Nick Makes a Startling Reveal to Victoria, and Adam Confesses His Scam to Sally

Wed Oct 25, Y&R day ahead recap: Nick vents about his father to Sharon, Victoria worries about her father to Nate, and Nikki tells Victor this will all end in disaster.

Tuesday’s Y&R day ahead: Victor confessed to Nick, who felt used, Ashley returned, Kyle agrees to be Audra’s ally, and Christine mourned her marriage.

(Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Oct 25, 2023 episode airs in the USA on Oct 26. Live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Nick arrives at Crimson Lights, looking exhausted.

Sharon assumes he talked to Victor.

sharon senses something is wrong

Sitting, he explains his father has been duping all of them.

He’s as sharp as ever.

nick vents about his father

This doesn’t surprise her but it’s pretty awful.

He points out it’s not unprecedented.

Nick feels like a fool for ever believing him and assumes that the target of the scam was Adam.

He’s sick of his father giving his sociopath brother chance after chance.

He can’t understand why his father loves him.

Sharon suggests that his father is just trying to give Adam another chance.

none of this surprises sharon

Nick has considered that but something else is going on here.

She suggests that Adam isn’t the target and neither is he. Victoria must be.

He refuses to believe that.

sharon and nick talk sister

His ex reminds him of how angry his sister is but he still refuses to imagine that.

She reminds him he’s not Victor and he may see things differently.

Nick agrees with his father’s paranoia about Nate, but not the rest of it. He wishes he was just focusing on their business.

It’s starting to feel like his dad’s disappointment in Adam is filtering out to the rest of them and he has no idea how it will play out this time.

nick tells sharon his father is repeating himself

He thinks he should tell his sister the truth but she’s not sure that will go well. It could destroy their relationship forever.

Nick doesn’t see the point of a relationship built on lies and doesn’t see any other choice.

nick and sharon debate talking to his sister

He thanks her for listening without yawning.

She reminds him he’s been there for her more than a few times.

At the ranch, Nikki is relieved that Nick now knows the truth and tells her husband he needs to explain to Victoria that he’s no more mentally compromised than she is.

nikki tells victor to come clean

Victor won’t.

He still needs to find out whatever the hell he needs to find out.

victor won't back down

His wife thinks he’s torturing their daughter.

He doesn’t trust her or Adam.

She says their daughter is terrified for him.

He thinks if that’s true, she has nothing to worry about.

nikki begs victor to stop this

His wife begs him to put Victoria back in the position where she belongs and shove Adam out.

nikki begs victor to budge

He insists he doesn’t want to see the worst in any of his children.

Victor tells her to trust him.

There is one last part of the plan he needs to put into play.

She wants details but he’s not giving any.

The stakes are high and he has to do things his way.

She accuses him of just not wanting to be wrong and tells him this will not end well.

victor has another plan

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In bed, Nate notices something is on Victoria’s life.

She can’t stop thinking about Adam.

victoria and nate in bed

He reminds her that her brother works for him and he’s watching every move he makes.

If he does anything to exploit the situation with Victor, he’ll be aware of it.

She thanks him for his support.

It’s helpful to have him in her corner while she’s worried about her father.

If something serious is going on, they need to deal with this now.

And they need to be practical about the business.

victoria can't stop thinking about adam

They have to get Victor to a specialist first thing in the morning.

That’s what Nate would do if his family were going through this… but this is Victor.

He won’t fall in line.

Hastings suggests they need to come up with a plan to trick him into going along.

nate and victoria talk adam

Resting on his shoulder, she wonders what it would have been like to be born into a normal family.

They wouldn’t have a family business, just something simple.

People would have worthwhile jobs.

Nate asks if that’s what she wants and he’s relieved when she doesn’t.

Sometimes she just wishes her dad could be her dad and they could talk about things other than business.

victoria doesn't want dad to die

He points out she does want to replace him.

She says he pulls the rug out every time she gets close.

They feel like a royal family and they are just waiting for him to die… but she doesn’t want him to die.

Sometimes she’s not even sure she wants the crown.

As they get dressed, he asks her to stay. She can’t.

nick ask victoria to stay

Nick calls and she tells him she’s trying to get their father to see a specialist.

He tells her not to worry about that.

There’s something they need to talk about right now.

victoria gets call from nick

They arrange to meet in Society.

Nate tells her he will be there if she needs anything. She takes off.

Having a martini at the bar in the GCAC, Sally flashes back to Nick breaking up with her over Adam.

sally nick flashback

Adam shows up and asks if it’s over with Nick.

He’s sorry that he’s ruined something good for her again.

When he tries to leave, she asks him not to.

She explains the end with Nick hasn’t been finalized because he refuses to discuss it.

sally asks adam stay

It would be easy to blame Adam but he was just being honest about where his heart is.

She thinks the kiss confused them both.

He suggests he just bulldozed his way in.

He’s cursed to be a catalyst of bad fortune.

adam telsl sally he bulldozed her

Adam feels like he screws up everything… even with his father.

Sally pushes him to open up about it. He admits he’s upset.

sally asks adam about feelings

“I think I’ve finally driven my father over the edge,” he says, filling her in on how erratically he’s been acting.

Victor has become forgetful, and moody, and taken up drawing.

He’s sure all his failures have pushed him too far but she doesn’t see that.

adam tells sally he wanted revenge

Adam admits his choice to come back and start from the bottom was a scam and he assumes his father figured it out.

Sally points out that he lied to everyone, including her.

He confirms there was no redemption. He was just out for revenge.

“You fooled me,” she says. He’s sorry.

sally realizes adam played her

All Adam wanted was revenge on his family and doing it from the inside seemed like the best way.

He couldn’t tell her because she would have tried to talk him out of it. Pure, blind rage was driving him.

The irony is he got the revenge he wanted and now feels sick about it.

adam feels bad

Spectra wants to believe him but she doesn’t know if he’s being sincere. He gets it, but she’s the only person he can count on.

Adam swears that this time his change is real.

Sally believes him based on the look in his eyes. She can see the fear, compassion, and guilt.

sally agrees to give adam another chance

The bottom line is she has decided to trust him one more time. She also thinks his father would believe him if he told him what he just told her.

He doubts that his father is in a place to hear him. He’s reached out to a doctor but doesn’t know how to get his father to speak to him.

adam asks for another chance

Sally suggests he form a united front with his siblings to confront Victor.

He already tried that but his siblings refused. She urges him to try harder.

Adam thinks she’s really good at these pep talks. She inspires him.

He worries that his conflict with Nick over her will get in the way. She tells him not to let it.

sally tells adam to talk to siblings

She walks him out and he thanks her for the good advice. He’s been floundering.

sally walks adam to door

Sally thinks he’s making some good progress. They awkwardly hug and she pulls away.

sally tells adam good night

He watches her walk up the stairs and she looks down as he walks out of the building.

Victoria meets with Nick at Society. He tells her their father was lying and he’s as sane and healthy as ever.

nick tells sister it's all fake

It was all just a trap to test them. His father confessed that he’s been playing them.

victor hears her father has been lying

Victor calls Nate and asks to see him immediately. He tells him he knows what’s going on and Nate is the only one he can trust.

nate gets call from victor

He can’t say anymore on the phone and asks him to get there with no one else knowing where he’s going.

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