Nick Confronts Victor After Victoria Begs Her Dad to See a Specialist, Phyllis & Danny Share a Moment and Lily Makes an Accusation

Mon Oct 23, Y&R day ahead recap: Daniel’s parents help him celebrate his new place, Nikki tells Victor he’s being cruel, and Lily accuses Daniel of making everything about Heather.

Friday’s Y&R day ahead: Nick wouldn’t pull the plug on Sally’s business, and Adam offered to be Victor’s ally after he claimed Nate and Victoria were conspiring against him.

(Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Oct 23, 2023 episode airs in the USA on Oct 24. Live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At Daniel’s new place, Lily and his parents toast to it. They joke about his lack of furniture but they’re all glad he’s not living in a hotel.

phyllis danny daniel lily toast

Phyllis is surprised he’s staying. He makes it clear that the state of their relationship doesn’t determine where he goes.

She guesses he’s putting down roots. He smiles at Lily. His mom brings up other “current developments.”

Danny tries to spin this as being about Lily and Daniel reuniting.

danny toasts to son

He commends his son on all his hard work with Omegasphere and Daniel gives the credit to Lily. Danny thinks there’s a lot to celebrate.

Phyllis declares that Heather and Lucy are moving back. Daniel is looking forward to more time with his daughter.

Lily is getting uncomfortable.

lily listens to daniel's parents

The parents recall their son’s drawing of a teacher that got him in trouble.

phyllis danny laughing

They think about how he has channeled his drawing skills and made a new life for himself.

Danny adds that Phyllis has also changed and has a newfound appreciation for all she has. He suggests they toast to that.

The party winds down and Phyllis declares she’s happy her babies there…and Danny.

danny and phyllis at party

Daniel promises to get furniture in for his father so he can stay in the spare room.

Once they exit, Daniel takes a deep breath and thanks Lily for putting up with his mom and her habit of bringing up Heather.

daniel thanks lily for tolerating mom

She doesn’t think his mom is trying to stir up trouble between them. All she saw is she’s very self-conscious about being judged.

Lily suggests that he’s the one who is making this about Heather.

lily thinks daniel is making it about heather

She accuses him of getting worked up about Heather. He denies this and gets worked up about Heather.

Lily tries to pretend that it doesn’t bother her that he’s letting him “obnoxious” mother get between them.

He claims he’s not and hugs her.

Danny and Phyllis go to Crimson Lights. In the background, Mark Grossman’s mother, Patricia Grossman can be seen.

 Patricia Grossman in crimson lights

They are proud of how their son has turned his life around.

danny and phyllis at crimson lights

He thinks Lily and Daniel seem happy but she doesn’t see it.

Danny urges her not to meddle but she claims she’s only making an observation.

She knows that Lily and Daniel have history and she doesn’t want to see his heart get broken again.

He reminds her that couples do get second chances to work out. Smiling, she thanks him for that and says he’s a positive influence on her.

danny and phyllis talk second chances

She tells him how good it felt to be with him and their son.

“For me too,” he says. That’s awkward. She declares she has an early morning and has to get home.

phyllis and danny talk about stuff

She stares into his eyes and he fidgets until he says good night.

Once she’s gone, he wanders into the patio and sighs.

Christine suddenly shows up, looking like she’s seen a ghost.

christine finds danny on patio

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Michael, Gloria and Kevin back to Y&R




Nate catches Adam in Victor’s office, sitting in his chair like he owns the place. He accuses him of fantasizing about what it would be like to run it.

nate accuses adam of fantasizing

Adam points out he doesn’t have to fantasize. When Nate threatens to tattle, Adam apologizes.

They bicker about this and Adam assures him there is nothing to worry about before walking off.

adam tries to reassure nate

Victoria stops by the ranch to see her mother and discuss how erratically Victor has been behaving.

Before she can get Nikki to explain what has her so upset, Victor interrupts.

victor interrupts nikki and victoria

He thinks his daughter is there to perpetuate the rumor he’s losing his marbles.

Nikki claims she was going to shut that down. That pleases Victor.

Their daughter suspects that something else is going on. Her father tells her it’s nothing for her to worry about.

victor assuses victoria of rumors

As he sits, he bickers with his daughter about her title but she insists she just cares about him.

When he says there is nothing wrong with him, she compares this to what happened with JT. He doesn’t see the similarities.

nikki listens to victor and victoria arguing

His daughter points out she eventually saw she needed help and he was there. She suggests he see a professional.

victoria asks victor to get help

If he did, would that put an end to it? She says it would so he offers to think about it.

victor listens

Nikki is relieved to hear that.

Her daughter gets a text from Nate and then thanks her daddy for agreeing to consider seeking help. She gives her word that she will let this go once they have a professional opinion.

Nikki is sure they will all feel better once they have the facts.

After Victoria exits, Nikki and her husband argue about what he’s doing to his daughter. She can understand why she feels slighted and manipulated.

nikki tells victor their daughter is worried

Victor decides that if he hadn’t of interrupted, she would have told Victoria everything. That means he can’t trust her either.

She dislikes what he’s doing but would never betray his trust.

But this is not worth the pain it is causing their children.

Adam wanders into the jazz lounge and finds his brother. he’s sure Nick doesn’t want to see him but he thinks they need to talk about their dad.

nick and adam talk father

They go over the questionable things he’s done lately. Nick admits it’s something their father would fake as part of a grand plan.

However, he’s started to think that their father is slipping too much and Victoria’s concerns might be justified.

When Nick explains that Victor forgot about them losing the baby, Adam is amazed and tells him about the paranoid riff their father went on.

adam shares suspicions with nick

He went into his office and found a doodle. Nick thinks it’s nothing but his brother points out it’s their names over and over in teh shape of a snake. It’s disturbing.

nick looks at doodle

He wonders if this means their father sees them as vipers but Nick thinks it’s just a doodle.

Adam is sure it is a window into Victor’s brain. This is serious.

Nick says he will come up with a solution. His brother thinks he’s hedging just because he doesn’t want him involved.

Nick confirms that, sure he will try to turn this to his own advantage.

Adam claims that he’s a changed person and sincere about not going back to the old fights he’s had with their father.

His brother says that they will figure this out without him and assumes he’s working an angle back in.

nick mulling things over

Adam just wants family unity. Something is wrong and they need that for their father.

Does he hate him enough to refuse to work with him when their father could be in trouble?

After looking at the doodle again, Nick admits he may be on to something.

the doodle

They rehash their recent fights and Adam insists their top priority has to be looking after their father.

When Nick looks at the doodle again, Adam assumes his brother knows what it means.

adam asks nick what this means

“I’ll handle it. You stay out of it,” Nick says, taking the doodle and exiting.

Adam calls Dr. Skleton and tells him he will need his help with his father.

adam calls doctor about dad

Victoria joins Nate at Society and recaps what happened at the ranch. He’s not surprised that her father is reluctant to get a professional opinion.

nate and victoria talk victor seeing specialist

She sensed a lot of tension between her parents and had to put her suggestion gently. He offered to consider it.

Nate wonders if he’s afraid of what a specialist would say. She wonders if he could be really scared about what’s going on his mind.

It’s hard for her to imagine that her father isn’t in complete control.

victoria thinks her father could be worried

He knows she’s been focused on her father so he’s been keeping an eye on Adam. He suspects he might be taking advantage of the situation.

Nate caught him sitting in the boss’ desk.

That doesn’t surprise her. They wonder what Adam could be after and he adds that her brother seemed concerned that they look out for the company.

nate and victoria discuss her father

She has no doubt that her brother will try using their father’s condition.

Back at the ranch, Nikki tells Victor that he is punishing all of his children when Adam is likely the guilty one.

victor smirking

He admits it looks that way.

Nick barges in and declares, “Dad, I’m onto you! Time to come clean.”

nick says he's onto victor

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