Victor is Outraged as Victoria Walks Out on Her Job and Family, Leaving Adam and Sally Thrilled

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Noah and Allie chat about their families, Mariah and Tessa return from Paris, and Adam tells Sally they are getting what they want. In the previous episode, Victoria shocked her family by announcing she was leaving the company and Genoa City.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for June 7, 2022 episode airs in the USA June 8. Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.)

victoria says goodbye to family young and restless cbs soapsspoilers

In her office at Newman, Victoria insists to her appalled family that she is only leaving to be happy, not running away. Her parents don’t understand what has suddenly made her change her mind about Locke.

Nick doesn’t know how she can fall for whatever sob story he’s sold her. Adam suggests they just listen to his sister but she sees no point in explaining.

victor screetches at daughter young and restless cbs soapsspoilers

Victor tells her that she is allying herself with a loser and a fraud. “He’s toying with you. Can’t you see that?” he asks.

Nikki suggests they all take a breath because they are saying things they will regret. Victoria tells them she can take care of herself. Nick asks her not to blow off their concerns and reminds her of what they have been through.

His sister tells him they have no right to tell her what to believe or how to live her life. Victor says she is blinded by love.

Nikki begs her not to leave town but her daughter says life is too short to deal with their judgment. Locke is not the only reason she’s doing this and it wasn’t even his idea.

Her father is sure that he’s somehow convinced her it’s her idea. Victoria claims she isn’t that gullible. Her father keeps screaming that Ashland is a fraud.

Victoria knows Locke did something terrible but he is still the perfect man for her. Her father may think she can’t survive without him, but that’s why she’s leaving.

victor goes toe toe victoria young and restless cbs soapsspoilers

Victor tells her that if she makes this choice, she owns. If she does this, it will be the biggest mistake she ever makes in her life.

“Goodbye dad!” she declares, storming out. Victor crosses his arms.

Victor tells his wife that their daughter going back to the “scum” is insanity. Adam feels for them all, even if he doesn’t find any of this surprising. He wanders out.

nikki upset victoria leaving takes advantage young restless

Nikki wonders if Locke is just playing some game to get the company back. They suspect he might cut Victoria lose in the cruelest way possible. Her stubborness will only make it worse.

Victor assures his wife that he will not give up on their daughter. She tries calling Victoria but only gets voicemail. He says there is no place on earth Locke can hide from him.

She’s sure that Ashland is exploiting Victoria’s insecurities. They have to be very careful. He might convince her to cut them out of her life completely. “The hell he will,” Victor says, walking out.

When Victoria gets to Ashland’s room, she tells him that none of her concerns registered with her family. It’s never been more clear to her how little respect they have for her.

Locke warns that this is far from over and Victor won’t let her go without a fight. She’s sure her father will throw most of his anger at him and suggests they leave immediately.

Ashland doesn’t want her to rush. Leaving everything behind is a big thing. She’s excited to go and can’t wait.

She suggests they go to New York and start a new business. He’s ready when she is. Before they leave, she has one thing to take care of.


Sally rushes into Adam’s office after he sends her a text. He gets her to close the door and then, whispering, explains his father asked him not to knock it off with his suggestion that Locke and Victoria would get back together.

However, that just happened. Victoria just declared her love for that creep. They are getting exactly what they wanted.

sally happy victoria exit ceo position young restless

“It was pretty bad ass,” he says and it was beautiful to see his father lose it. He should buy a lottery ticket. That’s how well the day has gone.

Sally’s jaw drops when he explains Victoria has already quit. He has no clue who is even in charge now.

billy hears vic leaving young restless

Victoria stops by Billy’s office and bluntly tells him she is moving away. He was right about her needing to get away from her father. He doubts this has much to do with his advice.

Tapping her cane, she says she’s tired of people weighing in on her life. She’s cutting ties and leaving. She’s lost hope that her father wouldn’t leave her to control her own life.

Billy can get behind this if it’s really about her. But if this has anything to do with Ashland, they have a serious problem.

ashland finds victor doorstep young restless

Back at Ashland’s suite, Victor knocks on the door. He tells Ashland he won’t be walking away with everything he wants.

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allie ugly shirt young and restless cbs soapsspoilers

Noah bumps into Allie in Chancellor Park. She enthusiastically tells him about her tour of the Jabot R&D lab. It’s pretty gorgeous and Ashley and her team spent over an hour with her.

She gets him to smell the perfume sample they put on her wrist. Allie feels like a nerd but he’s glad to see her hyped about something. They discuss how she’s been dealing with being thrust into a big new family. She’s getting used to it.

Sitting down, she wonders why her father never wanted her to know about the Abbotts. She likes them so much and wishes they’d been brought into her life earlier. But it feels awful to think critically of her father like this.

She apologizes for getting melodramatic. Noah compares their situations and how his father and grandfather have always butted heads. But his father always knew he loved his grandad.

He announces he has to go to the see his sister and invites her along.

mariah and tessa talk gifts

At Crimson Lights, Sharon is thrilled to see Mariah and Tessa are back from Paris. They have even more photos than those they posted and they’ve brought back gifts for everyone.

When they sit to tea, Sharon unwraps a gift and tells them about how she has been coping with losing Rey. They chat about how Faith will be off to college soon.

tessa and mariah back from paris young and restless cbs soapsspoilers

The newlyweds thank her again for the honeymoon and ask after Nick. Sharon explains that he’s worried about his sister. She and Ashland just separated. Mariah hopes they find a way to work it out. Sharon says Locke can’t be trusted and Victoria will be fine thanks to her family.

Noah and Allie arrive and they all chat about the Jabot building. He offers to get them drinks. Mariah spends two minutes making her order and then the ladies ask Allie to pull up a chair.

Later, Allie takes off as Nick arrives. The newlyweds hand him a beret. Mariah takes her wife upstairs and Noah heads to work.

Nick immediately breaks the news to Sharon that Locke and Victoria are reuniting. She gasps. This sounds like a nightmare to her. He says it was like a “bizarre reverse intervention” and no matter how much they tried to talk her out of it, it got worse.

She’s sure Nikki’s heart must be broken. He says the whole family is scared. It’s like she has been brainwashed.

Victoria may need independence from their dad but this is not the way to do it. He’d like to talk to his sister but doesn’t want to risk making her angrier.

Sharon gives him some advice and urges him not to do much while she is digging her heels in. Just make sure she knows she can come to him.

mariah holds tessa hand young restless

Upstairs, Mariah makes herbal tea for Tessa, who whines about how used to being spoiled she is. Her wife tells her that their real life can be just as special as their honeymoon.

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