warns that it’ll never come to fruition. “The house always wins.”

He’s clear. With Victoria in Madrid, Nikki wants to have dinner with him so he can discuss his future at Newman.

nate up against nikki

Adam drops by Phyllis’ room at the Athletic Club and asks if what Tucker has over her is regarding Carson. She looks around but says nothing.

He thought so. She needs to beat the charges.

Adam finds Tucker a scumbag and if he can help, he will try to keep her out of prison. Phyllis will make it worth his while.

adam has dirt on tucker

He’ll hold her to it. He thinks he found something buried in Tucker’s paperwork that she can put to use which will compromise his control over her.

It’s big.

The PR department of one of his recording labels kept it secret that a major artist slept with underaged girls while on tour.

It came out and the artist was arrested, but not until after the tour.

phyllis happy adam on her side

“Right, right. Because you don’t want statutory rape screwing up your lucrative tour,” Phyllis says. Tucker found out after the fact and had his team bury it.

Phyllis finds it despicable. Adam says he has a timeline and two emails from Tucker to Audra Charles were in the junk mail.

The discussion was about letting the whole PR team go and the singer problem was remedied. They thought their hands were clean.

Phyllis is shocked that Tucker and Audra covered up statutory rape.  

phyllis happy about the dirt on tucker

At the Athletic Club, Nate tries buttering up Nikki again but she just wants the truth.

What does he want out of his future at Newman?

He admits he wants to run Newman with Victoria.

nikki asks if nate loves victoria

Nikki’s doing a hell of a job but that’s what he wants.

He loves what the company represents, and hates what Nick thinks of him but was encouraged by Victoria standing by him.

It emboldened him. She asks if he’s in love with Victoria. He’s not.

nate wants to run newman with victoria

He’s impressed with her and attracted but not near that level of a relationship and he’s not sure that’s in the cards for them.

She asks what happens if they break up. Nate says he can see him and Victoria fall in love if they stay in their relationship.

elena eavesdrops

Nikki talks about his track record and her daughter’s and says he can do a lot for Newman, but he’s put himself in a situation that will bring him constant scrutiny.

Elena keeps listening as Nikki threatens to fire Nate if he brings Victoria pain. Elena smiles to herself.

When Nikki goes to take a call, Nate approaches his ex and asks after her. She tells him to stop trying to be civil. She won’t reciprocate. He’s sorry but wants to peacefully coexist. She hears he wants to fall in love with Victoria. elena listens to nate and nikki's talkMaybe Elena should fill her in on his definition of  love which is to use trickery and manipulation.

His games will backfire, she warns and burn him to the ground.

Maybe she’ll be able to light the fire.

nate being cordial

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She tells him to stay away from her and when she walks away, she sees Nikki’s been listening in.

She asks if this is what her daughter has to look forward to. Being a pile of rubble in his wake.

elena tells nate off

CBSBy the bar, Elena eavesdrops and looks unhappy to hear that.

At Chancellor Park, Adam finds Sally on a bench and notes her mood.

She reveals what went down with Chloe walking out on her because of his father’s job opportunity.

Adam calls his ex a shrewd judge of character and knows his dad always has an ulterior motive.

sally getting advice from adam

Though Sally can get a job on her own merit, that’s just how his father works. Adam’s glad Sally’s getting her fire back.

They talk about how Nick feels and how busy he is with the new company.

Adam thinks it’s a hell of a time for her to be alone.

Sally says the time alone has been good for her, though she misses him.

sally and adam talk about the baby

She got too used to leaning on him and it’s good to be reminded she can go it alone. She asks if Adam’s healing. He is though it’s hard for him to talk about. She admits it’s hard for her as well and that they have to keep finding ways to cope.

sally talks dr chandler

She went to get a check-up and went through her room and got rid of her maternity clothing and baby things and donated them.

She tears up as she says it’s satisfying to give them to someone who can use them.

He shuts down a little, telling her he can’t talk about this now, though he’s thankful she has raised her emotional level.

She’s sorry and holds his hand, offering to listen when he’s ready to talk. She goes and once alone, he thinks.

sally cries

Phyllis saunters into Society and is confronted with the likes of her archnemesis, Christine. “Oh yay, Cricket,” she says, as if her day couldn’t get any better.

Christine thinks it’s nice to see her short-lived freedom.

Phyllis asks her not to get too gleeful but she’s going to beat these charges. Christine finds it interesting that Phyllis thinks if she repeats it, it’ll come true.

christine warns phyllis

She asks how selfish she could be to drag Summer into this, especially after all she’s been through.

Phyllis warns her not to pull her daughter into this. Christine reminds her that Summer committed a felony. She’s doing her job.

Phyllis tries defending her kid. Christine offers a deal.

phyllis is gleeful

Drop her not guilty plea, accept her sentence and they’ll avoid a trial and she waves her appeals. She might be persuaded to drop charges against Summer.

Tucker turns up and asks Phyllis what’s up. She brushes him off. He orders a drink for them as she considers Christine’s words.

Tucker admires how cool Phyllis stays. Why did she want to meet?

She thinks Carson will come out of the woodwork soon but Tucker is adamant when he tells her that the EMT will stay gone until he says so.

tucker talks about carson the emt

Unless she has a counteroffer. She does and says she and Heather will put him in their own custody in exchange for Phyllis keeping her mouth shut about the recording label that decided to cover up the statutory rape of several underage girls.

He plays dumb but it’s obvious he’s looking to see how much she knows.

She tells him about the emails. Singer problem, remedied,  hands clean, she says, clinking her glass with his. Tucker’s not pleased.

tucker caught

Back at the office, Nikki and Nate talk about lunch.

He’s glad they did it and that she forced his hand.

What he’s building with Victoria is deeper than what he had with Elena. Nikki says her kid deserves happiness and if they can all count on him to be there, Nikki’s his new BFF.

If Victoria’s his next Amanda or Elena, “You’re looking at your next nightmare.”

nate thanks nikki

Sally sits alone at Crimson Lights and texts Nick that she misses him.

sally texts nick she misses him

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