Y&R Spoilers August 7 – 11: Nikki Smells a Rat and Sharon Warns Adam While Lauren Gives Phyllis Advice

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What’s coming up on Y&R the week of August 7?

Phyllis finally gets her time in court. She and Heather meet with Christine to discuss a plea bargain. Phyllis agrees to plead guilty on one condition. Summer is left alone.

They meet the judge in her chambers, rather than go through a jury which doesn’t instill Red with confidence. Christine can’t keep her personal feelings out of the case and opens up about what Phyllis has done in her past.

Phyllis wants community service and to fix the damage she’s done to her family. The verdict comes in and is shocking.

Audra tells Adam that keeping this quiet is as much in his interest as in hers. Adam blackmails Audra.

Nate refuses to help Audra or keep a secret from Victoria. 

Audra confesses her secret to Nate. To keep Adam silent, she asks Nate to get Victor to agree to a merger between McCall and Newman Media, and to get Victoria on board to persuade her father. 

audra talks to adam

Heather tells Daniel that she has to do whatever it takes to get Phyllis off. “Even if it means Summer taking the blame?” he asks.

heather determined get phyllis off

Billy tells Ashley and Tucker that he’s on board but asks what’s in it for him.

billy wants to know what's in it for him.


Monday, August 7

Y&R day ahead: Heather wants Christine off the case

Tucker tells Phyllis he wasn’t involved in the cover up.

Tessa and Mariah have good news. 

Tucker blows up at Audra and forces her to talk to Adam about a deal.

Adam listens to Audra’s deal.

Victoria examines her relationship with Nate.

Nate and Victoria like how slow things are progressing.

Heather attempts to undermine Christine.

Heather doesn’t like that Christine has a personal agenda.

Christine thinks Heather has a personal agenda in the case, too.

Daniel tries to save his sister from jail time.

Summer demands answers from her mom when she finds Tucker in her room.

heather talks to christine about phyllis' case

Tuesday, August 8

Y&R day ahead: Summer turns against Phyllis

Abby targets Diane.

Abby brokers peace.

Nikki makes a reveal.

Victoria’s not happy.

Audra opens up to Nate and begs for his silence.

Tucker apologizes to Audra.

Summer turns against Phyllis.

Phyllis wants to take Christine’s deal.

audra worries

Wednesday, August 9

Chance helps Summer look forward to a new start.

Christine makes an impulsive decision.

christine warns phyllis

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Thursday, August 10

Thursday’s day ahead recap: Diane calls Audra a user

Ashley calls Jack insipid.

Diane’s not happy when her and Tucker can’t be there for the peace brokering session. 

Jack and Ashley call a truce.

Nate wants a merger, making Nikki and Victoria baffled.

Diane questions Audra about her intentions. 

Billy takes on a new role.

ashley calls jack insipid

Friday, August 11

Friday’s Y&R day ahead: Daniel and Summer dump their mom

Sharon gives Adam a warning.

Sharon wants to change the company name.

Nate goes rogue at the office.

Victoria shoots Nate down.

Audra thinks she’s doomed.

Daniel stands his ground.

Lauren gives advice to Phyllis.

nikki tells audra to drop it


Coming up the week of August 14!

Victor makes one of his power moves.

Chelsea gets shocking news.

Nick makes a startling discovery.

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