As Deacon Begs Brooke Not to Push Him Away, Bill Urges Ridge to Go Back to Brooke

In the Wednesday, June 6, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Hope blames herself for what happened between her mom and Ridge then has sex with Liam, and Brooke agrees to hear Deacon out.

We also have Tuesday’s B&B recap where Eric decided between Donna and Quinn and Brooke agreed to Ridge’s ultimatum.

deacon sad brooke banning life bold beautiful

At Brooke’s, Deacon is shocked when she informs him he is barred from the property. She should have listened to Ridge the first hundred times she asked him to do this. Liam and Hope stand by uncomfortably.

Deacon reminds Brooke his daughter lives there. She reminds him LA is a big place and they can meet anywhere else. She wants Ridge to move back in and won’t risk her marriage one more day.

This seems extreme to Deacon but Brooke won’t debate it. He begs for a few minutes alone to talk it out. Hope backs him up so she sighs and agrees to give him five minutes.

Liam and Hope take their snacks and leave. Deacon keeps begging. He points out that they have behaved themselves and almost been friends. Aside from the mishap, it’s all been okay.

She repeats that mishap was only the latest in their problematic history. Now she’s standing in the middle of a ruined marriage.

Deacon thinks she’s being twisted around by Ridge’s stupid, childish games. Banning him from the house won’t fix things. He encourages her not to let Ridge dictate her life.

She insists that this is her choice and what she wants. Deacon thinks Ridge should be groveling to her. Brooke just wants Deacon to leave so she can get back to her marriage.

If he respects her as he claims, he will let her choose her husband.

liam chest bold beautiful

Hope and Liam return to the cabin. He wonders what he opinion of Brooke’s request is. She doesn’t feel entitled to an opinion on this. He just wants to know how she feels about her mom laying down the law.

Hope’s not thrilled. A few months ago, she would have tried to change her mom’s mind, but not now. She admits that if she hadn’t got involved in all this, Ridge and Brooke might still be together.

lope kissing kids not home bold beautiful

If having Ridge back makes her mom happy, so be it. They decide to drop the topic and make out. She explains she’s arranged for both children to be out for the night.

Hope tells him she’s lucky to have him as a husband and she loves him so much. They have sex on the fake fur throw on the floor.

After sex, she suggests they get in the car and drive down the coast some weekend. Sounds good to him. She notices he’s thinking. He’s only thinking about her. They kiss.

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ridge hates bill bold and beautiful

Ridge is not happy when Bill strolls into his office at Forrester Creations. He doesn’t appreciate Bill’s jokes. The Spencer just wanted to reiterate how sorry he feels about what happened to Steffy and her family.

Ridge appreciates the sentiment and tells him Steffy has left town for awhile. Bill still can’t wrap his head around what Sheila did. She’s a special brand of evil. They agree on that.

dollar bill advice ridge bold and beautiful

The topic turns to what Sheila did to Brooke. Bill accuses him of letting Sheila hold his marriage hostage. Ridge knows Brooke was a victim.

If that’s true, Bill doesn’t understand why he is sucking his thumb at his daddy’s house instead of back with his wife.

Ridge says he doesn’t have to answer to him. Bill tells him not to be stupid and go back to his wife while he still can.

When Forrester is left alone, he remembers Brooke begging him to come home to make up. She calls. They’ve been thinking about each other. She misses him and it isn’t right that they are apart.

Brooke is confident they will be together again. She’s informed Deacon that he is no longer welcome there. “Okay,” he says.

Back at home, Brooke remembers some of her previous reunions with Ridge and them telling each other how much they were in love.