Everyone is Shocked When Charges Against Sonny Are Dropped, Spencer Gives Trina Turtledoves, and Esme Wants to Move Out

Monday, September 11 GH recap: Curtis returns to The Savoy, Sonny’s family rally around him for the hearing, and Maxie tells Felicia her worries about the case.

Friday’s GH recap: Cody clobbered Montague and escaped with Sasha, and sparks flew between Ned and Olivia as he recorded his song.

As Curtis wheels around The Savoy, he thinks of how things have changed. Nika is thrilled to see him back.

curtis returns to savoy

TJ arrives and watches as Curtis tells his staff how much he has missed them and thanks Nika for stepping up as manager. They file off to prepare for happy hour.

curtis talks to his staff

TJ tells his uncle the staff clearly missed him.

When happy hour starts, Curtis welcomes the customers. Jordan and Molly arrive and TJ declares they have a major announcement to make tonight.

molly tj and jordan with curtis at club

When they get a table, TJ and Molly announce their surrogate will likely be pregnant soon. They toast to it.

When left alone, Jordan tells Curtis that she will always consider whim family. Molly and TJ return with more cocktails and they joke about
Jordan becoming a grandmother until Curtis decides it’s time to get back to circulating.

Nika finds Curtis sitting outside. He’s thinking about whether he fits in there.

At the penthouse, Esme is starving and thrilled to see Spencer unpacking some food. She assumes it’s for them and sits beside him.

esmne finds spencer with food

He’s awkward as she goes on about things they should do with Ace. Trina shows up, eager to eat.

spencer and esme talk about ace

Esme leaps up and offers to take Ace out so they can be alone. Spencer says they can join them but she turns him down. Trina doesn’t look happy.

When Spencer gets the food ready, Trina loses her appetite. She’s furious that Esme assumed she was eating with him. It feels like the boundaries between he and Esme are getting blurry.

spencer tells esme she can stay with trina

“Not for me they aren’t,” he insists. Taking her hand, he says he will do anything to protect his baby brother. He didn’t think that living with Esme would go this well to begin with.

spencer reassures trina

He assures her his feelings for his ex are gone. Besides, that was just “puppy love,” unlike what he with Trina. To prove that, he gives her the turtledoves that Victor and Cyrus gave him.

spencer gives trina turtledoves

He’s not sure this is appropriate given who they are from. She insists on keeping one so he can take the other. That means they are a matched pair that belong together. They kiss.

Maxie and her kids move into Lulu’s. James panics that he’s lost his shirt but his sister finds it.

maxie and james moving in

Mac and Felicia arrive and congratulate them on their new home. The kids lead him off to see their new rooms and Felicia admires all the new furniture.

mac and felicia welcome maxie to new house

Her daughter admits she bought all this before she found out her company is in trouble. She fills her mom in about Tracy being behind the case and Jackson being her lawyer.

maxie tells felicia tracy is behind the case

Mac and the kids leave to get food and Felicia tells her daughter about breaking into Jackson’s office and him catching her. Only Anna managed to keep her from getting thrown in jail.

Felicia promises her daughter that she and Mac will help. Maxie knows. She was proud to be standing on her own two feet and is determined to make that happen.

She reminds her mom that she could be in prison right and hopes she will exhaust her other options before resorting to doing something illegal again.

maxie tells her mom not to get arrested

Felicia just wants to do something meaningful and she’s sure that working at GH could be that. She can’t help thinking about what it was like when Maxie got the transplant and how much she needed guidance.

Mac and Georgie go to Kelly’s to get food. They sit outside and she tells him that her mom seems worried. He assures her that if she is, they will take care of it.

georgie worries about mom to mac

James joins them and tells him he had to explain to a friend that his father is dead and was a hero. His friend didn’t understand so he had to point to Mac so he could see what a hero looks like.

james and mac talk hero

Mac and the kids return to the new place with food for the BBQ. James things this is the best house. Maxie and her mom smile.

maxie and family at home

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Carly calls Michael at the courthouse and asks him to keep her informed. Nina, Dante, and Kristina join him for the hearing.

carly calls michael about case

Diane arrives and is happy to see the family there. It’s a good optic for the judge.

sonny in courtroom

Sonny is brought in and assures him family that he has this. He takes Dante aside and tells him how much it means to have him there. He’ll understand if he wants to leave as the Feds walk in.

Dante says nothing in his oath to the PCPD said he couldn’t support his father.

dante at sonny's hearing

Dex joins Michael in the hallway and tells him there’s no way the FBI could have put that flashdrive back together. Michael says the Feds still got it somehow.

dex tells michael feds couldn't have drive

Back in the courtroom, the hearing starts as Judge Jarrett arrives. They are all shocked when the US Attorneys announce that they are withdrawing the charges without prejudice. The evidence they thought they had is not so good.

judge for sonny's arraignment

The judge is annoyed that they’ve wasted his time. All charges are dropped. He reminds Sonny they can be re-filed and suggests the Feds actually have a strong case next time they go to court.

Everyone is baffled that this is inexplicably over. After the children congratulate Sonny, Diane wonders why this is no surprise to her client. She reminds him the charges could be re-filed and exits.

sonny children thrilled

One Fed says to the other that they were played by a source that is always reliable. It’s like Sonny knew nothing would be found.

feds were played

Nina wants to take Sonny home. He asks for a minute with Dex. None of this is making sense to Dex.

His boss explains that the crates may have been from Pikeman but they were filled with coffee. The mobster leaves with Nina, telling her all has been taken care of.

sonny tells dex it's all taken care of

Liz, Finn and their kids arrive at Kelly’s. Violet declares they can’t eat there since Kelly’s softball team is their enemy.

finn liz kids at kelly's

Carly comes over to say they are only enemies on the field but everyone is welcome there.

When they get a table, Finn tells his daughter this is all about fun, not winning. She’s not convinced.

finn and violet talk softball

Liz tells Carly how sorry she was to hear about Sonny’s arrest. Carly tells her it wasn’t her place to be at the arraignment.

Esme arrives, asking for a baby chair. Liz fawns over Ace and then goes off to her family.

liz with esme and ace

As they get up to leave for the game, Jake says he will see them at the game but he has stuff to do. Violet wants an explanation but her dad suggests she not push him.

Once the family files out, Jake gets a table and sits alone. Charlotte soon joins him. They have sundaes and he says he’s painting a horse for her.

charlotte AnaSofia Bianchi comings and goings

Carly and Esme talk about how Ace is doing and she tells her how Spencer has really stepped up for his brother.

esme and carly talk ace

When she is left with Ace, Esme tells him she doesn’t care about Spencer and Trina as long as they are together.

Michael calls his mom and tells her all the charges her dropped. Neither of theme expected that.

Esme asks Carly if there are still rooms available upstairs.

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