Victoria Shocks Family — She’s Leaving the Company and Genoa City

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Nikki and Nick worry about what Victoria will do, Diane takes Kyle and Summer out for breakfast, and Jack and Allie discuss exercise. In the previous episode, Jack broke up with Phyllis, as Ashland and Victoria reunited.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for June 6, 2022 episode airs in the USA June 7. Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.)


At Crimson Lights, Nick and Nikki worry that Victoria is shutting them out when she needs them the most. They rehash her romantic disasters.

Nikki thinks that her daughter likes to pretend she’s tough but she’s led by her emotions as much as anyone else is. Her son suggests she hold onto her hate for Ashland.

Nikki worries that letting go of her love for Locke could be too hard. She’s giving her space because she asked for it but is concerned.


At Victoria’s, Ashland tells her to take all the time she needs. She admits she still loves him. Her family don’t think she is able to make up her mind about anything and will try to control her… unless she takes a stand and makes them know that ends now.

“I choose you,” she says.

The situation with her family in untenable. She’s sick of them trying to control her. Her mom calls and she assumes that she wants to nag her for being impetuous and human.

A text comes in from Victor but she doesn’t want to talk to him either. Everything her family has told her has been lies. She just wants to start over and away from all these people.

When she takes his hand, he tells her they have a lot to discuss. She believes that he did fall in love with her as deeply as he’s claimed. The love for him she has is not something that can be doubted.

She assumes he questions her sincerity but she means this. He’s not going to make any grand promises and is determined to let his actions speak for themselves.

It won’t be easy for her to walk away from the company she loves. He’s more concerned about what this could mean for her relationship with her children. She assures him not to worry about Billy.

Her family will either accept their love or they won’t. She can’t keep trying to convince them.

He says she’s the smartest woman she knows. But he suggests that when she declares her independence from her family, she should leave him out of it.

victor adam discuss victoria YR

In their office at Newman, Victor tells Adam that Locke is still in town. Adam wonders which way his sister’s heart is leaning since she got back.

His father doesn’t think they should worry about that now. Adam points out Locke is sticking around for Victoria and she seems to want that. Chuckling, Victor dismisses this as a narrative he’s constructed to get Victoria’s job.

Victor is sure his daughter is too strong to fall for Locke’s “bull” again. His daughter sends him a text asking to meet in her office. Nikki and Nick get the same text. She has a bad feeling about it.

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At the Abbott estate, Summer tells Jack and Kyle that Phyllis flew off to see Daniel. With Kyle and Diane in such a fragile place, the last thing they needed was her mom making war.


Diane shows up, eager to begin the day by taking everyone out for breakfast. They tell her Harrison is still asleep. Jack has to take a rain check. When Diane and Kyle head out, Summer stays back.

She checks on Jack and asks if anything is wrong with Phyllis. He assures her he is fine and all will work out as it should. She leaves to join the others.


Later, Allie comes down the stairs after her run. Jack used to be a runner until his knees caught up with him. Her father was a runner too. They chat about pilates and her plans to see the town.

Ashley is going to take her to the Jabot lab today. He tells her about her father’s first trip to the lab. He had a real natural ability with chemistry.

She starts telling him all about the Grinning Soul podcast and this leads to her discussing Noah. “He’s a pretty interesting guy,” Jack comments, assuming she’s been having “vibrant” conversations with Noah.

“It was something,” she says before running off to the coffee house.


Diane, Summer, and Kyle go to Society and gab about Harrison. The couple informs her they may be moving back if Jabot buys Marchetti. The proposal is before the board now.

This is all thrilling to Diane. She is so happy for everyone and so impressed by all their accomplishments. They go over all the financial issues in the deal. Diane drinks coffee.

She offers to do whatever she can to ease the transition as they move back. There are so many things she missed out on and just wants to be there for her son now.


Locke strolls over and tells them he’s aware they weren’t behind the restraining order. It makes sense Victor would do something like that. But he’s appalled they would go along with it.


Kyle tells him that claiming to Harrison he had a terminal illness was more appalling. Locke wants the chance to say goodbye to him but Kyle refuses the request. He insists he will always protect Harrison from him.

Summer leads her livid husband out. Diane tells Locke she’s sorry for what he’s going through. Lots of people want to slap her with a restraining order too.

ashland and diane say goodbye YR

She’s just glad Kyle is an independent thinker. Locke says that can come as a shock to people who are used to getting their way.

They rehash what he did. She points out that Victor has done make unforgivable things over the years. This is unfair of him. Locke never believed in unfairness before this happened.

She’d like to help but she’s in a difficult situation. He won’t ask her to jeopardize anything. It would be nice for them to be friends, but he’s leaving town. Diane wishes him good luck.

If he ever comes back, she’ll buy him a drink. He’s leaving town for a fresh start and that may be the best choice he’s ever made.

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In her office at Newman, Victoria accuses her family of pulling strings and orchestrating things. She’s sure Michael was salivating for a chance to go after Ashland. Cutting him off from his son was going too far.

Victor doesn’t regret what he’s done for a moment and Harrison is better off without “that bastard” in his life. The rest of the family back this up. Victoria says none of them know what is good for her.

nikki and nick shocked YR

“This ends now. I’m done. I’m leaving,” she declares. She’s leaving the company and town to start over. Victor refuses to accept this and Nikki suggests they step back and talk.

Victoria tells them to find another puppet. She is choosing freedom. She doesn’t care to make them understand.

For the first time in her life, she is proclaiming her independence and reclaiming her life.

jack talks diane home young restless

Kyle, Summer, and Jack meet back at the estate. He congratulates them on their pitch to the board. Everything was electric and everyone was on board. She’s already talked to Marchetti and they are likely to support the deal too.

Summer thinks everything would be perfect if she could find a way to get her mom and Diane to co-exist. Jack doubts that will happen.

Summer feels like she doesn’t understand what happened between them. Jack says it isn’t important. They just need to count their blessings. His heart is full with all the good news.

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