Tracy Has Been Working with Blair Cramer, Anna is Threatened Again, and Nikolas Plans to Jet to Europe Before He Loses His Fortune

Fri Sept 15 GH recap: Anna accuses Valentin of lying to her, Spencer asks Alexis to keep an eye on Esme, and Trina looks forward to her trip.

Thursday’s GH recap: Drew agreed to help Sonny, Nina thought Olivia is falling for Eddie, and Spencer and Trina arranged a trip.

Blair joins Tracy at the Metro Court, eager to claim what is hers.

Tracy reminds her that she paid for it.

blair joins tracy at metro court

Blair still wants her final cut and then cut her ex-husband loose since he’s bleeding her dry.

Tracy assures her Lucy will be broke soon and force Martin into marriage.

Besides, she has enough problems to deal with thanks to her son Jack.

They chat about the hearing and Tracy assures her it all went according to plan.

tracy and blair plot against martin

Blair insists that this is not about money but about people being cheated out of their piece of the pie. The Deceptor was her idea and she’s sure “mouthy Marty” used her ideas to win Lucy over.

“I wouldn’t call Lucy a win,” Tracy says.

They discuss how Deception will be worthless in a few months. Jackson is doing a great job.

Blair goes on about how handsome is but Tracy claims she didn’t notice.

She’s just determined to get back the piece of ELQ that Lucy has.

tracy and blair talk deceptor

The Quartermaine vents about Lucy being a “cockroach” who meddles with her family’s company. Blair prods her for more dirt on Lucy.

Tracy insists that this all business and they need to take full advantage of this opportunity.

Martin watches and is appalled.

He tries to clear Lucy out when she arrives but she refuses to leave just because Tracy is there.

martin tries to distract lucy

They sit at a table and she says they won’t budge.

They are staying. He needs a shot of something.

The lawyer tries to talk about something else and she keeps obsessing about Tracy and BLQ.

martin vexed by lucy

Coe continues to worry about the lawsuit.

He keeps repeating he has nothing to do with The Deceptor but she insists it was his idea.

Getting fed up with looking at Tracy, she storms out.

lucy asks martin about something

Blair walks over and kisses his cheek.

“Hello sweetheart,” she says.

blair and martin

At The Invader, Esme sends Alexis a picture of Ace in the pool.

She calls Gregory and leaves a message.

alexis gets a picture

Spencer wanders in and asks if she has time for a fellow Cassadine. He needs help figuring out what his financial future is.

She goes through the paperwork but says it’s really complicated and she’ll have to get back to him about it.

He’s very grateful. She says they are family and have an unbreakable bond.

Spencer starts venting about his father abandoning his family.

Alexis says he had no frame of reference on how to be a father. Not that she’s justifying what Nikolas did.

alexis and spencer talk family

Esme eavesdrops as he asks Alexis for a favor concerning Ace.

He asks Alexis to keep an eye on Esme and Ace while he is in New York with Trina.

esme eavesdrops on alexis and spencer

She’s been impressed by how good Esme has been with Ace and how well he is doing there.

He agrees but he wants someone to keep an eye on her.

Esme drops some papers and interrupts as she fumbles for them.

Alexis signs the papers for accounting and Esme rushes off.

Trina arrives at her dorm room and notices Joss hasn’t unpacked much.

Her friend explains that she and Dex got distracted.

joss and trina unpacking

They talk about how Joss and Dex can’t keep their hands off each other.

Trina asks if she was nervous the first time she was with him.

Joss doesn’t answer and asks how things are with Spencer.

Her friend complains they are never alone. She gets that he needs to be there for his brother and that makes her like him more.

trina is ready

Joss is impressed when she announces they are headed for Manhattan.

That’s a huge step. Is Trina ready for that?

joss asks trina if she is ready

Trina says they are adults and committed.

She’s done nothing but think about taking things to the next level.

trina tells joss excited for sex

As they unpack, she tells her that he wanted to go to the Caribbean but she didn’t want to be away for too long.

This feels like the right thing for Trina to do.

Joss is happy for her and knows he’s a good guy, urging her not to forget she’s the best thing to ever happen to him.

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At home, Carly demands to know what Ava has done this time.

Why is she dropping Avery off again?

She assumes Sonny is involved and asks her who Austin was visiting at Pentonville.

carly quizzes ava about austin

She needs to find out what’s going on and that’s in her interest too.

Carly tells her that the charges against Sonny were dropped because the FBI were fed false information by Austin’s boss.

Ava tells her to let it rest. Carly assumes that Mason and Austin have dirt on her.

carly asks ava what she's up to

The Jerome says things are “fraught” and she’d like Avery to stay there for a while.

Carly agrees but warns her that Austin cannot be trusted.

ava gets help from carly

When Austin gets to the cabin, Nikolas informs him he’s just in time to say goodbye.

The doctor is happy to hear he’ll be returning to town, but the prince actually plans to go to Europe.

nikolas tells austin he's headed for europe

His mother is trying to find him. He won’t see her but’ll let her know he’s alive.

The doctor thinks he needs to let Ava know he’s alive but Nikolas doesn’t think she cares.

nikolas tells austin he's going

The prince explains that he needs to stop the family from allowing his money and resources to go to Spencer. That will happen automatically if it appears that he has been dead for more than six months.

austin tells nikolas to tell ava he's alive

Nikolas refuses to justify his actions to him. But if Spencer gets in control of the family estate, he will never get it back.

Austin assumes he doesn’t think much of his son.

The prince says his son is a Cassadine and that means he should never allow him to have power over him. He thanks the doctor for his help and leaves for a “family reunion.”

Valentin and Anna go to dinner on the terrace of the Metro Court. A note was left for her from Dante. It contains a flight manifest with Valentin’s name on it.

valentin on flight manifest

She hands it to him. He confirms that he hasn’t been transparent lately.

anna and valentin on terrace

Anna feels like she doesn’t know him. The Cassadine says all she needs to know is that she loves him.

He admits that he was in New York the night of the fire. Pikeman needed to consult with him.

“Why do you lie to me?” she asks, wondering what else he could be keeping from her. He’s only lied because he wants to keep his relationship with Pikeman separate from her.

He’s sorry that he asked her to deliver a message. That was a mistake. Anna wants to know what else he is lying about.

anna and valentin discuss his deceptions

Valentin insists that Pikeman is his problem and he wants her far away from it. She decides she doesn’t want to stay out there.

anna asks valentin what he is hiding

They head back to her room. She’s feeling faint.

The room has been tossed and there are red ink-soaked clothes thrown around.

red ink on anna's bedding

In the bathroom, she finds a threat written on the mirror in red.


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