Drew Agrees to Help Sonny, Nina Thinks Olivia’s Falling for Eddie, and Spencer and Trina Arrange a Trip

Thurs Sept 14 GH recap: Sonny and Carly asks Drew to dig into who is working with Austin, Spencer tells Trina he has a way for them to spend time alone, and Ava threatens to go to Sonny.

Wednesday’s GH recap: Lucy refused to make a deal with Tracy, Maxie ripped into BLQ, and the Feds suspected Dante was feeding Sonny information.

At the cabin, Sasha refuses to believe Cody’s claim that Gladys has been working with Montague. He hears someone drive up.

cody spots someone from the window

He grabs a bat to open the door. It’s just Sam and Dante. They’re there to help.

dante and sam go to cabin

Cody lets them in and calls Sasha out of hiding. They say she’s looking better.

After Cody tells Sasha how much Sam helped, Sam adds that his faith in her sanity never wavered. Dante apologizes for not believing Cody sooner.

cody explains things to sasha

The cop tells Sasha how sorry he is for what Gladys has done to her. Sasha can’t understand why she would do this to her.

Dante says Gladys is weak and put herself in a difficult spot. Cody fills her in about all the gambling and how much Gladys lost. The only way she could cover her debts was to control her money.

Sasha realizes this is why she tried to stop her from ending the guardianship. Sam and Dante tell them they may be fugitives, but they have friends and can work this out.

sasha panics in the cabin

Carly and Sonny visit Drew at Pentonville. There’s a situation and the mobster needs some help. They fill him in about the case against Sonny being dropped.

sonny carly visit drew

Corinthos adds he doesn’t know who his enemy is but he’s pretty sure they are in Pentonville and are working with Austin.

Drew will look into it but if he asks the wrong person, things could blow up for him. Carly reminds him Diane is trying to have his sentence reduced so she shouldn’t do anything to jeopardize that.

drew hears sonny's request

Drew is happy to help. This is the least he can do for Sonny. Corinthos tells him things are escalated but the one way he can help is to find out who Austin is reporting to.

sonny asks drew for his help

Carly makes him promise to be careful and he takes off. She hates this is happening. All Sonny needs is a name.

Cyrus is brought to the warden’s office. When they are left alone, she says he’s going to pay for hanging her out to dry. He was supposed to provide her with information on Sonny and Pikeman but this failed.

warden angry at cyrus

He tells her not to take a tone with him and reminds her that he made her warden. No one is happy about this, especially him.

Renault will have her cleared eventually and complains that his people were misled. He’s realized Mason’s useful seems to be coming to an end.

cyrus says amson has outlives usefulness

She wonders how this could have happened. He suggests she find out but she’s not willing to put herself on the chopping block to get dirt.

He explains that taking Sonny down is just one part of his plan to turn his life around and reminds her of their mutual interests.

When he starts to sound threatening, she advises him to keep his nose clean.

cyrus and warden warn each other

She has him taken back to his cell.

Drew wanders down the hall and bribes a guard for some information. He needs to know who Austin came to visit. Cyrus overhears this.

drew bribes guard

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Dex delivers a message from Sonny to Nina at the Metro Court. Her fiancé is visiting Drew with Carly. He toddles off.

dex has message for nina

Nina flashes back to ordering Martin to expose Drew and Carly for insider trading.

Olivia rushes in and talks about her relieved she is that Sonny got off. Nina assumes there is more behind her good mood.

Liv tells her about going to the recording studio with Ned and Leo and goes on about how talented “Eddie” is. Nina notes she keeps calling him “Eddie.”

nina asks olivia if she wants ned back

Olivia had to learn to accept him how he is. He’s put her in touch with part of herself that she forgot existed.

Nina wonders if she’s falling for “Eddie” and doesn’t want Ned back. Olivia abruptly makes and excuse and walks off.

Dex goes over to the dorms and helps Joss move some boxes in. As he does, Adam (played by Joshua Benard) shows up to say he’s moving in down the hall. He spots Dex and guesses he’s not a student.

joss and adam at dorm

Adam is putting together a study group and suggests she join. She’ll let him know and ushers him out.

joss and adam talk study group

Dex suggests she join the group. They joke around and then take off their tops and have sex.

joss dex dorm sex

Ava bursts into Austin’s office and declares that she is done with Mason and their family. If he doesn’t get them to back off, she will tell Sonny everything.

ava tells austin to back mason off

The doctor suggests that would be a bad idea. She tells him about being threatened and complains she has no idea when this well end.

She’s not reassured when he says Mason will come through one way or another.

austin asks ava not to go to sonny

Jerome worries she’s being double-crossed and warns him of what she’s capable of when provoked. He tells her that he’s sorry she’s stuck in this situation. He’d change everything if he could.

So would she. She wishes she hadn’t let Nikolas provoke her and tears up as she recalls seeing Kiki dead. That’s why she couldn’t take any chances when Avery was threatened.

ava tears up about kiki

He wants her to promise not to go to Sonny.

She repeats her threat to go to him if she doesn’t get Nikolas back.

As Trina dances on a stepladder at the gallery with her air buds in, Spencer startles her and she falls into his arms.

He sets her down and notices the dove on her desk.

trina smiling at spencer

She says that was embarrassing but romantic.

They chat about saving each other.

After some more small talk, she explains Ava left something out of the current gallery show so she had to come in and sort it out.

It’s weird for Ava to drop the ball.

He admires how much Trina has devoted herself to the gallery.

She doesn’t think she could have had the same experience working at a more prestigious place.

The important thing to her is feeling fulfilled and growing as a person.

trina and spencer talk alone time

She has a lot to deal with, like school and her family, and it has her frazzled.

He wants to participate in her life as much as possible.

She says they haven’t had much alone time.

He’s there to fix that and suggests they take a vacation to Turks and Caicos to focus on their relationship.

She refuses. She doesn’t want to be away from her parents.

He suggests they could use alone time themselves.

trina hears spencer's idea

Trina tries making other excuses and goes on about how important school is.

She says they can go to New York to spend some time together.

He’s thrilled that they can have some uninterrupted time together.

They kiss and he runs off to make calls.

Spencer goes outside and calls to reserve a suite, saying it will be an important weekend.

spencer calls for reservation

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