Thomas and Hope Have Sex After He Agrees to No Strings and Eric Calls Ridge Out For Having a Huge Ego

Friday Sept 15 recap of B&B: Ridge and Eric discuss what Eric’s true reasons are behind doing this line alone, and Hope and Thomas go at it in the design room.

Thursday’s B&B recap: Luna’s Nervous When RJ Tries Looking Her up Online, Hope Seduces Thomas & Ridge and Eric Agree To Let the Buyers Decide Which Collection Is Best

At Eric’s house, he tells his son that he’s not budging on designing for the company he founded.

Ridge sighs and says he’s doing these designs with RJ who is the one sketcing.

He thinks that’s bothering Ridge.

It bothers him that RJ’s designing with him and not Ridge.

Ridge shakes his head.

ridge doesn't want his father to design a new line outside of the current one

They have a martini and Ridge asks if Eric wants more drama in his life.

Eric says that’s not it. It’s simple. RJ’s a great kid and he doesn’t want Ridge to harbor resentment.

Ridge has no issue with his dad teaching his son. “You’re the best. You’re the master.”

He doesn’t get why he’s doing it at home. The house looks like they’re having a yard sale.

eric and ridge drink martinis

Why put himself through the stress? Why not do it together?

Eric says, “Because this is all mine,” gesturing around the room with an arm.

He calls this the ego of the artist.

Ridge likes the idea of three generations working on this.

The story writes itself. Eric agrees but thinks his son maintains control of the line and that he’d be working for him.

He was happy to stand in the wings and give Ridge the limelight which was deserved but not this time, he says.

They talk about the new generation at Forrester. He, Steffy and Thomas and maybe RJ.

eric and ridge talk about working together

Ridge hopes his dad is proud of HFTF. He is but doesn’t want to ride off into the sunset. He wants his dad to mentor them.

He worries this line won’t succeed but Eric is adamant that it will.

Ridge says he has plenty of accolades and people everywhere would recognize him and want to buy him a drink because of who he is. He tells his dad he’s at the top of his game.

“That’s one ego you have,” Eric determines.

Ridge knows and says Brooke inspires him. They again agree to settle this on the runway.

Ridge kisses his dad’s cheek and goes while Eric clutches at his shaking rheumatoid arthritic hand.

ridge tells his dad he can get anyone to buy him a drink

At Forrester in the CEO office, RJ thinks his father’s angry that he’s designing with his grandfather.

Brooke says he’s ecstatic but wishes the circumstances were different.

It was a shock to learn they were working together.

She smiles and says RJ should have seen his dad’s face when he learned about this.

rj with brooke in ceo officee forrester

Carter appears and asks what they’re discussing.

RJ tells him about designing with Eric.

Carter is shocked he’s getting involved with the company.

carter surprised RJ is designing

He congratulates the kid and thinks he’s learning from the best but his dad must be losing his mind.

They tell him RJ hasn’t had a chance yet to discuss it but Brooke says he’s proud.

RJ can’t believe he’s calling it ‘their line’, not his line!

carter happy for RJ designing

Carter has reservations about this endeavor since HFTF is “firing on all cylinders,” not to mention the continued success of Ridge’s couture line.

“It’s risky,” he says. RJ nods. It is but other than that…he trails off. Brooke says Carter makes good points.

Ridge feels the same. Carter also says that their first line was a risk and it became a success.

carter thinks the new line is a risk


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He nods and she undoes her dress.

Thomas comes up behind her in front of the mirror and kisses her neck and removes the dress completely.

thomas and hope kiss in front of mirror

They make out and she pulls away, ensuring he gets what this is.

She knows he’s committed to her.

He stops her and tells her she’s beautiful and they’re good. No strings.

hope and thomas making out in design room nude

Hope wonders if that’ll be enough for him.

He kisses her and she pulls away again and again, but he gets it and wants it.

He moves her to his desk and they kiss, frantically. 

hope and thomas sex on his desk


They move to the sofa and Hope sits on Thomas as he kisses her neck.

Later, all the clothes are off and he gets on top.

hope and thomas sex in design office

After sex, they’re both surprised by the change in her.

She’s discovered something she never knew existed.

They kiss and she tells him she likes it.

thomas and hope after sex talk

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