Willow Tells Carly She Never Wants to Find Her Biological Mother, and Marshall Has the Truth for Curtis

General Hospital recap for Monday, June 6, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Stella encourages Curtis to propose, Valentin renews his offer to Ned, and Drew is concerned when Michael admits he’s already started his scheme to destroy Sonny.

We also have Friday’s GH recap where Ava and Nikolas agreed to give things another shot and he told Esme to forget what happened between them.

Carly finds Drew on the patio and he notices she’s in a better mood. She tells him blue skies are ahead now that Nina is in the rearview. He tells her it’s a relief to know Nina is not Willow’s mother.

drew michael talk ned GH

Michael and Willow arrive and Drew asks him to step aside and talk. Drew tells him he doesn’t think he’s any closer to getting Ned on board. Michael doesn’t think they can back off.

The topic switches to Sonny. Drew wishes he would let their feud go. Michael isn’t about to do that. He’s determined to crush him and leave him to die. It’s already in the works.

Drew worries but Michael assures him he’s in the clear.

willow carly talk nina GH

Willow vents to Carly about how angry she still is with Nina. Carly flashes back to reading the DNA tests again and then advises her not to let Nina live in her mind.

Willow says all of this has pushed her to a decision about finding her biological mother. Obviously, blood isn’t enough to make a family.

Willow doesn’t want to go looking for someone who could be as bad as Nina. She already has all the family she needs. Carly weeps and tells her she’s making the right decision.

ned olivia horse GH

In the stable, Olivia is thrilled that Leo likes his new horse so much. She and Ned tell each other how lucky they are. She takes her son off to get the horse some food and Ned welcomes the horse to the family.

Valentin pops up and suggests they name him Comet. They come around once a decade just like the offer he’s about to give him. After he admires the horse, he hands Ned a box of Charlotte’s old riding gear.

valentin ned offer GH

Valentin repeats his offer for them to work together before Michael and Drew push him out at ELQ. They begin bickering about everything that has happened since the Cassadine came in as CEO.

Ned refuses to betray his family but Valentin thinks Ned is the one being betrayed. Valentin assures him he can give him a suitable role at the company, but that doesn’t include CEO.

Ned doesn’t see what’s in this for Valentin. The Cassadine says he is being squeezed out too. Leo and Olivia return and Valentin exits.

olivia warns ned about valentin GH

Liv sends Leo off to get some lumps of sugar and tells Ned that he should sleep with one eye open with Valentin around. She tells him not to worry so much about his family fight. If he’s worried about being put out to pasture, he should make a deal with Michael and Drew.

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Valentin drops by the patio to taunt Michael and Drew. They head off to Carly and Willow and Michael worries the Cassadine has something planned.

After he and Willow walk away, Drew senses she seems off. He tells Carly that she’s done the right thing with Willow. She offers to help him save ELQ from Valentin.

Terry is surprised when TJ shows up at General Hospital after asking for a week off work. He explains there is a lot going on in his family and he needs a distraction. His boss suggests there could he a surgery or two he could observe.

When he steps away to scrub up, she looks at pictures of Chet on her phone and sighs.

Curtis brings Marshall home just as Portia is heading out to work. She checks on him about his ordeal and tells him to make himself at home. Stella takes him away to freshen up.

portia curtis talk secret GH

Portia is glad everyone is okay. She’s impressed Curtis saved the day. He’s not feeling like much of a hero and blames himself for what happened. Marshall was only trying to make things right and he gave him a hard time.

She points out his father didn’t give him a lot of reasons to trust him. None of this was his fault. He takes out Marshall’s meds but doesn’t ask her to explain them.

When Stella returns, she apologizes to Portia for keeping things from her. The doctor can’t blame her for doing that to protect her family. After she takes off, Stella asks Curtis when he will make Portia an official part of the family.

stellla and curtis talk portia GH

He points out that they have only been together a year. She tells him not to waste time. When he finds the right person, he should make the commitment. He reminds her of how fresh the divorce is. Her mind drifts and he notices something if off.

Marshall comes out and admits he’s nervous. It’s time for him to tell him the truth. Sitting down, he insists that Curtis’ mom is not to blame for anything. He pressured her to go along with the lie.


He reminds Curtis that he served in Vietnam. When he came back and felt disillusioned. There was purpose in protest and he threw his life into it. Through all that, he found music again. He also started having paranoid thoughts.

At one protest, he had an episode and the police dropped him off at a psychiatric ward. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Laura visits Liz at Shadybrooke and warns her that she will likely go through withdrawals from all the sleeping pills. The nurse is annoyed she never saw this coming. Finn shows up with flowers.

She’s confused since she asked him not to visit. He didn’t want her to think he’d abandoned her. “You are hurting me more than you realize,” she says. The nurse worries she could hurt someone.

They remind her it was all caused by pills. She says there is a psychological element that can’t explain. Something is broken in her and she needs to fix it. She convinced herself to move on before she was ready.

finn visits liz GH

Liz says that when they are together, she feels like everything is alright. If she keeps thinking that, she will never face what’s really wrong.

The doctor decides it’s time to go, but he’s not giving up on then. When she’s ready, he’ll be there.


Laura walks him out. He beats himself up. She assures him this isn’t his fault. He hates this. The mayor tells him she had her own fight with mental illness and it caused a lot of trouble with her family.

Finn wonders if what’s happening to Liz has to do with more than just losing her husband. She tells him he needs to respect Liz’s request for space.


Laura returns to Liz, who worries that she will be charged with something. The mayor assures her that won’t happen. But she worries that there could be more going on than just the sleeping pills. Could something more recent have happened to trigger her behavior.

Liz declares she needs to lie down. Laura leaves her alone and the nurse thanks her for coming.


When Finn gets to General Hospital, Terry asks after Liz. He admits she wouldn’t tell him how she’s really doing. He relates what she said. It’s hard for him to stay away as she’s asked. Terry assures him they will find their way back to each other.

Finn thinks this might be about more than grief. Terry suggests that it could have something to do with her parents.

TJ runs into Portia. He hopes that Marshall will give Curtis the answers he needs, but doesn’t know what he could say.