Eric Decides Between Donna and Quinn and Brooke Agrees to Ridge’s Ultimatum & Throws Deacon Out

In the Tuesday, June 7, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Quinn froths at the mouth when she learns Eric could be in trouble, Brooke takes a walk down memory lane with Ridge, and he tells her she can’t be around Deacon anymore.

We also have Friday’s B&B recap where Brooke pleaded with Ridge to come home, and Eric attempted to dump Donna but wound up in bed with her.

At Forrester Creations, Quinn worries that Eric’s having a heart attack when his ring tracker goes off. Carter thinks he’s merely playing pickle ball and his heart rate spiked. Quinn’s not convinced.

She needs to be there for him. Minutes later, his heart rate goes down and she begins to wonder if she’s overreacting. Carter suggests she call.

quinn worries eric heart attack bold beautiful

In bed at the club, Eric and Donna canoodle after sex. He can barely breathe. They snuggle and he tells her they can’t go on like this. “This affair has to end.” Donna frowns.

Quinn calls, relieved he’s fine.

She asks if he’s done with his match. He scrambles to remember what she’s on about. “Oh. Yeah.” She asks him not to overdo it. He’s cooling down and will be home soon.

They dress and Eric maintains that they can’t do this again. Donna becomes emotional. He’ll always be dear to him. She never wants to hurt him. “You are my honey bear.”

eric donna canoodle sex bold beautiful

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At Eric’s, Brooke and Ridge get close. He gives her an ultimatum. Deacon can’t be on their property anymore.

She agrees to it. She pleads her case for him to come home and reminds him of their great memories and wonderful experiences.

She flashes back to loving times between them. He’ll never forget who they were. She says they’ll have new experiences and Deacon won’t be a part of it.

brooke ridge ultimatum bold and the beautiful soapsspoilers

At the cabin, Liam and Hope just came from going swimming. Deacon brings up Brooke’s name and talks at length about how much he cares for Brooke. She deserves a man who appreciates her. “Kinda like you?” Liam asks.

liam going swimming bold and beautiful

Back at Forrester, Quinn and Carter laugh about her concerns. Eric’s fine.

Carter thinks Eric’s a lucky man that he’s able to come home to her, to spend nights with her. Quinn smiles and says she won’t tell him about that. She needs to go.

Once she’s gone, Carter remembers kissing her. Ridge interrupts his thoughts. He thinks Carter’s dreaming about profits. He notes Ridge is distant and asks after Steffy. He says she’s trying to work things out.

Ridge is trying to make the right choice for him and Brooke, with whom he says agreed to ensure Deacon’s no longer in their lives if he comes home.

carter wants quinn can't sleep bold and beautiful

Brooke arrives home and finds Deacon with Liam and Hope. She asks what he’s doing there. He’s concerned for her. He tells Hope and Liam that Ridge sent her away when she went to see him. He was with Taylor.

Brooke denies that’s how it went. She just saw him and thinks that he’s finally coming home to her. She lays down the law with Deacon. He can’t be on their property anymore.

This is her decision, not Ridge’s.

deacon spots brooke at home bold and beautiful soapsspoilers

Eric arrives home to Quinn bearing gifts – martinis. She missed him. They clink glasses.

honey geezer and Quinn bold beautiful