Lucy Refuses to Make a Deal with Tracy, Maxie Rips Into BLQ, and the Feds Suspect Dante’s Feeding Sonny Information

Wed Sept 13 GH recap: Sonny fills Carly in about why the case against him failed, Maxie confronts BLQ about her betrayal, and Mason accuses Ava of double-crossing them.

Tuesday’s GH recap: Sonny and Michael reconciled as Cody helped Sasha detox, and Gladys told Nina Sasha was kidnapped.

At the Quartermaine estate, Lucy counts down as Lucy shows up at the door. She assumes Coe has questions about the case and reminds her about the discovery process and that she needs to wait six months to learn more.

tracy reminds lucy about protocal

Tracy says she could end all this by making a deal. Lucy refuses, insisting she knows she has no schematics on The Deceptor.

The Quartermaine refuses to discuss the case so Lucy accuses her of trying to get revenge on her. Tracy refuses to bit and assumes Coe has realized she can’t get out of this.

lucy and tray argue about deal

Pulling out some paperwork to sign, she hands it to Lucy, who rips it up.

She won’t agree to be left to only 25 percent.

Tracy asks what she would agree to.

If she can prove her case, Lucy will agree to fifty/fifty.

That makes Tracy laugh so she suggests 65/35.

With a little prodding, Lucy offers to agree to 60/40 and a place on the board.

tracy asks about deal

Tracy has always been able to bank on the fact that Lucy is a grifter.

Feeling generous, she offers her 51/49. Coe agrees.

Tracy adds the deal is contingent on her agreeing to return her 1 percent voting rights at ELQ.

lucy facing off with tracy

They rehash how Lucy blackmailed her way into getting that 1 percent.

Tracy is determined to get her family back on track and that means getting rid of Coe.

“Never,” says Lucy, who stomps out. Tracy lets out a, “Ha!”

She calls someone to tell them that she’s sure Lucy will fold.

She asks them to come to Port Charles.

tracy calls accomplice

At Chase’s place, he hands BLQ her phone and they kiss.

She’s tempted to suggest they call in sick.

He offers to show up late.

blq and chase kiss

Maxie interrupts and asks to see BLQ.

She reminds Chase he should be at work and he takes off.

“Why did you give The Deceptor information to Tracy?” Maxie demands.

She tears into her for taking advantage of her trust to steal information.

maxie says blq never learns

BLQ won’t deny any of this but insists she didn’t know what her grandma would do.

She owed her and this was how she collected.

The Quartermaine explains how Tracy got Chase back on the force.

None of this is impressing Maxie, who reminds her that they are not in high school.

She put her livelihood in jeopardy over issues with her boyfriend.

blq pouts as maxie confronts her

BLQ keeps making excuses. Maxie says she could have come to her so they could scheme up a solution.

Instead, she betrayed her.

When BLQ offers to run a PR campaign against Tracy, Maxie fires her.

Ava is not happy to find Mason lurking in the gallery.

He accuses her of setting them up and says the boss is pissed.

mason accuses ava of double-cross

When she threatens to call the cops, he reminds her he has her dead husband’s body.

She’s double-crossed them. Clearly, no one else could have tipped Sonny off.

Ava claims that’s absurd and she only did as she was told.

She blames the screw-up on Betty.

ava says she did what she was told

Insisting she did her part, Ava declares she wants this to be over. He sucks on his lollipop and says they will be in touch.

She calls Austin to tell him she can’t take any more of these threats from his cousin.

If she’s going down, she’s taking him with her.

At Carly’s, Sonny tells Donna that he assures Donna that everything is good and there’s nothing to worry about.

Carly knows that’s not true.

carly sonny talk what he told donna

She’s relied the charges against him were dropped and asks what happened.

He explains the Feds didn’t find what they were expecting.

The mobster fed his mysterious enemy some false breadcrumbs.

All he knows is that Austin and Mason pressured Ava to get information.

Carly wants more details.

He gives her a vague explanation about Betty and how they played her.

sonny and carly discuss situation

Carly asks if he thinks the boss is in Pentonville.

That’s what he suspects so he needs to find out who Austin visited at the prison.

She agrees to do whatever he needs her to.

He’ll explain on the way to Pentonville.

sonny and carly talk betty

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At the penthouse, Sam returns from yoga feelings centered and gives Dante a kiss.

He asks what they should do about their friends the fugitives.

dante tells sam he wants to protect her

She reminds him he needs to retain deniability.

The cop loves her and wants to protect her.

Helping Cody made her an accessory to kidnapping and assault.

When he brings up Montague, that rings a bell and she tells him about bumping into him and him getting a call from Gladys.

Maybe Cody was right about him drugging Sasha?

sam and dante talk charges

Plus, he admitted to her that he plays cards in a regular high-stakes game that they know Gladys plays at.

This all adds up for Sam.

The cop gets angry thinking about what Montague and Sasha have done and pounds on the table.

dante asks sam where cody sasha are

He’s never liked or trusted Gladys but he thought she was harmless.

Poor Brando had her as a mother. Dante feels like he was blinded to this.

Sam says the important thing is that Cody saved Sasha’s life.

He asks her to take him where they are hiding.

Cody wakes up in the cabin and notices Sasha is gone.

He runs outside. She’s right out the door breathing some fresh air.

cody sasha breathing outside

It’s been a long time since she felt the sun on her face and breathed anything other than disinfectant.

She’s never been more grateful to anyone than she is to him for breaking her out.

Sasha needs information about what happened. She can only remember being in pain and terrified.

The doctors and nurses kept telling her she was using but she wasn’t.

He believes her and knows that Montague was drugging her.

sasha and cody talk monatgue

They go over her medication history and the pills that Montague gave her.

She didn’t even know what she taking but that’s when everything started and she stopped being able to control things.

She wonders why he would do that.

He suggests the doctor was being paid by Gladys.

sasha and cody talk drugging

At the PCPD, Jordan and Mac talk about the abrupt end of Sonny’s case and the mental patients running around.

She’s confused when he tells her that Cody and Sasha are the inmates.

He doesn’t think it was a kidnapping.

jordan asks mac abotu kidnapping

She’ll trust his instincts but they still need to be found.

Agent Moss arrives to discuss the Corinthos case.

He explains the charges were dropped because they acted on a fake tip. Sonny might be one step ahead but won’t always be.

mac assumes feds want to talk sonny case

He explains that they are monitoring Sonny because he’s involved in weapons dealing.

The FBI are concerned that Dante could be feeding him information.

agent moss

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