Y&R Spoilers Oct 23 – 27: After a Nightmare, Sally Opens Herself up to Adam

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What’s coming up on Y&R the week of October 23?

Sally shows up at the bar where Adam’s having a drink. She’s upset, so Adam offers her a drink. She thinks this was a mistake and goes to her room.

Adam follows and he tells her how worried he is about Victor. They hug and they look deeply into each other’s eyes. Neither wants to stop, so Adam and Sally have sex. 

Victor and Nick run into each other and Adam asks Nick to put aside their differences to discuss their father and how worried he is about his health. Adam shows Nick a drawing pad that Victor has filled with doodles. Nick notices that the doodles are all actually words. He had doodled the names ‘Victoria, Adam and Nick’. The whole image is a serpent with fangs. Adam believes their father is having a mental breakdown and suggests they intervene. 

Nick wants to deal with Victor and heads to the ranch to confront his dad. He tells him he’s on to him and that it’s time to come clean. He believes his dad wanted him to see this in an attempt to get him on his side as an ally.

Victor makes a promise.

Nick stands his ground.

Audra entices Kyle.

Christine makes a confession.

victor acting forgetful


At Crimson Lights, Nick tells Sharon that his father is sharp and as cunning as ever.

Sharon’s shocked. “You mean…”

sharon shocked by nick

Nick interrupts, seething. “We’ve been played. Duped. All of us.”

nick tells sharon about victor


At Crimson Lights, Danny and Christine visit at a table.

Christine says it’s good to see him.

He asks how her trip was and how Paul is.

danny meets christine at crimson lights

She starts to cry. “Not good.”

christine cries over paul


Monday, October 23

Monday’s Y&R day ahead: Adam finds a creepy doodle of Victor’s

Victor makes a promise to Nikki.

Nick tells Sally he’s not going to pull the plug on her business.

Adam wants to talk to Sally but she tells him that’s not going to happen.

Adam and Victor discuss what’s going on and Adam offers to be an ally to him since he thinks Nate and Victoria are conspiring against him

Nick gives mixed signals to Sally.

Nick turns to Sharon for advice about his dad.

Sharon agrees she will help Nick to figure out where his dad’s head is.

Chloe tells Sally to go after Nick but Sally thinks he’s done with her.

Claire tells Nikki she’s been making friends and then later, once alone, she stares at Newman family photos and clippings she has on the family.

victor's drawing

Tuesday, October 24

Tuesday’s Y&R day ahead: Adam does something on the sly

Nate catches Adam sitting in Victor’s chair and scolds him, forgetting that he too sat in that chair a while ago.

Mark Grossman’s mother, Patricia, is seen on the show today. She is in the background when Phyllis and Danny chat at Crimson Lights. 

Patricia Grossman in crimson lights

Daniel hosts a housewarming at his condo for his parents and Lily.

Nate and Victoria discuss her father after she talks to her dad and mom about what’s been going on.

Phyllis is happy Heather and Lucy are coming to live in GC again because she wants her grandkid nearby. Daniel thinks his mother wants Heather there to cause issues for him and Lily.

Daniel and Lily argue about Heather. Lily doesn’t see that Phyllis wants her out of her son’s life.

Adam asks for Nick’s help when he shows him the doodle his father made. Nick acts like it’s no big deal and the men argue about whether or not Adam’s really changed or still a manipulator. 

Phyllis thinks she gets a vibe from Danny wanting to rekindle what they once had. They share a tender moment at Crimson Lights.

Christine surprises Danny. She sees him at Crimson Lights. 

Nick tells his father he’s on to him and it’s time to come clean. 

Adam calls Dr. Skelton to set up an appointment for his father.

nikki tells victor this is too cruel to the children

Wednesday, October 25

Y&R day ahead: Nick feels used by Victor

Victor comes clean to Nick.

Nick feels used by his dad and doesn’t like that Victor doesn’t trust Victoria.

Ashley returns home to Genoa City.  Ashley surprises Diane at home. “Hi Diane.” They discuss what’s happened with Tucker, the bugged Bonsai and the rape story.

Ash’s brothers hug her, glad she’s home and Bily tries not to say he told her so.

Christine spends time detailing what went down between her and Paul to Danny.

Kyle comes home to his parents asking him where he was. He admits he was with Audra.

Everyone scrambles trying to get Kyle to stay away from Audra since she’s friends with Tucker. 


ashley surprises diane at home

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Thursday, October 26

Thursday’s day ahead Y&R recap: Adam comes clean to Sally

In bed, Nate and Victoria discuss her father needing treatment. Nate thinks the trick will be to get her dad to go along with it.

Victor and Nikki have a difference of opinion.

Victor only trusts Nick and Nikki. 

Nick makes a confession.

Nick tells Sharon that his dad is screwing around with their minds.

Adam tells Sally he bulldozed her into that kiss. She thinks they are both messed up because of it.

Adam confesses to Sally that he lied and has been scheming.

Nick tells Victoria what their dad is up to.

Victor calls Nate to tell him to meet and that he’s the only one he trusts.

adam telsl sally he bulldozed her

Friday, October 27

Friday’s day ahead Y&R recap: Adam and Sally have sex

Victor tests Nate. 

Victoria’s upset about Victor and his schemes.

Victoria makes a painful decision.

Sally dreams about Nick and Adam fighting for her.

Sally can’t make up her mind about who she wants.

Adam takes matters into his own hands.

Sally and Adam kiss and wind up in her room having sex.

sally adam kiss in hall

Coming up on Y&R the week of October 30!

Victor sends a powerful message.

Jack struggles with Kyle.

Devon confronts Tucker.

Billy questions Ashley.

devon makes demands

Thursday November 2!

A special occasion is coming! Y&R is commemorating Lauralee Bell’s 40th year on the show playing Christine Blair Williams. 

Recently, Christine went to Portugal to see Paul and discuss their marriage.

When she returns, she will be at a crossroads, personally and professionally.

Look for Christine to lean on Nina (Tricia Cast) and Danny (Michael Damian).

During the episode, viewers will see flashbacks to Christine’s time on the show. 

christine vows justice

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