Audra’s Doomed After She and Nate Stir Up Nikki’s Suspicions, and Phyllis Kids Tell Her They Are Done with Her

Thursday, August 10, Y&R day ahead recap: Adam tells Audra he’s running out of patience, Daniel and Summer prepare to tell their mom they are done with her, and Nikki repeats her concerns about Nate to Victoria.

Friday’s Y&R day ahead: Ashley and Tucker Offer Billy Jabot, Diane Calls Audra a User, and Nate Baffles Victoria and Nikki By Proposing a Merger

(Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for August 10, 2023 episode airs in the USA on August 11. Live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

In her suite, Summer gets a text from her mom, asking to meet in the park. Daniel shows up. He got the same text. They are done with the drama from their mom and wonder what this is about. Sighing, they assume she’s looking for a new way out of prison.

summer gets text from mom

They head down the stairs and speculate on what deal their mother has made with Tucker. Summer has come around to his point of view that their mom is her own worst enemy. It will he sad if she goes to prison, but she won’t twist herself into knots about this.

Daniel says she seems different. His sister claims she’s found new ways to move forward. They need to be there for each other and tell their mom they are done with her insanity.

daniel and summer complain about mom

“Nice set-up Donna Reed,” Laura teases Phyllis as she arrives in the park. Phyllis has set a table for a meal. Michael is still stuck out of town sorting out Gloria’s legal issues.

phyllis throwing celebration

Phyllis declares she’s throwing a celebration of her freedom.

As they sit, she thanks Lauren for supporting her. Lauren loves her more than she could ever be angry with her. They are all so grateful for Heather.

Phyllis says that Michael’s support gave her a lot of confidence.

She put Heather through the ringer. But now she’s free and Christine didn’t win.

She’s surprised she accepted the judge’s decision.

lauren joins phyllis in park

Choking up, she tells Lauren what an incredible friend she’s been.

Lauren assures her that she and Michael always will be her friends.

lauren and phyllis in the park

The Fenmore hopes she’s learned something from all that’s happened.

Her friend claims she’s learned to stop constantly being in fighting mode.

She’s going to live a new kind of life now.

lauren and phyllis friends

Summer and Daniel arrive, surprised to see their mom with champagne.

She announces that she did what they wanted and plead guilty.

She put her heart out to the judge, who believed she was brainwashed.

All she got was probation and community service.

phyllis welcomes kids to party

The kids didn’t see this coming. Their mom is annoyed they aren’t happier.

Summer is happy she’s not serving time but a lot of bad stuff came before this.

They don’t know what there is to celebrate: her lies or the torture she put them through.

Their mom claims this is an apology.

Her kids announce they are not angry, but they are done.

summer and daniel tell phyllis they are done

This confuses their mom, who keeps insisting she will change.

Summer will need proof that’s possible. So will Daniel.

Phyllis makes excuses and insists getting mixed up with Tucker and Adam was not her fault. Summer doesn’t even think Carson’s testimony was legit.

Her mom dismisses that as a non-issue. Her daughter reminds her that she lied to them and manipulated them all along.

Champagne and cake can’t fix that.

phyllis welcomes kids to party

Their mom claims she’s up to the challenge and everything she has done has been for them.

Lauren urges them to meet her half way.

The kids remind their mom that she ruined their lives and just makes the same stupid mistakes over and over.

phyllis is confused by kids

Phyllis asks them to write a list of things she can do to fix this. They tell her to figure it out on her own and walk off.

Sitting down, Phyllis declares that was fun. Lauren toasts to her and what can happen when she puts her mind to it.

She tells her that her kids are putting her to the test because they love her and have faith in her.

phyllis and lauren toast

Phyllis is eternally grateful to have a friend like her. They toast.

Daniel and Summer go to the club to drink. They are both done with their mom.

Summer needs to focus on her life and move forward.

summer and daniel drink

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Nate meet with Audra in her suite, She’s eager for news about the merger.

He says it will take time and he can’t overstep, especially given how suspicious Nikki is of him.

He’s sure the merger will happen anyway and it will be good for him.

That’s the main reason he’s helping and if things look like they might go sideways, he’s out.

nate tells audra merger will take time

She can understand his caution. He assures her he won’t throw her to the wolves.

They wonder what else Adam could want and Nate encourages him to find a way to spin things to him.

audra eager for news from nate

At Crimson Lights, Sharon and Adam look over the new office space they are planning to rent.

She asks if he’s thought of a better name for the company. He says Neman Media has a nice ring to it.

sharon and adam talk locations

She reminds him that Victor already shot down the idea of a merger.

That’s not how Adam is interpreting things.

She doesn’t appreciate him putting her in a tight spot.

adam and sharon talk company name

When Audra walks in, Adam says he has a feeling his father will have a change of mind.

Sharon wonders what he’s up to.

audra shows up at crimson lights

Adam and Audra step out to the patio and she tells him this will take longer than they want.

He fills her in about his sister hating him and she wonders why he’s going through all this to gain control.

audra tells adam it will take time

When she asks if there are other things she could help him acquire, he accuses her of talking like she’s going to fail. She claims she needs to find a new strategy. Victoria is a roadblock and is getting support from Nikki. He tells her to think fast and get on with it.

Adam is running out of patience.

adam tells audra to get another plan

When he returns to Sharon, she asks why he was speaking to Audra.

After he claims he was just sizing up the competition, she tells him she’ll be damned if she’ll let his vendetta against his sister mess this up.

sharon asks adam about audra

He assures her that her concerns are unwarranted and he only wants to make their business great.

She wonders if that will include sabotage. He says she worries too much.

Nikki arrives in the Newman office and vents to her daughter about the Abbotts before bringing up Nate and his suggestion.

She thinks this is all a power play. Victoria agrees.

nikki doubts nate

That seems novel to her mom. Victoria says he’s only thinking of the future of the company.

That makes her mom groan. Victoria is sure Nate just wants them to have a debate about a worthwhile idea, not work behind Victor’s back.

victoria defends nate to nikki

They debate this and how Nate and Audra would fit into a restructuring.

When Nate arrives, Nikki gets a text from Audra, requesting a meeting. She thinks this is odd and takes off.

Nate and Victoria talk about the merger. She says she’s thought about it and it’s not worth discussing.

It’s impossible for her to get past the Adam factor and doesn’t want him in their orbit. Making rash moves is unnecessary right now.

victoria tells nate merger not worth discussing

As much as she admires Nate’s ambition, this is not the right time to upset her father.

They have to let Adustus get off its feet before they consider a merger. She’s sure that will be sluggish.

Nate accepts her decision.

nate asks victoria about merger

Nikki meets with Audra at the GCAC, who apologizes when the Newman immediately reminds her she broke Noah’s heart. Audra asks for feedback on her job performance.

nikki reminds audra of noah

Nikki assumes there’s more to this and tells her to cut to the chase.

Audra has heard Adam is aiming for Newman Media. Nikki says he doesn’t always get what he wants.

Audra isn’t sure the merger is such a bad idea. There will be redundancies and she doesn’t want to be one of them.

audra asks nikki for feedback

She wants to remain on board so she can keep an eye on the bottom line.

Nikki asks if she’s getting her information from Nate.

Audra fumbles through a deflection and Nikki makes it clear she, her husband and Victoria are opposed. She tells her to drop this.

nikki tells audra to drop it

When Nikki gets back to the office, she bumps into Nate in the hall and tells him about her meeting with Audra.

She thinks it’s quite a coincidence that they have both been advocating for this merger.

She doesn’t believe that he hasn’t been feeding Audra information.

nikki corners nate

After explaining that Victoria has made her position clear, he assures her it’s a dead issue and leaps on the first elevator.

nate says it's a dead issue

Nikki goes to her daughter and tells her that Audra pitched the merger idea.

With the words coming out of her mouth, she might as well have been talking to Nate.

nikki tells victoria that audra and nate are plotting

Her gut tells her that Audra and Nate are up to something.

Annoyed Nate bursts into Audra’s suite and tells her that he was going to handle Nikki and Victoria his own way.

Thanks to her little stunt, now Nikki trusts neither of them and the merger is off.

“I’m screwed,” she realizes. Her future is over.

audra tells nate she's screwed

Next week on Y&R!

Adam is startled when he opens his door and finds Sally standing there with a housewarming gift.

sally surprised adam

Nikki tells Victor that they have two problems and their names are Audra and Nate.

nikki fills victor in about trouble

Abby notices her mom is looking nervous. Ashley says that’s silly. It’s not like it’s her first wedding.

“You don’t have to go through with this if you’re not ready,” Abby reminds her.

abby tells ashley she doesn't have to marry

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