GH Spoilers Oct 16 – 20: Diane Vents, Kevin and Spencer Discuss his Role in Ace’s Life

Full list of spoilers Monday, Oct 16 to Friday, Oct 20, 2023.

What’s coming up on General Hospital?

Coming up on GH includes Blaze opening up to Kristina, Valentin surprising Charlotte and Finn making a romantic proposition.

In the weekly spoiler video, Lois confronts Tracy for blackmailing BLQ, Joss tells Dante Ava in in trouble, Carly gets a shock, and Sonny gets angry.

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Monday, Oct 16

Monday’s GH recap: Michael records Martin revealing Nina called SEC

Blaze surprises Kristina.

Maxie and Lucy make Blaze an offer.

Blaze worries about how the brand is crap since Sasha had some major issues.

Sasha makes a revelation to Cody.

Sasha’s leaving Port Charles she tells Cody.

Cody tells Sasha all about his father being in Port Charles.

Martin finds Maxie and Lucy debating.

Kristina asks Nina and Sonny why they eloped. 

Carly opens up to Sam.

Michael plays dirty.

Maxie and Lucy consider naming a new Face of Deception.

Blaze runs into Kristina and thinks it’s fate.

Wiley asks why people need a honeymoon after getting married and Willow fills him in on the reason.

Michael confronts Martin about who tipped off the SEC. He asks for confirmation.

blaze surprises kristina

Tuesday, Oct 17

Tuesday’s GH recap: Mason is shot

Lois meets Chase and finds she’s similar to BLQ.

Eddie gets a talking-to by Lois as she tells him about their past together. Eddie can’t remember a thing about her and turns to music to relax after they argue.

Joss panics.

Joss gets Dante looking for Ava and talks to Avery about missing the wedding. Avery feels bad she missed out.

Austin finds Cyrus at GH and asks him to let Ava go. Cyrus issues a warning.

Cyrus shows himself to Carly and Drew at GH and they’re shocked to learn he’s the reason that Drew was saved. Carly tells him to get out. She thinks he’s too dangerous to be out.

Ava is in grave danger when Mason drives her out in the middle of nowhere and awaits instructions. 

When Ava taunts Mason, he whips out a sucker and sucks it while he gets angrier at her. When Cyrus calls to let Ava go, Mason says he isn’t interested and tries to throw her off a cliff.

Dante and Dex save Ava and Mason gets shot in the process.

ava with mason manhandling her

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Wednesday, Oct 18

Wednesday’s GH recap: Sonny cuts his honeymoon short

Lois confronts Tracy.

Lois is angry that Tracy forced BLQ to commit intellectual property fraud but Tracy thinks BLQ went into the deal with her eyes open. Lois states that she betrayed her friends and that what Tracy did wasn’t calling in a favor. Tracy shrugs her off.

Austin finds Mason in the hospital with an oxygen mask and asks if he let go of Ava. A nurse explains the man was shot.

Austin interrogates Dex.

Blaze opens up to Kristina.

Curtis gets into bed and Portia asks if she can join him. Portia and Curtis confront their issues about sex but end up not having any.

Carly updates Sonny while he and Nina are having sex to tell him about Ava being kidnapped. Nina and Sonny worry about Ava and that Cyrus is out of prison.

Ava arrives to see Joss, Carly and Avery and Carly takes in her tattered and dirtied clothes and asks what’s going on.

Joss explains to Carly what happened to Ava as Ava checks on Avery, worried about her daughter. 

Jordan gives Dante grief for shooting a civilian. He’s upset and asks what else he should have done when people were in trouble.

Jordan tells Dante there’s an investigation coming and until then, he’s on administrative leave. She tells him to go home.

Once Ava’s cleaned up, Dex grills her for information on who Mason’s boss was and asks her to detail what happened, and why he didn’t let her go. She has no idea and says he snapped.

austin asks jordan about ava

Thursday, Oct 19

Thursday’s GH recap: Laura realizes Victor is weaponizing Charlotte

Finn makes a romantic proposition.

Finn talks about going away and needing time off to TJ.

Felicia counsels Maxie. The two eat snacks as they discuss what’s going on in their lives.

Valentin confides in Laura.

Laura is aghast to learn what Charlotte has done.

Portia confronts Jordan.

Gregory has reservations.

Gregory and Alexis interview someone.

Anna and Jordan have dinner together and discuss how Anna has her own bodyguard, she says courtesy of Sonny.

Trina talks about her jealousy and concerns for Spencer’s future.

felicia talks about work

Friday, Oct 20

Friday’s GH recap: Alexis blackmails the judge

Alexis is disheartened.

Kevin reminds Spencer he has no parental rights.

Spencer and Esme argue.

Spencer argues with Kevin about his role in Ace’s life.

Cody complains to Dante about messing up with Sasha. He makes a reveal.

Dante is frustrated.

Valentin surprises Charlotte.

Diane and Robert have a heart-to-heart.

Diane tells Robert he has to start at square one with her.

alexis beats herself up

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