Christian LeBlanc Reveals Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment and his Return to Y&R

Y&R powerhouse Christian LeBlanc opens up about his cancer diagnosis

Eric Paulsen interviewed Christian LeBlanc today on WWLTV who revealed that he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma.

LeBlanc who has portrayed Michael Baldwin since 1991, revealed that life imitated art when he was in a doctor’s office and was told he had cancer.

He says it happened so fast. He learned he had multiple myeloma, a much-researched cancer, which is fast-moving. 

Diagnosed in June at Santa Monica’s Providence Saint John’s Health Center, LeBlanc says he had never spent a day in the hospital in his 65 years until this year. 

The signs on set were that when he put Michael’s wedding band on, it slipped off easily.

He was having nose bleeds and his “eye got wonky.”

There was a tumor in the sinus cavity pressing on his optive nerve. If he hadn’t gotten treatment it would have progressed fast.

christian leblanc cancer

He talks about mentally and financially dealing with the battle and how Little Big Cup, the cancer support charity was helpful.

The fans were as well, noticing Michael’s left eye seemed off a little in scenes (see below) and telling him about it.

“The eye was a little Jim Carrey that way,” he said, turning his head to the right.

michael says phyllis ready to come home

The actor, who had lost 35 lbs in two months, is now in remission and back on set taping at CBS.

We last saw Michael in July and he, along with the Fisher family, will be seen back at Thanksgiving. 

Watch Christian in the interview below and join us in welcoming him back to work, cancer free.

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