Nick Won’t Pull the Plug on Sally’s Business, and Adam Offers to Be Victor’s Ally After He Claims Nate and Victoria Are Conspiring Against Him

Fri Oct 20, Y&R day ahead recap: Nick turns to Sharon for advice, Chloe tells Sally to go after Nick, and Claire tells Nikki she’s been making friends.

Thursday’s Y&R day ahead: Tucker raged when Ashley refused to reunite, Mamie and Tucker’s alliance was revealed, and Nikki was against Victor’s cruelty.

(Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Oct 19, 2023 episode airs in the USA on Oct 20. Live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Claire joins Nikki in her office at Newman Media and says she’s arranged for a masseuse to meet her at home.

Nikki likes how she takes care of her.

claire brings nikki papers

Claire likes working for her. She’s waited a long time for this. Nikki says she’s already proven she can be trusted.

They discuss her settling into Genoa City again. Nikki is impressed to hear she’s been making new friends. She hopes that will keep her in town.

claire is making friends

Claire won’t walk away from her dream job and tells her what an amazing opportunity this is.

She insists on locking up so Nikki can go home early.

Nikki thinks she’s an angel and takes off.

nikki is pleased for claire

Claire stares at the photo of Nikki and Victoria.

claire stares at photo

Adam is baffled when he walks into the GCAC and Victor calls him over, tells him he’s looking good and asks him to sit down.

adam confused by victor

Victor tells him he’s doing damn well and pumps his fists. He tells him how highly Nate thinks of him.

victor fists

His son says it’s not a very challenging job.

Off the record, Adam tells him Nate likes to remind him he’s under his thumb.

After looking around, Victor tells him he has strong suspicions that Nate is conspiring with Victoria to push him out and take over the company.

victor tells adam suspicions

Adam is sure his sister resents her demotion, but why does he think she’s pursuing a plot?

His father has overheard things and suspects she’s trying to make it seem like he’s lost his marbles.

Adam admits that’s a really possibility given how shrewd Nate and his sister are.

adam and victor talk nate

This is what Victor feared. That’s why he talked to Nick to convince him to return to Newman to keep an eye on her.

Adam doesn’t like the sound of that and wonders if his brother has his own agenda.

His father claims that Victoria talked him into coming back by claiming that he’s losing it.

Crossing his arms, Victor says it breaks his heart that his children are conspiring against him for some stupid reason.

“Shame on them both,” says Adam. His father asks him to be his ally.

Adam wants to be on his team and get him whatever he needs.

They lock hands.

adam and victor lock hands

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Michael, Gloria and Kevin back to Y&R




Chloe finds Sally sitting at Society. She hopes that she’s worked things out with Nick and ended things with Adam.

chloe spots sally at society

Sally says Nick is avoiding her. Her friend thinks he just needs to cool down but Spectra thinks there might be no way forward.

Chloe tells her not to freak out but Sally explains that she has unresolved feelings for Adam and his brother knows it.

sally asked about adam

This infuriates Chloe, who offers to be non-judgmental.

Her friend explains that she tore into Adam but then admitted to him she can’t let him go.

chloe disappointed in sally

Chloe is sure she gave him exactly what he wanted and says that Adam is barely even a person.

Why is she giving him all this power?

The life lesson she suggests she take from this is that letting people know how you feel is not always the right idea.

If that person is Adam, they will use it to break your heart.

chloe is appalled

Sally says her brain was jumbled and she just blurted things out. Later, she realized she screwed up.

Her friend urges her to forget it ever happened and go fix things with Nick.

If she lets him slip away, she could lose her new business as well as the best man she’s ever known.

sally and chloe talk adam feelings

At Crimson Lights, Nick asks Sharon for her professional take.

He thinks there is something wrong with his dad.

nick asks sharon opinion

He fills her in on all of the recent lapses that his father has had with him and his siblings.

When confronted, he shrugs it off.

These memory lapses are a complete shock.

He and his sister talked to Nikki but she doesn’t want to talk about it.

They also tried talking to Victor but that only pushed him into a rage.

Are they just overreacting to someone getting older?

She can’t speculate and isn’t a specialist.

sharon can't give opinion

Sharon suggests that they set up a way for her to meet with his father to see how he is.

Nick says he keeps checking on his father to monitor him. She hopes that won’t take too much time away from their business.

He’s reassuring and adds she could handle it all on her own.

He makes it clear he won’t go back to Newman.

nick doesn't know what tp do

Nick is starting to feel like a bad luck charm but is sure things will get better once things with his dad are sorted out.

She points out he doesn’t have Sally to talk to and gives him undesired advice.

Sharon tells him to deal with his unresolved feelings before they blow up.

sharon tells nick to sort out his feelings

He insists that the problem is Adam and the pull that he has over Sally.

He can’t compete with that and needs to move on while she sorts out what’s in her head.

His focus right now is his dad and their business.

She wonders if he’s backing out of his business with Sally.

sharon tells nick to talk to sally

He’s not sure. Pulling the funding seems like an Adam thing to do.

Sharon suggests he talk to Sally about that at least. Nick thinks she’s right.

After she walks off, he calls Sally and asks to meet.

nick calls sally

At Society, Sally thanks Nick for calling.

Chloe tells her friend this is a good sign and Nick is a good guy.

sally gets call from nick

She thinks this meeting could change her whole life and takes a deep breath.

At the jazz club, Nikki goes on and on about how drama-free Claire is to Victor until she notices he’s not paying attention.

victor not listening

He apologizes. A conversation he had earlier with Adam is on his mind.

He planted the idea that Victoria and Nate are plotting against him.

Nikki’s sure he loved hearing that.

nikki fist pumping about claire

Victor says he pledged his allegiance to him a little too quickly.

His wife repeats that she hates this plan and how it will hurt people.

He’s going to learn things he doesn’t want to know.

He insists that he needs to know and will soon find out if Victoria or Adam make a move.

victor waiting for action

She’s sure that if anyone is plotting against him, it’s Adam.

nikki is sure adam is the problem

“I’ll find out soon enough,” he says.

As she looks at him thinking, she sends Victoria a text, asking to meet.

nikki sends victoria text

Sally arrives at the GCAC in her silver shorts.

She notices Adam at the bar and walks over.

He was going to call but thought she needed some time.

silver pants sally

He can’t get what she said out of his mind.

She tells him to try and remember there is no future for them.

Nick arrives. Adam is not happy she is there to see his brother.

adam reminds sally of what she said

Spectra asks him to respect her and leave this alone.

He claims he respects her more than she respects herself and their love deserves a chance.

sally tells adam to drop it

She refuses to have this conversation and misses him. He exits.

Sally joins Nick, who immediately makes it clear this is a business conversation.

nick only wants to talk business

She assumes he’s pulling the plug and has lost faith in her business sense too.

He’s not pulling out. He thought of it but he doesn’t want to be that guy.

He still believes in her talent.

Sally asks how things got off track between them.

sally confused

He insists it’s not because of him. Nick was praying Adam would fade away but he was always there.

If she doesn’t figure out what she wants, she’ll never be happy.

She tells him how confused she’s been.

That’s not on Nick. He knew what he wanted and he can’t keep doing this.

nick tells sally he can't keep doing this

In her suite at the GCAC, Claire drinks wine and goes through her stack on Newman press articles.

cliare print folder

Adam goes to his father’s office and pours himself a drink before sitting at the big chair and looking at his father’s portrait.

adam in the big chair

Looking in the drawer, he finds a pad with a drawing on a snake on it.

“What the hell is going on with you dad?” he wonders.

victor's drawing

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