GH Spoilers Sept 11 – 15: Sasha’s Rocked and Carly Gives Unwanted Advice and Anna Gets a Warning

Full list of spoilers Monday, September 11 to Friday, September 15, 2023.

What’s coming up on General Hospital?

Coming up on GH includes Trina getting an offer she can’t refuse, Austin begging Ava, and Dante having something to regret.

In the weekly spoiler video, Sasha is kidnapped and there’s a shocking twist in the case against Sonny.

Get your GH spoilers two weeks ahead! GH spoilers September 4 – 8.

Monday, September 11

Monday’s GH recap: Trina rails on Spencer

Violet reveals she’s a killer when it comes to softball.

Sonny’s loved ones rally around him.

Maxie briefs Felicia.

Esme makes herself scarce.

TJ and Molly make an announcement.

Esme thinks she and Spencer are dining together but Trina shows up.

Spencer makes a romantic gesture.

Charges against Sonny are dropped.

judge for sonny's arraignment

Tuesday, September 12

Tuesday’s GH: Sonny and Michael reconcile

Sonny makes a confession.

Nina’s shocked that Sonny never would have been convicted.

Michael calls Sonny dad and tells him he has regrets about trying to destroy him.

Cody helps Sasha detox.

Gladys gets alarming news.

Chase’s curiosity is piqued.

Liz realizes Jake is growing up.

Michael pays a surprise visit.

sasha tells cody she has no one

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Wednesday, September 13

Wednesday’s GH recap – Maxie confronts BLQ

Maxie is confrontational.

Dante and Sam put their heads together.

Tracy refuses to budge.

Lucy refuses Tracy’s deal.

 The feds suspect Dante of feeding Sonny intel.

Jordan wants answers.

Carly grills Sonny.

Sonny will only tell Carly a little about the case and why it failed against him.

Mason accuses Ava of double-crossing them.

carly sonny talk what he told donna

Thursday, September 14

Thursday’s GH recap: Spencer and Trina agree to go on a trip

Sasha is flabbergasted.

Austin implores Ava.

Dante voices his regret.

Carly and Drew forge a plan.

Drew Agrees to Help Sonny.

Nina Thinks Olivia’s Falling for Eddie.

Trina receives an offer she can’t refuse.

Sonny and Carly asks Drew to dig into who is working with Austin.

Ava threatens to go to Sonny.

Dex and Joss have sex.

cyrus and warden warn each other

Friday, September 15

Friday’s GH recap: Blair returns to Port Charles

Martin gets an unwelcome sight.

Blair returns to Port Valley after years. 

Blair thinks Tracy must not be so laser-focused on bringing Lucy down not to notice a certain handsome man.

Tracy explains why she loathes Lucy.

Lucy and Martin have a date.

Spencer makes a request of Alexis.

Carly gives Ava some unsolicited advice.

Trina and Joss have a heart-to-heart.

Joss talks about being nervous about sex.

Anna confronts Valentin.

anna sees cryptic message

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