Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Sharon and Adam Scheme & Elena Reveals News About Mariah’s Pregnancy

This is the Y&R day ahead recap from the Wednesday, April 7, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Thursday, April 8. On today’s day ahead, full episode recap of Young and the Restless, Sharon brings Adam supplies, Chloe comes up with a plan for Adam, and Summer is upset with Phyllis.

Adam paces in his room at the lake. Sharon knocks and he lets her in. She brings clothes and food. He thought she abandoned him. He knows she’s going through a lot to keep his secret. Sharon says he saved her kid and they need to bring that person to justice who poisoned Rey. What do they do first, to make this happen?

adam sharon plan young restless

At the condo, Chloe has thought up a plan to lure Adam out of hiding. It involves “the one thing that will make Adam risk capture.” Chelsea says a resounding no. She doesn’t want to use Connor. Chloe says they’ll pretend Chloe is sick and Adam will walk into an ambush.

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At the club, Summer’s angry with Phyllis. She told Sally a little about Kyle’s secret and she’s worried Sally will spill it. Phyllis just gave her a nudge so she’d leave town. Phyllis didn’t tell Lauren specifics. Summer says she said enough to put Lauren on Sally’s case which puts Sally on her case. Phyllis has her back. She’s got a history of dealing with women like Sally. Summer begged her mom not to interfere. Nick arrives and Summer blasts by him. Nick and Phyllis talk about how well Faith is doing and about Adam saving his daughter. Nick wants to thank him but they help but remember all the terrible things he’s done. Phyllis says, “He’s still Adam.” She recites his wrongdoings but Nick doesn’t need her to. He hasn’t forgotten.

phyllis summer talk sally young and restless

Upstairs, Amanda lets Naya into her room. Naya asks if she’s taking Sutton’s case. First, Amanda wants to know more about her father. Naya says things never got serious between them. “I never fell in love with them.” Richard had a larger-than-life personality. He was fun, sexy, and he always knew how to make me laugh.” It wasn’t enough to build a lasting relationship. Talk turns to Sutton’s defense team. There are others but the family wants her to head the team, to be the face and voice. The restraining order has been withdrawn. Amanda wants peace and says she’ll take the case. Naya’s thrilled.

amanda takes sutton case young restless

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Lauren finds Jack in his office at Jabot. She’s worried about him and “that up-and-coming dynamo Sally Spectra.” Summer may have been the one to start the battle between Sally and Summer. Jack curses. He thought things were over between them. Lauren thinks she has blinders or got caught up in being a mentor but she’s wondering if it was a good idea to hire Sally. Lauren’s done a lot of morally questionable things in her life, which is why she hired Sally and took her on. Lauren’s upset with Sally who is hiding something from her. Neither Jack nor Lauren even knows what is going on between Sally and Summer but Jack will find out.

At the estate, Abby’s excitement can’t be contained. She needs to know if Mariah is pregnant. She, Mariah, and Devon race out the door.devon excited pregnancy young and restless

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At Crimson Lights, Kyle’s uneasy when Ashland texts, “Call me.” Kyle grimaces and calls.

At the hospital, Elena appears. She’ll administer the pregnancy test. Abby, Devon and Mariah are excited, so Elena takes Mariah back. Later, the test came back positive. Everyone jumps for joy. Elena thinks they’ve brought new meaning to “It takes a village.” Mariah goes to get junk food from the vending machine and Devon is sorry chance can’t be there to experience this together. This is why she’s doing the video diary.

elena says mariah pregnant young and restless

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Sharon arrives at Adam’s and Chelsea gets into her chair fast. Chloe answers the door and gives Sharon and Chelsea privacy. Sharon whispers that she heard from Adam and he’s safe and nearby. Chelsea’s eyes widen. Sharon says he’s fine and doesn’t want her to worry. He wanted her to check in on her. She admits he saved Faith’s life and relays the story. This upsets Chelsea who thinks Adam would do anything for his precious Sharon. Even almost getting caught. She thinks to herself that she wants Sharon to go home to her husband and stay out of this. Meanwhile, Sharon promises to share everything with Chelsea. She asks to get some of Adam’s clothes to bring to him. Chelsea blinks once for yes and when Sharon’s gone upstairs, she grabs at her hair in anger. Later, Sharon returns with Adam’s things and promises to help Adam all she can so he can come home to her. She calls for Chloe since she’s leaving and once she’s gone, Chelsea jumps out of her chair. “I need to follow her!” She fills Chloe in on Adam reaching out to Sharon who is bound and determined to prove his innocence.

chelsea plans for adam young and restless

Amanda finds Devon lost in thought at Crimson Lights. He tells her about Mariah’s pregnancy. Amanda congratulates him. He’s happy. She asks if he thinks of this as a second chance. He denies it. Amanda fills Devon in on her decision to take her grandfather’s case. She admits Sutton knew her vulnerabilities, which makes her live in fear of where this journey will take her. Devon finds that insightful. Amanda’s excited. It’s what she wanted her entire life. Nearby, Jack finds Sally and asks how she managed to upset Lauren. Sally dodges the question and Jack calls her on it. Sally wonders if they should stop seeing each other but Jack’s been around the block. He’s made loads of mistakes and isn’t judging. “Be honest. Tell me the truth!”

From Jabot, Summer gets a call from Lauren who summons her. Kyle appears and she says she needs to talk to Lauren about Sally. “Forget about Sally. Things just got worse,” he tells her. Ashland changed his mind about doing business with Jabot. “The guy is toying with me,” Kyle says, thinking this is just the beginning.

At home, Mariah and Abby talk about meeting Abby’s baby boy or girl in nine months. She can’t believe the IVF took on the first try. They talk about shopping for maternity clothes and the handholding that Mariah will need. Tessa rushes in. She came as soon as she could. Abby gives them space and Mariah reveals she’s pregnant. Tessa melts. She’s so happy for her girlfriend. Later, once she’s alone, Abby starts her video dairy for Chance. She tells him about the baby and how much she misses him.

Sharon arrives at Adam’s and fills him in on her visit with Chelsea. Sharon says there was something in her eyes that seemed disturbing underneath the surface.

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