Sonny and Michael Reconcile as Cody Helps Sasha Detox and Gladys Tells Nina Sasha Was Kidnapped

Tues Sept 12 GH recap: Gladys tells Nina about the breakout, Jake and Charlotte continue their date, and Sonny explains to Nina that he never would have gone to prison.

Monday’s GH recap: Everyone was shocked when charges against Sonny were dropped, Spencer gave Trina turtledoves, and Esme wanted to move out.

Violet, Liz, and Finn walk into Charlie’s with the little girl declaring they were victorious at softball.

Chase and Sam wander in next to declare they won their game too.

willow michael sam chase at pub

Willow and Michael joke around with them and Kristina offers to give them the first round of drinks. Dante arrives.

The cops and Sam drink to winning and to Sonny being let go.

They are amazed that it was over so quickly and Kristina thinks they should sue the Feds.

kristina sam dante in pub

Chase admits to Dante that something is not adding up in all this.

Kristina tells her brother she’s glad he stood up for their father today.

She thinks they need to focus on mending their family.

She’s glad Michael seems to be coming around and suspects that all of this is a good omen for their father and Nina.

Willow tells Michael how nice it was to have a normal day where she could forget about her illness.

He wishes he could have been there to share it with her.

michael and willow discuss her health

They talk about how relieved he is that he let her convince him not to turn his father in.

He doesn’t want his father to go to prison.

michael tells willow he's glad sonny isn't in jail

Willow steps outside and calls Wiley to fill him in on what happened today.

willow calls wiley

Violet, Liz, and Finn get a table and the adults joke with her about the game and how fast Liz is.

Violet notices that Jake never showed up and wonders where he is.

finn liz and violet in pub

He walks in with Charlotte and Liz squints at them.

Violet asks if they were on a date.

That’s awkward.

charlotte and jake walk in

When the teens walk off to get sodas, Violet wants to follow and ask them about their date but her dad sends her off to talk to Chase.

The doctor and nurse talk about Jake and Charlotte dating.

He says it doesn’t look too heavy.

She teases he won’t be saying that when Violet gets older.

Looking over, he’s glad to see his brother is still happy since he doesn’t know about Gregory’s illness.

liz tells finn to think about it

As they chat, she tells him that when he lets himself have fun, he’s good at it.

Violet sits with Willow and gossips.

She’s determined to find out about Jake’s date but she tells her to stay back. It’s best to respect their privacy.

Violet wonders why they are in a restaurant if they wanted that.

willow and violet at pub

When Kristina comes by, she and Willow talk about how relieved they are about Sonny.

She notices that her brother is gone.

Jake and Charlotte chat about his drawing and her writing and wonder about making a graphic novel.

charlotte and jake talk graphic novel

Chase and Dante get a call about the breakout at Ferncliff.

Dante and Sam get back to the penthouse.

He tells her about the breakout and assumes she knew that would happen.

dante asks sam, about breakout

She pretends to be surprised but he doesn’t buy it.

He just hopes this works out.

dante and sam talk breakout

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Gladys arrives at Ferncliff, appalled to hear that Sasha and Cody escaped.

She starts laying into a nurse as she’s trying to explain the situation to the police,

gladys demands to know how this could happen

Gladys claims Cody kidnapped Sasha but the nurse isn’t sure that’s what happened at all.

Sonny and Nina return to the penthouse.

They kiss and he tells her how good it is to be home with her.

nian and sonny kiss at penthouse

They talk about how scary his being arrested was. He tells her not to go down this road and apologizes for scaring her. “It wasn’t you, it was the FBI,” she says.

He explains there was no chance he would be convicted.

All the Feds found was coffee when they were looking for contraband weapons.

Someone gave them bad information, someone who thought it was legit.

sonny says it was a chance he was willing to take

She asks if he set up the FBI. Setting the Feds up was incidental. The people he set-up gave them fake intel he fed them.

He wishes he could have told her this, but this was all a chance he needed to take.

She understands and accepts this. She’s ready to share all the complications in his life.

nina disturbed by sonny's choices

Before they can kiss, Michael arrives. They thank him for being at court for support. She gets an emergency text from Gladys and runs off.

michael interrupts nina and sonny

Michael tells his father he’s sorry for running out of the courtroom.

He had too many mixed feelings. It’s like he’s been walking a path until he doesn’t recognize his own footprints.

michael tells sonny he lost his way

Sonny knows he’s let him down and can feel what he feels.

Michael says that doesn’t mean he should destroy him.

sonny and michael discuss case

He recalls how he and Morgan realized that they weren’t like other people.

There was always danger and they always knew there were guards around. He saw him escape the law repeatedly.

Michael admits that he wanted to make him pay for their family falling apart.

In court, he realized he doesn’t want him behind bars and he’s exhausted with all the resentment.

He’s just happy he beat the charges.

michael tells sonny he cares

Sonny appreciates it and tells him that he will love him no matter what. “Love you too,” says Michael.

Nina meets with Gladys outside, who immediately tells her that Sasha has been kidnapped.

gladys tells nina sasha kidnapped

This makes no sense to Nina but Gladys claims this must be revenge for the stabbing.

Nina finds this hard to swallow but Gladys suggests that Cody and Montague must have been working together.

nina and gladys talk sasha

Cody brings Sasha to a cabin Sam told him about in the woods.

“We made it,” he tells her after they go in. She’s shivering.

cody and sasha go to cabin

She can hardly stay awake. He tries to get her to drink water.

Thinking he’s Montague, she begins panicking and screaming at him to stay away.

He manages to calm her down and reminds her of how they escaped.

She still refuses to drink and screams that she doesn’t want to fight anymore.

sasha screaming in cabin

Cody tells her to do it for Brando and Liam. That infuriates her.

He tells her she needs to stay strong to get through this.

Weeping, she tells him everyone she’s ever loved is gone and her memories are fading. She doesn’t even know where she belongs anymore.

He says there are people who love her and she still has him.

sasha tells cody she has no one

She starts drinking water and he gets her a blanket, promising to stay by her side.

He explains that Sam arranged the cabin so she would have somewhere to hide and promises she will never have to go through what she has again.

As she sleeps, he holds her hand.

cody tells sasha she's strong

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