Victor Confesses to Nick Who Feels Used, Ashley Returns, Kyle Agrees to be Audra’s Ally, and Christine Mourns her Marriage

Tues Oct 24, Y&R day ahead recap: Audra tells Kyle about sex with Tucker, Christine tells Danny how things ended with Paul, and Ashley makes a surprise return.

Monday’s Y&R day ahead: Nick confronted Victor after Victoria begged her dad to see a specialist, Phyllis and Danny shared a moment, and Lily made an accusation.

(Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Oct 24, 2023 episode airs in the USA on Oct 25. Live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At the ranch, Victor asks what this nonsense is about Nick demanding he come clean.

nick tells victor onto him

Nick wants to know what’s going on.

Claiming he’s figured it all out, he shows his father the snake drawing.

nick shows victor doodle

He says he knows exactly what it means, explaining Adam found it but has no idea what it means.

Nick explains it’s from a story his father used to read him as a child.

He’s sure it was a cry for help and his father wanted him to find it.

Nikki tells her husband to tell their son the truth and end this.

nikki listening to nick

Victor smirks. Nick is confused. Nikki demands her husband speak up.

Nick wonders if this has all been an act.

Why would he let them be so worried and afraid?

nick is not happy with dad

His father explains he needed to find out who could be trusted.

This infuriates Nick. He and his mom complain he is being cruel to Victoria.

Victor has faith in him. Nick doesn’t want to be his ally after he’s stressed him out like this.

victor trusts nick

Nick defends his sister and says she needs to know the truth.

His father says it’s too soon and he needs to know who he can trust.

nick objects to his father's plan

Victor says Adam is not the only threat. Nate is too.

Nick says his sister will never forgive him if she finds out about this on her own.

Christine and Danny are startled to run into each other on the patio of the coffee house.

christine and danny hug on patio

After a hug, they sit and she says it’s good to see him. He asks how Paul is.

She shakes her head and says, “Not good.”

They get her some coffee and he tries to get her to open up about her trip.

She’d rather hear about his rockstar adventures.

christine tells danny about paul

He’s spending some time with his son. “And with Phyllis?” she asks.

He says she comes with the package and seems sincere about wanting to change.

She points out she’s been saying that for twenty years.

The lawyer tells him that Phyllis only pretends that she was exonerated when she was guilty.

Danny knows it’s hard to give his ex a break after all the harm she’s caused.

Maybe this is the one time to try?

danny asks christine about trip

She can’t believe the redhead has him brainwashed.

She doesn’t want to discuss this.

Danny suggests they talk her trip.

Christine would rather talk about Daniel.

He reminds “Cricket” that he’s good at listening and prods her to open up about Lisbon.

christine tells danny about lisbon

She explains that she and Paul hadn’t seen each other in months.

They’d been having some problems.

She didn’t think they were huge but they were magnified after he retired.

Christine thought they would separate and figure things out.

At the end of Phyllis’ case, he asked her to Lisbon and she assumed that was positive.

At first, it seemed like he wanted to work things out.

Things were fun and it felt like the good old days for a minute.

That didn’t last and they had to face things, really talk about them rather than gloss them over.

They tried to figure out if there was any hope for their marriage. Sobbing, she says there isn’t.

christine talks about paul and cries

They went on a trip to get to know each other again and revisit places that made them happy.

They wanted to figure out what went wrong after a couple of trips down the aisle… but it backfired.

All the romantic memories made it obvious but much distance there was between them.

They just don’t work together anymore.

It wasn’t about them growing apart.

Paul just isn’t in love with her anymore.

christine and danny hold hands

Danny is sorry. He loves her and Paul and hates to see her like this.

They hold hands and she says she has no doubt that it’s over.

That almost brings her a sense of peace.

Now she’ll have to figure out what’s next.

danny pushes christine to talk more

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Michael, Gloria and Kevin back to Y&R


As Audra and Kyle get dressed in her suite, he jokes that her asking him to join her alliance with Tucker sounds like a reality TV show.

audra and kyle talk plan

He’s intrigued but wants details.

She’s vague but explains that Tucker has decided to go back to his original plan of taking over Jabot.

They rehash his split with Ashley and she adds that his true intentions are hard to tell.

kyle asks audra about plan

He doesn’t understand why she trusts that guy or why he should. She claims she knows how to use Tucker.

It sounds to him like she’s still very close to her old boss.

She says their dynamic is often one thing or another.

audra tells kyle about plan

Kyle wants to know if that includes sex. He can’t imagine her being seduced by him.

“Maybe I seduced him?” she suggests.

Kyle says Tucker is unstable and devious.

She claims she’s always been able to control him and he’s just a means to an end.

Is he in? Is he ready to go after the big chair at Jabot?

audra and kyle kiss

After they kiss, he says he’s in. He’s tired of being treated like Jabot is not his birthright and will take control of his future.

They tumble into bed.

audra and kyle hit the sheets

Diane is surprised to walk down the steps of the Abbott estate and find Diane in the living room.

diane spots ashley at home

Ashley didn’t tell anyone she was returning.

Diane is sure her brother will be thrilled.

She suggests they make peace for Jack’s sake.

The Abbott will try hard not to hate her since she saved her life.

ashley asks what tucker has been doing

Diane is sorry for what happened with her marriage.

This isn’t what her sister-in-law wants to discuss.

But then she asks what McCall has been doing since he got back.

ashley and diane catch up

After reminding her that the both want to protect the family from Tucker, Diane says it’s all been cat and mouse so far.

They are trying to use the leverage they have against him but Ashley is sure it will fail.

ashley thinks this plan stinks

Tucker bumps into Jack at the GCAC and wonders why he’s there.

Jack returns his bug to him.

tucker bumps into jack at gcac

Tucker smirks.

Jack was going to beat him at his own game but decided not to stoop to his level.

Whatever McCall wants to accomplish, Jack suggests he go anywhere but here. Running away isn’t his style.

jack gets sanctimonious with tucker

Jack reminds him they have dirt on him. McCall doesn’t care. His goals have nothing to do with retaining credibility.

The Abbott declares he’s done with his games. Tucker is enjoying them but says, “You do you.”

tucker looking at bug

After getting a text from his sister, Jack declares this conversation over and exits.

Jack and Billy rush into the Abbott estate and hug Ashley.

When Billy tells her that her husband is an idiot, she doesn’t want her nose rubbed in this.

billy hugs ash

She says they need to make a united front against the attack her husband is planning.

The brothers think that Tucker is hurt and weak but their sister says they shouldn’t underestimate him.

the abbotts plot

Billy asks why she is back. She explains her husband wants to fix things and she thought she could use that.

ashley asks about scheme against tucker

Jack doesn’t like where this is headed and reminds his sister of what a wild card Tucker is.

He can’t let her pretend to rekindle things again.

jack and diane talk to ash

She doesn’t need his permission.

Kyle arrives and they wonder where he was.

He says he was with Audra.

That doesn’t go over well with his parents.

Jack thinks he could do better.

Kyle criticizes that and thinks his mom should know better about being judged unfairly.

kyle defends audra

They just want what’s best for him.

Ashley points out that Audra is Tucker’s confidante.

Has he considered that she might be using him?

ash asks kyle about audra trust

Tucker shows up at Audra’s suite after watching Kyle leave.

He notices the bed is a mess and asks for a progress report.

tucker stops by audra's suite

She says Kyle is on board.

McCall says now they have to find out if they can trust him.

tucker audra talk kyle

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