GH Spoilers Nov 6 – 10: Trina Doesn’t Mince Words, Alexis tells Kristina that Blaze is Into her

Full list of spoilers Monday, Nov 6 to Friday, Nov 10, 2023.

What’s coming up on General Hospital?

Coming up on GH includes Esme making a confession, Liz vents to Laura, and Sonny tips off Ava.

In the weekly spoiler video, Anna deals with the aftermath of shooting Charlotte.

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Monday, Nov 6

In Monday’s recap, everyone is beside themselves after Charlotte is shot and hospitalized.

Danny tells Sam and Dante about Charlotte going missing.

Sam and Dante voice their concern.

Liz and Finn find it quiet on Halloween until Charlotte’s brought in.

Finn is uneasy.

Esme makes a confession.

Laura explains to Esme she loves her and finds her to be a good mama.

Chase puts his foot in his mouth.

Valentin is horrified.

chase in costume

Tuesday, Nov 7

In Tuesday’s recap, Charlotte pulls through surgery.

Nina learns what happened with Charlotte and supports Valentin.

Sonny offers support to Anna.

Robert offers an explanation.

Gregory helps Alexis with an ethical issue. 

Alexis tells Gregory that it will not be good for Anna going forth. She struggles with whether or not to post about the shooting. 

Sam is overjoyed to see Drew. He tells her that her mother Alexis is responsible for his release. 

Curtis gets valuable advice.

curtis and friend at gym

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Wednesday, Nov 8

In Tuesday’s recap, Sonny tells Ava she was duped while Eddie jumps into the water.

Tracy makes an announcement.

Michael is relieved.

Austin is cagey.

Sonny shares shocking info with Ava.

Sasha tries to mend a broken bond.

ava sonny talk nikolas General Hospital recaps Soaps Spoilers

Thursday, Nov 9

In Friday’s GH recap, Valentin doesn’t believe Charlotte’s lies

Olivia jumps to action.

Olivia saves Ned’s life as he remembers who he is.

Lois cautions Brook Lynn.

Spencer feels betrayed.

Spencer’s upset that Esme wants to move out of Laura’s with Ace.

Dante briefs Anna and Sonny.

Valentin treads carefully.

sasha modeling

Friday, Nov 10

In Friday’s General Hospital recap, Trina dumps Spencer and Ned remembers who he is. 

Alexis and Blaze get acquainted.

Alexis tells Kristina that Blaze is into her.

Trina doesn’t mince words. She yells at Spencer about his attachment to Ace and then dumps him.

Liz vents to Laura.

Anna is blindsided. She learns that Valentin knew his daughter was in trouble and kept it from her.

Anna slaps Valentin. She’ll never forgive him.

Olivia has reason to celebrate. Ned’s back.

ned and olivia hug

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