B&B Spoilers Oct 16 – 20: Li Pushes Sheila to her Limit, Hope Sobs, Unable to Get Deacon to Change His Mind

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for B&B from Monday, Oct 16 to Fri Oct 20.

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What’s coming up on B&B the week of October 16?

Brooke reminds Deacon of what he’s about to lose.

Luna’s past catches up with her.

Donna demands that Eric face the truth.

Deacon offers Sheila a job at Il Giardino. 

donna worries about eric's humor

Monday, October 16

Monday’s Early B&B recap: Brooke catches Thomas with Hope again

Ridge and Brooke don’t believe Deacon’s promise.

Hope and Thomas get sexy.

Brooke finds Hope and Thomas after sex and flips out.

Brooke worries that Thomas will start obsessing again. 

Luna stands up for herself during a heated confrontation with Li.

li lecturing luna

Tuesday, October 17

Wednesday’s early B&B recap: Donna learns the truth about Eric

Eric coughs up blood again while he’s leaving a message for his grandson about work.

Finn presses Li for information regarding Luna.

Donna hears Honey Bear – Eric – coughing from another room and approaches him. She finds blood on Eric’s hanky.

Heartbroken Donna calls the doctor after finding the blood.

Donna is heartbroken when she hears of the severity of Eric’s condition. 

Donna needs to know if Eric is dying and asks the doctor right out.

Finn pressures his mama to come clean about her secret about Luna and she hems and haws. 

Brooke and Ridge gossip about Deacon for a while. They canoodle and talk to Charlie about the “showdown” and he has all the dad jokes and old-west jokes that irritate Ridge.

Luna and RJ reassure each other.

brooke and ridge think about deacon

Wednesday, October 18

Wednesday’s early B&B recap: Eric refuses to take doctor’s orders

Dr Colby makes a home visit after Donna calls him to the house. Colby listens to Eric’s heart and lungs and learns he’s been coughing up blood for weeks.

Eric refuses to heed his doctor’s orders when Colby asks him to take it easy. Eric gets offended when Dr. Colby suggests his age is a factor.

Donna tries to get Eric to listen to reason but he won’t. He plays the tortured artist card.

Brooke worries about a rift between Ridge and Eric and Ridge reminisces again to old times as a kid and watching his dad work.

Finn pressures his mom to reveal what went down between her sister Poppy and her.

Li cracks under Finn’s pressure and reveals a family secret.

Luna and RJ are grateful to each other for being there for one another in their time of need. RJ wishes he could tell his dad about his grandpa’s illness but he can’t.

Poppy slept with the chief of staff who was married at the hospital and when the wife found out, Li was forced to transfer to another hospital.

dr colby listens to eric's heart and lungs


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Thursday, October 19

Thursday’s Early B&B! Li shoves Sheila into some pasta

Hollis (Hollis W. Chambers) is back as the bartender.

 Li taunts Sheila as she’s working at Il Giardino.

Li won’t leave Sheila alone and Sheila maintains her composure and even orders her some bolognese on the house but Li doesn’t care. She shoves Sheila’s face into it and laughs.

Hollis can’t believe his eyes at what Li does to Sheila.

Hope and Brooke discuss how Deacon is with Sheila and when Carter comes to work, he has issues getting started and wants to discuss how Deacon could be with Sheila.

Hope gives Deacon an ultimatum during a difficult conversation about Sheila.

Finn contacts Steffy.

hope morified

Friday, October 20

Friday’s early B&B recap: Liam tattles on Finn

The confrontation with Li pushes Sheila to her limit.

Sheila eyes the knives and wants to use them but stops herself.

Hope asks Deacon again to leave Sheila.

Deacon tells Hope he loves her but Hope doesn’t see how he can love both women.

Hollis calls Deacon to take care of Sheila and Li.

Ridge confronts Finn at work.

Finn reminds Ridge he can’t control Sheila.

Thomas assures Hope of his unwavering love.

Liam confronts Finn at work and when he realizes he hasn’t told Steffy that Sheila and Deacon are a couple, he calls her himself with the news and tells her Finn kept it from her and that he wants her back.

li tastes sheilas face

What’s coming up for Bold and Beautiful week of October 23?

RJ struggles with the secret he’s keeping for Eric when pressed by Ridge and Brooke.

Donna confides Eric’s heartbreaking diagnosis to a trusted source.

Special guests arrive at Forrester in preparation for the Fashion Showdown. Lauren Fenmore (Tracey Bregman), Esther Valentine (Kate Linder) and Countess Von Frankfurt (Marie Osmond).

lauren fenmore tracey e bregman

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