Summer & Kyle’s Reveal They’re Staying in Milan is Heartbreaking — & Victor and Nikki React to Victoria’s Engagement


The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap from the Friday, August 6, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Monday, August 7. In the previous episode, Tara was arrested & Summer and Kyle reunited in Milan. In this episode, Victor and Nikki learn their daughter is engaged, Naya and Amanda have a breakthrough in their relationship, and Summer and Kyle have moved to Milan.

Ashland and Victoria arrive at her house. She tells him it feels like their home now. Proposing to her was the best thing that he’s ever done, he says. She can’t believe Tara was arrested. She’ll support him. Nikki arrives. She’s sorry for cutting in but she wanted to see if they knew Tara was arrested. Ashland’s not surprised by her selfishness. He has no doubt she’ll land on her feet but he’s worried about Harrison. Nikki admits she’s unsure if he saw his mother being taken out of the house in handcuffs. Ashland worries and takes off to see his son. The women talk about how amazing Ashland is and how loved and respected Victoria feels. “The joy is positively radiating off you,” Nikki admits. Victoria deflects, asking how her trip was. Nikki calls her out on it and Victoria says she and Ash have news they want to discuss. They can meet at the ranch later.

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Phyllis tells Nick she saved the Abbotts from Tara. “I’m heroic.” “So cynicism and meddling are your superpowers?” They think about Summer and she texts, asking for a video chat.

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At Crimson Lights, Sally calls Tara to see if everything is alright. Lauren appears. She tells Sally that Tara spent last night behind bars. She’s not buying her company after learning she was embezzling. Sally guesses Lauren found out just in time before she got in too deep. Lauren’s grateful and admits she also knows Sally’s involvement, which she details, saying the two women were working together. Sally calls it a crazy notion that she and Tara are in cahoots. Lauren stares, confidently. She knows it’s true.

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At the ranch, Amanda thanks Victor for helping her get Sutton to confess. The Black Knight asks if it’s given her a sense of closure. She says it was gutwrenching to learn that her grandfather had her father killed. She gets a text. Naya wants to meet her. She doesn’t want to go and isn’t sure what it’ll accomplish. Vic thinks she wants to apologize. Amanda’s not ready to hear her apologize on Sutton’s behalf.

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Ashland arrives at Jack’s and asks to see his son. He heard Tara was dragged out by the cops. Jack says he’s with Traci at the museum and he doesn’t know anything about his mother. Jack tells Ash that Tara blackmailed Summer and threatened to take off with Harrison if she didn’t go. Ashland assumes his ex set her sights on becoming an Abbott. “I tried to warn you from the beginning,” Ash says. Jack is surprised he’s taking it so well. Ashland knows her, but she didn’t know that Tara was making a move. He only talked to Sally who asked him to make a connection for her to Eric Forrester. Jack wishes he knew. Ash plans on filing a motion to restrict Tara from seeing Harry. “What about Kyle?” Jackie Boy wants to know. Ash won’t rush to judgment. He’ll figure something out. He admits he’ll be around longer since he’s starting treatment for cancer. Jack’s glad but knows the child will need to have a permanent residence, and arrangements need to be made. Ash will wait until Kyle returns from Milan to get the ball rolling. Ash is impressed by how Jack stepped up as a grandfather and a man. “Family is everything to me,” Jack tells the billionaire.

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In her suite, Amanda learns from Naya that she has done some thinking. She realizes giving her and Hilary up was the best thing she ever did. Amanda’s disgusted. Naya explains she’s strong and in control of her situation. She thinks back to the college girl she was when she gave her up. “Insecure and lost under my father’s thumb.” She doesn’t think she could have raised them to be the amazing women they grew up to be. Imani has a great father who shielded her from Sutton. Even if Naya had married Richard, she would have run home and begged Sutton to take her home. He would have done so and then they would have grown up under his thumb, too. Naya wants to be in her life but at every turn, she’s been so much less than a mother. She sobs and Amanda starts to cry. Everything is in the past. What matters now is that the woman sitting before her is her mom.

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Ashland returns home and tells Victoria about what Jack told him about Tara. He heard on his way home that she’s being transferred to Manhattan because her crime took place there. She has a top-notch lawyer and will likely get out but she won’t be able to leave New York. It may be best, he thinks if she didn’t see Harrison. He worries about what it’ll do for his boy. Victoria finds it odd that embezzlement is what brought Tara down. They talk about going to see her parents about what happened on their trip. He knows it is important to tell her folks. Later, he pulls out a sapphire engagement ring. She doesn’t have to wear it. He gets on one knee and asks her to marry him. She says she’ll be honored and he puts the gigantic rock on her finger.

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Jack drops by the hotel. Summer and Kyle initiate a video chat. Everyone’s all smiles as Summer says she and Kyle spent all night talking. They want to stay in Milan. Nick, Jack and Phyllis’ faces fall. Summer loves her job and doesn’t want to give it up. Kyle wants to work for Jabot from there. Jack says they’ll work it out. Kyle wants Harrison to come live with them permanently. Ash is dealing with his illness. Kyle will talk to him. Jack thinks it’s worth a shot. Nick is supportive. They have a celebration and need to go so they say their goodbyes. Phyllis is clearly upset. Nick was more prepared and Jack admits it’s thrown him for a loop. He didn’t imagine they wouldn’t be living there. Phyllis fights tears. She’ll miss her. She goes to get some air and Jack joins her.

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They wind up at Crimson Lights where they clarify that they know what Sally did to force Summer out of town. Jack yells that Sally went to Locke for help and then Eric. Lauren says, “It’s over, Sally. You’re fired.” Sally fights tears and nods. Jack takes off and Phyllis leans in. “But I’m still here,” she warns. She goes to chat with Summer. She reveals Sally was fired. “So you can come home.” Summer knew her mama was being quiet. Phyllis uncovered all of this for her. She sobs. “You need to come home.” Summer loves her and is so grateful. She has protected her, sometimes too much. She’s never felt alone out there. “You always had my back.” Summer wants to be in Milan. “You’ve never held me back.” Phyllis doesn’t understand. Summer calls her the bravest person she knows. She made her brave. “It’ll be okay. I promise.” Phyllis says, “You’re right.” They profess their love and disconnect.

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At the ranch, Victoria and Ashland arrive and tell Nikki and Victor that they’re engaged. Nikki can see their relationship has grown. Victoria says they don’t have much time and want to be together. She asks Victor how he feels and he stares.

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