Days of our Lives Spoilers August 9 – 13; EJ Kicks Sami Out of the Mansion & Ciara Has a Breakthrough With Ben

Soaps Spoilers is back with all-new Days of our Lives for the week of August 9 – August 13.

Full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, August 9 to Friday, August 13.

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This week, Theo is shocked when he sees his bride is Claire, not Ciara. EJ confronts Sami about cheating on him with Lucas, and Gabi puts her plan into motion, while Ava is startled to find Nicole in Rafe’s arms! Plus, there is a big update in the Days of our Lives Beyond Salem spinoff which showcases the synopsis and which new stars have been added to the cast appearances! Freddie Smith explains his absence from the spinoff as Zach Tinker takes on the role of Sonny Kiriakis.

Monday, August 9

Allie and Claire are in deep trouble for helping Ben.
Ben takes Ciara to a place with special meaning to them.
EJ confronts Sami with Kristen’s letter.
Nicole opens up to Rafe.

Tuesday, August 10

Ciara tends to an injured Ben.
EJ and Lucas fight over Sami.
Gabi deceives Philip.
Sami rips into Nicole.

Wednesday, August 11

EJ throws Sami out of the mansion.
Sami is kidnapped. Today marks the last day of Ali Sweeney’s latest visit. She’ll return soon.
Philip confronts Chloe about chasing after Brady.
Gabi reveals to take how she intends to bring down Philip.
Ava is not happy to find Rafe comforting Nicole.

Thursday, August 12

Paulina tries to help Theo, but her gesture angers Lani.
Ben urges Ciara to remember their love story.
Chanel and Tripp grow concerned about Allie.
Belle and Eli put pressure on Allie and Claire.

Friday, August 13

Steve delivers upsetting news to Jack.
Ciara has a major breakthrough.
Lani explains to Abe why it’s so hard for her to forgive Paulina.
Gwen finds herself on the hot seat.

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